Research, documentation and finally useful TypeScript Language Service plugins for coe refactoring working on several IDEs / Editors like vscode, sublime and Atom that are very common in other typed languages and IDEs like Java / Eclipse





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Current status notes

TypeScript plugins and related tools of mine.

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TypeScript Language Service plugins for useful code fixes and refactors available in other typed languages IDEs ike Java / eclipse. Most of them are currently being implemented sub-package typescript-plugin-proactive-code-fixes. See there for details and live demo.

List of work produced


By far the most important package that implement all the "interesting refactors". It's a TypeScript Language Service Plugin with several small proactive code refactors like creating constructor when a non existent one is invoked, declaring a variable or class when non existent one is defined, etc



While proactive-code-fixes are refactors reacted to code errors these are real refactors of moving things around, changing types, removing, adding, etc.

  • These are much more difficult since often require refactor all the project's file in order not to break it.
  • Also these could dbe more dangerous.
  • I started with signatures - (move/add/remove parameters, change params/return types, etc. but other ideas will arrive.
  • Very very new and WIP
  • should ha a collection of refactors under a single TLS manager plugin like proactive's
  • by default user input implemented with text-based-ui tool. After they mature and prove useful we could start thinking on more nicelooking UIs like vscode. but not a priority - let others do that.
  • Already have some related to these (move-declaration - paramsToNamed) that I should move here.
  • There will be some common things / semantics to all refactors (like requireImport) so probably we should work with a input class hierarchy.


  • well-tested - safe to use
  • we should probably move it to proactive
  • If user selects an identifier that has no explicit type declared this plugin will suggest you to automatically add the type inferred by the compiler.
  • Project


  • great for typescript language service plugin development (fast, agile, tools) contains the great *evalcode" plugin that let prototype pugins - tls delated code very quickly , evaluating and printing back in the same source file
  • See Project home


  • well-tested - safe to use
  • we should move it to ast-inspector
  • user has to select (part of) the name of class of interface for refactor to be suggested
  • prints the output at the end of current file with links to the exact position (ctrl-click will take you there)
  • See it in action:
  • See Project home


  • well-tested - safe to use
  • Tools useful for TypeScript Language Service Plugin developers, see demo and description at Project, currently printing AST of selection and printing class/ interface hierarchy.

TypeScript Language Service Plugin Tutorial

The result of my first steps dealing with TypeScript Language Service. I was so happy with my first plugin (useless) that I write a tutorial :

utility projects

While developing these I realized There was too much repeated code so I ended up writing some utilities project:


  • typescript-plugins-text-based-user-interaction
  • default implementation for my plugins when need to inquire the user - not good looking but very powerful, portable, and cammon, here we are inquiring DEVELOPERS trying to refactor their source code, not Mickey Mouse!
  • a very small library starting to implement a very big idea: a way of interact with the editor's user through the source file itself so plugins can inquire information interactively independently of the editor/IDE being use.
  • almost automatic implementation of a plugin from a config object
  • Or in other words, plugin authors don't need to learn/implement an editor's specific API/technology in order wo ask the user for input)
  • Or in other words, typescript plugins editor/ide agnostic (run on any editor/ide that support TypeScript Language Service)
  • typescript-plugin-util
  • typescript-ast-util

Obsolete - old research


  • Deprecated by typescript-plugin-proactive-code-fixes moveInterface code fix refactor
  • well-tested - safe to use
  • suggest a refactor to create delegate methods to selected property
  • See it in action:
  • See Project home


  • Deprecated by typescript-plugin-proactive-code-fixes moveInterface code fix refactor
  • well-tested - safe to use
  • While inside a class, when you select something it activates and suggest "Extract interface". It generates the interface right after the class declaration.
  • Project
  • See it in Action:


  • kind of deprecated because of other plugin ts-move-files and new ts feature that fixes imports (kind of buggy still)
  • well-tested - safe to use
  • Move a file or folder fixing all imports to point to the new location.
  • Based on ts-simple-ast file and directory move() operation
  • Uses typescript-plugins-text-based-user-interaction for interacting with the user via the source file itself. Ugly user experience but editor agnostic (tested with vscode and atom - but should work on many more!)
  • See Project home
  • See it in Action:
  • see more demos in other editors in Project home


  • WIP - not safe yet - buggy - first experiment - should try again from scratch
  • Move any declaration to another file - a.k.a move an exported class/interface/function/etc to another file
  • Uses typescript-plugins-text-based-user-interaction for interacting with the user via the source file itself. Ugly user experience but editor agnostic (tested with vscode and atom - but should work on many more!)
  • Uses ts-simple-ast
  • See Project home

About this project

  • I'm learning TypeScript compiler API, and TypeScript Language Service plugins.
  • I didn't found refactor plugins like move method, move class, extract interface, method delegate. etc. Search a lot didn't found anything.
  • The objective is to build well-tested typescript plugins to support these refactors, if possible, editor agnostic (others can program the nice GUIs for each editor)
  • This project is a mono-repo using yamat - tool made by myself after fighting with complexities of lerna, yarn workspaces and rush.


  • fun and learning. Exiting with TLS APIs and w the fact this is working on more than one editor coherently.
  • main focus on sub-package typescript-plugin-proactive-code-fixes
  • more and more ideas come to mind while I'm programming so its both things impl and requirements
  • plugins not tested exhaustive - objective more a demo and performance tests (proof of concepts) than production ready product
  • there are some old (firsts) plugins that probably are broken and need a review to use "newer technologies" (extract-interface, method-delegate)
  • other projects are too green: move-declaration
  • more and more dependant to ts--simple-ast - at the beggingin I had my doubts but in my position it saved lots of time and performance is not SO bad.
  • other ideas / projects are being implemented slowly by typescript team (getters&setters, move to file (new file - not the same)) - point here is that probably ts team will reach to similar conclusions ideas than me and implmenet them the right way and more aligned with vscode.
  • others that dont make any sense or need a redesign / requirement :: subclasses-off, add-type
  • others that are too strange UX / UI but still could be usefull to back up a concreate editor plugin (move-file, move-declaration)
  • editor portability: atom and vscode works and are coherent. couldn't make it work on webstorm (the plugin is created but couldn't find any UI action to trigger its refactor suggestions.). others like sublime, emacs, vim, eclipse, netbeans doesn't seem to support TLS but I should investigate more. Probably if the same experience can be accomplished with codefix concept : i tried and I couldn't make the edition part to work . I was able to prompt suggestion's but I wasn't able to call the activation handler (or I didn't found which was it)


  • Each project has its own TODO / ROADMAP section in readme or separate file.

Useful commands

clean up everything install and rebuild and run tests of all projects:

npm run all 

setup development mode (linked packages):

npx yamat link && \
npx yamat run "rm -rf node_modules package-lock.json" && \
npx yamat run "npm i"  && \
npx yamat run "npm run build" && \
npx yamat run npm test && \
echo end

setup "pack" mode to test publishing without actually publishing

npx yamat run "rm -rf node_modules package-lock.json" && \
npx yamat run npm i && \
npx yamat unlink --version pack && \
npx yamat run "rm -rf node_modules package-lock.json" && \
npx yamat run npm i && \
npx yamat run npm run build && \
npx yamat run npm run test && \
echo end

Notice that :

  • we clean up each module and npm install before yamat unlink so modules can build them self beforepublish/pack
  • we dont run npm run build before yamat unlink so we test that packages have the npm script prepare - should build themself on npm publish - npm pack
npx yamat run "npm version patch" &&\
npx yamat unlink &&\
npx yamat --break-on-error no run npm publish &&\
echo end

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