npm i spectacle-cli


ReactJS based Presentation Library

by FormidableLabs

0.6.5 (see all)License:MITTypeScript:Not Found
npm i spectacle-cli

Spectacle — Formidable, We build the modern web

✨ A ReactJS based Presentation Library ✨

Maintenance Status

Getting Started

Welcome to our monorepo project, housing the core spectacle package and related tools and examples.

Come learn more at our docs site!


Have a question about Spectacle? Submit an issue in this repository using the "Question" template.

Notice something inaccurate or confusing? Feel free to open an issue or make a pull request to help improve the documentation for everyone!

The source for our docs site lives in this repo in the docs folder.


Please see our contributing guide.

Maintenance Status

Active: Formidable is actively working on this project, and we expect to continue for work for the foreseeable future. Bug reports, feature requests and pull requests are welcome.

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