render ShaderToy demos to PNG





A small utility for exporting ShaderToy demos to large (print-ready) PNG images. On my MacBookPro, this can export up to 10,000x10,000 px images.

It only features a small set of shaders (those set to Public + API) and doesn't support cube maps, video inputs, etc.

This tool is experimental and not complete. If you want to help maintain it, let me know.

Some examples:


A 2880x1800 wallpaper from this shader.



Install the tool globally with npm.

npm install shadertoy-export -g

Command-Line Usage

More docs to follow.

Basic usage, writes the first frame to process.stdout as PNG.

shadertoy-export shader.frag [opts] > image.png

You can use --api or -a to grab from the ShaderToy API, which loads demos that are saved as Public + API. For this, you need to specify a demo ID like XslGRr, or a URL like Example:

shadertoy-export XslGRr --api > image.png

You can use --output or -o instead of writing to stdout, and --size to render a different resolution. You can use --wait to wait N milliseconds before rendering a frame.

shadertoy-export XslGRr --api --output output/1.png --size 1080,768 --wait 1500

interactive mode

You can also enter interactive (GUI) mode with the --frame or -f option. This opens a window which accepts mouse input, and you can hit Cmd + S or Ctrl + S at any point to save the image to your output path.

shadertoy-export -f --api --size=512,256 -o images/1.png XslGRr


You can also specify a --scale or -S option to reduce the interactive resolution (does not affect output). For example, --scale=0.5 will draw the scene at half resolution.


MIT, see for details.