A prototype of old game Pong. this time, in your terminal.




A game of pingpong. this time, in your terminal.

Read termping's Development Story : termping : ♥ + Node.js + Streams + CoffeeScript

NPM version


I am also using this thing for creating the gif.


$ npm install -g termping


$ termping


SpaceBar : pause/resume


  • Development

    • clone termping repo : git clone git@github.com:pravj/termping.git
    • install dependencies : npm install
    • start hacking in /src
    • build with cake build
    • use game with node ./bin/termping
  • Contributions

    • make sure you follow CoffeeScript style guide.
    • termping follows a pattern in Git commit messages, just respect that 😃
  • termping is still not complete, what you can contribute is :

    • A scoring thing, that counts score and decide winner when one player reach at score limit.
    • A level thing, that divides the game in parts depending on level of difficulty.
    • Feel free to open any issue or Pull requests with a feature you want there.

    I am not directly writing any more code to it right now, because I have to get involved with some other necessary things, but I will try to helps anyone interested.