npm i simple-icons
Waren GonzagaMetro Manila, Philippines54 Ratings47 Reviews
I'm the person who wastes my time just to save yours! ✌😎
November 17, 2020
Great Documentation
Easy to Use
Highly Customizable
Bleeding Edge
Responsive Maintainers

My favorite icons provider! It is a great combination with when it comes to adding icons to your badge via the URL parameter. Very easy to use and optimized. I love it!

Okura ToshiJapan36 Ratings0 Reviews
Full-stack and Blockchain developer
4 months ago
Da_Gus6 Ratings0 Reviews
Junior dev | Currently learning React | Javascript
8 months ago
Atharv Golam4 Ratings0 Reviews
9 months ago
mustafaTurkey39 Ratings0 Reviews
10 months ago
juliusluhanga25 Ratings0 Reviews
January 20, 2022
malekhad4 Ratings0 Reviews
November 30, 2021
hendricklParis5 Ratings0 Reviews
Front-End developer - Blockchain in progress
November 20, 2021
Mark Jesper PillervaTaguig, Philippines44 Ratings0 Reviews
New guy | Full-stack Web/App Developer | Aspiring Blockchain Developer | Hug me uwu | Hire me owo
August 15, 2021
Sam MaosaKE45 Ratings0 Reviews
A son, brother, father & Mentor. Musician. Software engineer. OSS creator. Athletics Fanatic. English. Swahili. Node.js. Typescript. Vue.js. React.js. Laravel.
May 18, 2021

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