npm i validator
Rigin OommenPune61 Ratings48 Reviews
August 10, 2021
Great Documentation
Easy to Use
Highly Customizable

Form validations is a difficult part after design. Fitting validations with custom usecases is a challenging part but the validator js easified this process to me and its great for develoing the vaidations. Good part of the validator js is this has addressed the security risks on the forms and its super safe to use. Mallicious attacks can be prevented. I use the validator js for payment validation orms in a project. this seems pretty stable too

death14411 Ratings6 Reviews
October 19, 2021

Form validations can be very heptic while working on projects as manual validation requires a lots of regex code and can be very time consuming . This package provides a very great and easy way for form validation . It has a great and easy documentation so very easy to work with. The only down part with this package is it validates string only . Recommended

Katharin BensonIndia105 Ratings104 Reviews
Machine Learning and Deep Learning Enthusiast.
September 14, 2021
Great Documentation
Easy to Use

This validator library is my goto choice when sketching out forms as for the forms there is always a need for validations. The utilities and REGEX validations provided by this library is an absolute piece of art. I use this in the frontend part of the app as well as the express backend. Readme is all the documentation you ever need to use this library.

Mariano Gonzalez SalazarMadrid, Spain80 Ratings78 Reviews
December 15, 2020
Easy to Use
Great Documentation

When working with forms, it is a common task to validate information before sending it to the server. This library includes the most common validations you may encounter (even regex validations). It is simple and the amount of validations included is just incredible. I haven't encountered a non-included validation one that I needed.

Emad Kheir121 Ratings107 Reviews
Full-stack Software Engineer
September 14, 2021

Good app to validate your inputs but the only down part is that it validates strings only which in some cases you will have to manually go in and fix some comparison issues that you will run into.

yassine-mrad24 Ratings0 Reviews
1 month ago
Yazan KaakehTurkey, Istanbul 38 Ratings0 Reviews
2 months ago
DangNguyenHCM City37 Ratings0 Reviews
2 months ago
ZashaIndia38 Ratings0 Reviews
2 months ago
Alixz7 Ratings0 Reviews
3 months ago

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