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Building a Music Player App Using React Native Hooks (2021)
This tutorial is going to teach you how to build your own music streaming application using react-native. I’m writing this tutorial for beginners. Even if you’ve just started learning react-native, you will be able to get a good understanding of the app.
react-native-track-player examples - CodeSandbox

react-native-track-player examples - CodeSandbox
Learn how to use react-native-track-player by viewing and forking react-native-track-player example apps on CodeSandbox

How To Create a Music Player in React Native - instamobile
In today’s article we will build a React Native Music Player, to showcase how easy it is to build a music app in React Native, that is optimized for both native iOS and Android. The Read more…

Music Player tutorial in React Native - Complete Tutorial
Let’s create a beautiful music player in React Native using React Native Track Player, we will play mp3 files from the web. It also has media notification su...

A fully fledged audio module created for music apps. Provides audio playback, external media controls, background mode and more!

How To Install and Setup React Native Track Player || Simple Project Example
The react-native-track-player package can be a little confusing to get setup, so this video shows you how to install, setup and start using the package by bu...

Creating an Audio Player in React-Native
If you are new to ReactNative or building a RN app for the first time, you need to prepare your local development system/computer with the dependencies for react-native. Please refer this post for a…

Part 7: Installing Audio module React-Native-Track-Player
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How To Install and Setup React Native Track Player || Simple Project Example
In this tutorial I will show you how to install, setup and start using react native track player by building a super-simple react native track player example app.

Create Complete Music Player App in React Native
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a complete music app with the play/pause functionality of the music. Along with this, I have shown you how to impl...