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A simple list-group based typeahead/autocomplete using Bootstrap 4 and Vue 2

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From NPM:

> npm i vue-bootstrap-typeahead --save

Minified UMD and CommonJS builds are available in the 'dist' folder. The component is also available for use in the browser directly on unpkg:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src=""></script>


Import and register the component

import VueBootstrapTypeahead from 'vue-bootstrap-typeahead'

// Global registration
Vue.component('vue-bootstrap-typeahead', VueBootstrapTypeahead)

// OR

// Local registration
export default {
    components: {

Basic Usage

The only required attribute is a data array.

  :data="['Canada', 'USA', 'Mexico']"

Working with API's

The typeahead does not fetch any data, for maximum flexibility it will only work with already loaded API responses in the form of arrays. The serializer attribute allows you to define a function to turn each array item in the response into a text string, which will appear in the results.

    :serializer="s => s.text"
    placeholder="Type an address..."
    @hit="selectedAddress = $event"

import _ from 'underscore'

const API_URL = ''

export default {
  name: 'TestComponent',

  data() {
    return {
      addresses: [],
      addressSearch: '',
      selectedAddress: null

  methods: {
    async getAddresses(query) {
      const res = await fetch(API_URL.replace(':query', query))
      const suggestions = await res.json()
      this.addresses = suggestions.suggestions

  watch: {
    addressSearch: _.debounce(function(addr) { this.getAddresses(addr) }, 500)


dataArrayArray of data to be available for querying. Required
serializerFunctioninput => inputFunction used to convert the entries in the data array into a text string.
sizeStringSize of the input-group. Valid values: sm or lg
backgroundVariantStringBackground color for the autocomplete result list-group items. See valid values
textVariantStringText color for the autocomplete result list-group items. See valid values
inputClassStringClass to the added to the input tag for validation, etc.
maxMatchesNumber10Maximum amount of list items to appear.
minMatchingCharsNumber2Minimum matching characters in query before the typeahead list appears
prependStringText to be prepended to the input-group
appendStringText to be appended to the input-group


hitTriggered when an autocomplete item is selected. The entry in the input data array that was selected is returned.
inputThe component can be used with v-model


There are prepend and append slots available for adding buttons or other markup. Overrides the prepend and append attributes.

Scoped Slots

You can use a scoped slot called suggestion to define custom content for the suggestion list-item's

  :serializer="s =>"
  placeholder="Canada, United States, etc..."
  @hit="selectedCountry = $event"
  <!-- htmlText is bound to the matched text derived from the serializer function -->
  <!-- data is bound to the matching array element in the data prop -->
  <template slot="suggestion" slot-scope="{ data, htmlText }">
    <span v-html="htmlText"></span>&nbsp;<small>{{ data.code }}</small>

Local Examples/Demo

Clone this repository and run npm run serve and navigate to http://localhost:8080 to launch the documentation. The source is in src/views/Home.vue

You can also view and edit examples hosted on CodePen here


Please note that active development is done on the Development branch. PR's are welcome!


Please note that active development is done on the Development branch. PR's are welcome!

Sites using this component

  • - Plan and map your running/cycling routes. This component is an offshoot from this project.

Send a pull request to add your site to this list!

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