npm i simple.swap.core


Decentralized JS library for secure crosschain swaps. BTC<>ETH/ERC20, orderbook on libp2p (included in swap.react)

by swaponline

0.3.150 (see all)License:ISCTypeScript:Not Found
npm i simple.swap.core

simple swap core

Simplest usage:

//const swap = require('simple.swap.core')
const swap = require('./../src/index')

const {
  on: { onFinish },
  room: { ready },
  orders: { request, subscribe },
  swap: { onStep, start },
} = swap.helpers

const { wallet, auth, room, orders } = swap.setup

const doSwap = async order => {
  console.log('new order',
  if (order.buyAmount > 10) {
    const swap = await request(order)

    console.log('starting swap', swap.flow._flowName,


    await onFinish(swap)

    console.log('finished swap',

(async () => {
  const info = await wallet.getBalance()
  console.log('balance:', info)

  await ready(room)
  console.log('info:', wallet.view())

  orders.on('new orders', orders =>
  orders.on('new order', doSwap)


Go to src/ directory, then:

npm i

Go to examples/ directory, then:

npm i
cp .env.example .env
npm start

In the .env:

  • ROOT_DIR is where the credentials are stored. If omitted, . will be used

  • ACCOUNT or SERVER_ID is the name of the account directory inside $ROOT_DIR:

    $ROOT_DIR/.storage/$ACCOUNT $ROOT_DIR/.ipfs/$ACCOUNT

    Will be generated if not given.

  • NETWORK is one of the mainnet, testnet. Default = testnet

  • OFFSET is better to be omitted!

    this variable should be consistent between different scripts if you wish to access the same IPFS peer id. By default OFFSET is a process.argv[1], which is usually the name of the script you run: node bot.js => bot.js, so if you launching the same file, it will match.

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