npm i stock-info


stock-info is a package that fetches current stock information from the Yahoo Finance API

by Luiz Chagas

1.5.1 (see all)License:MITTypeScript:Not FoundCategories:Vanilla JavaScript Stock API
npm i stock-info


The Stock Info library retrieves current stock information from Yahoo Finance API.


Using npm:

$ npm install --save stock-info


import si from "stock-info";
// or
const si = require("stock-info");


Retrieves information about a single stock symbol


A string that represents a stock symbol


A Promise that resolves to a stock objects


const si = require("stock-info");
//Prints the stock object to console


Retrieves information about a list of stock symbols

Note: This function will be removed in a future version. Just make your own list of promises using getSingleStockInfo.


An array of strings where each element is a stock symbol.


A Promise that resolves to an array of stock objects


const si = require("stock-info");
const stocks = ["AMZN", "NFLIX"];
//Prints an array of stock objects to console

Stock Object

The stock object has the following shape:

language: string;
region: string;
quoteType: string;
quoteSourceName: string;
triggerable: boolean;
currency: string;
sourceInterval: number;
exchangeDataDelayedBy: number;
postMarketChangePercent: number;
postMarketTime: number;
postMarketPrice: number;
postMarketChange: number;
regularMarketChange: number;
regularMarketChangePercent: number;
regularMarketTime: number;
sharesOutstanding: number;
bookValue: number;
fiftyDayAverage: number;
fiftyDayAverageChange: number;
fiftyDayAverageChangePercent: number;
twoHundredDayAverage: number;
twoHundredDayAverageChange: number;
twoHundredDayAverageChangePercent: number;
marketCap: number;
forwardPE: number;
priceToBook: number;
tradeable: boolean;
priceHint: number;
firstTradeDateMilliseconds: number;
regularMarketPrice: number;
regularMarketDayHigh: number;
regularMarketDayRange: string;
regularMarketDayLow: number;
regularMarketVolume: number;
regularMarketPreviousClose: number;
bid: number;
ask: number;
bidSize: number;
askSize: number;
fullExchangeName: string;
financialCurrency: string;
regularMarketOpen: number;
averageDailyVolume3Month: number;
averageDailyVolume10Day: number;
fiftyTwoWeekLowChange: number;
fiftyTwoWeekLowChangePercent: number;
fiftyTwoWeekRange: string;
fiftyTwoWeekHighChange: number;
fiftyTwoWeekHighChangePercent: number;
fiftyTwoWeekLow: number;
fiftyTwoWeekHigh: number;
trailingPE: number;
epsTrailingTwelveMonths: number;
epsForward: number;
exchange: string;
shortName: string;
longName: string;
messageBoardId: string;
exchangeTimezoneName: string;
exchangeTimezoneShortName: string;
gmtOffSetMilliseconds: number;
market: string;
esgPopulated: boolean;
marketState: string;
displayName: string;
symbol: string;


regularMarketPrice: 1065.545,
symbol: 'GOOG'
longName: 'Alphabet Inc.',
language: 'en-US',
quoteType: 'EQUITY',
quoteSourceName: 'Nasdaq Real Time Price',
currency: 'USD',
regularMarketTime: 1527603620,
regularMarketChange: -10.11499,
regularMarketOpen: 1064.89,
regularMarketDayHigh: 1072.99,
regularMarketDayLow: 1065,
regularMarketVolume: 322473,
trailingPE: 59.210102,
epsTrailingTwelveMonths: 17.996,
epsForward: 47.32,
market: 'us_market',
bidSize: 8,
askSize: 13,
messageBoardId: 'finmb_29096',
fullExchangeName: 'NasdaqGS',
financialCurrency: 'USD',
sharesOutstanding: 348952000,
bookValue: 219.496,
fiftyDayAverage: 1056.5917,
fiftyDayAverageChange: 8.953369,
fiftyDayAverageChangePercent: 0.008473821,
twoHundredDayAverage: 1071.8778,
twoHundredDayAverageChange: -6.3327637,
twoHundredDayAverageChangePercent: -0.0059081023,
marketCap: 741920931840,
forwardPE: 22.517859,
priceToBook: 4.854508,
sourceInterval: 15,
exchangeTimezoneName: 'America/New_York',
exchangeTimezoneShortName: 'EDT',
gmtOffSetMilliseconds: -14400000,
exchangeDataDelayedBy: 0,
marketState: 'REGULAR',
exchange: 'NMS',
priceHint: 2,
**shortName**: 'Alphabet Inc.',
regularMarketChangePercent: -0.94035196,
regularMarketDayRange: '1065.0 - 1072.99',
regularMarketPreviousClose: 1075.66,
bid: 1068.35,
ask: 1069,
averageDailyVolume3Month: 1849285,
averageDailyVolume10Day: 957300,
fiftyTwoWeekLowChange: 170.75507,
fiftyTwoWeekLowChangePercent: 0.19083257,
fiftyTwoWeekRange: '894.79 - 1186.89',
fiftyTwoWeekHighChange: -121.34497,
fiftyTwoWeekHighChangePercent: -0.10223775,
fiftyTwoWeekLow: 894.79,
fiftyTwoWeekHigh: 1186.89,
esgPopulated: false,
tradeable: true,