npm i typeface-stint-ultra-condensed


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npm i typeface-stint-ultra-condensed

The Typefaces project is now deprecated.

@DecliningLotus created FontSource which provides the same functionality as Typefaces but with automated releases & richer support for importing specific weights, styles, or language subsets.

To start using Fontsource, replace in your package.json any instances of "typeface-stint-ultra-condensed" with "fontsource-stint-ultra-condensed".

Then change imports from "import 'typeface-stint-ultra-condensed'" to "import 'fontsource-stint-ultra-condensed/latin.css'".

Typeface packages will continue working indefinitely so no immediate changes are necessary.


The CSS and web font files to easily self-host “Stint Ultra Condensed”.


npm install --save typeface-stint-ultra-condensed


Typefaces assume you’re using webpack to process CSS and files. Each typeface package includes all necessary font files (woff2, woff) and a CSS file with font-face declarations pointing at these files.

You will need to have webpack setup to load css and font files. Many tools built with Webpack will work out of the box with Typefaces such as Gatsby and Create React App.

To use, simply require the package in your project’s entry file e.g.

// Load Stint Ultra Condensed typeface

About the Typefaces project.

Our goal is to add all open source fonts to NPM to simplify using great fonts in our web projects. We’re currently maintaining 1036 typeface packages including all typefaces on Google Fonts.

If your favorite typeface isn’t published yet, let us know and we’ll add it!

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