npm i redux-form-input-masks


Input masking with redux-form made easy

by Renato Böhler

2.0.2 (see all)License:MITTypeScript:Built-In
npm i redux-form-input-masks


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Documentation and examples

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Getting started

redux-form-input-masks is a library that works with redux-form to easily add masking to Fields.

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Redux is awesome and so are input masks: they help standardizing inputs and improves the UX of the application. redux-form has support for input formatting, parseing and normalizing, but it can get pretty tricky to implement a mask with these functions. redux-form-input-masks offer simple APIs to create these masks so you don't need to worry about it!

Also, the value of the Fields in any application should be agnostic of how the Fields themselves are presented to the user. For example, if there's a currency field in a form, it makes more sense to store the value as a number. Storing Field values in a way that makes more sense for the application makes it easier to integrate form data with backend services and to create validations for it. With redux-form-input-masks you can also choose how the value of a formatted Field will be stored in the application's store.

Under the hood

redux-form-input-masks returns objects implementing redux-form's Value Lifecycle Hooks and also some Global Event Handlers to manage the caret position.


npm install --save redux-form-input-masks


yarn add redux-form-input-masks


  • simple to setup: works with redux-form out of the box, you just need to install redux-form-input-masks and you're good to go;
  • simple to use: import a mask creator and apply it... and that's it. There's no need to change the component you're already using;
  • flexible: lets you choose how you want the input mask to behave;
  • dependency compatible: redux-form-input-masks works with basically all combinations of versions of react, react-dom, react-redux, redux and redux-form;
  • browser compatible: works on all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Opera Mini and Internet Explorer >= 10);
  • lightweight: not a single dependency is added to redux-form-input-masks;
  • compatible with component libraries like material-ui and redux-form-material-ui's wrappers, for both v0-stable and v1-beta versions.

Available masks

NameDescriptionAPI ReferenceDemo
Number MaskIdeal for currency, percentage or any other numeric input. Supports prefix, suffix, locale number formatting and even more options. You can also choose wether the value is stored as number or string.createNumberMaskcodesandbox.io
Text MaskFlexible string mask. Lets you specify the pattern, inputtable characters and much more.createTextMaskcodesandbox.io


It's super simple to apply a mask using this library. You just need to import your mask creator from redux-form-input-masks, specify the parameters and pass it to the Field using spread attributes. Yep, it's that easy.

You can find several examples including demos on our documentation.

Here's a simple snippet that uses createNumberMask and createTextMask and applies them to Fields:

import { createNumberMask, createTextMask } from 'redux-form-input-masks';


const currencyMask = createNumberMask({
  prefix: 'US$ ',
  suffix: ' per item',
  decimalPlaces: 2,
  locale: 'en-US',

const phoneMask = createTextMask({
  pattern: '(999) 999-9999',