npm i react-native-image-cache


Image caching for Android

This is still very basic since I am quite new to React. There is plenty of room for improvment by adding additional react bindings for props and callbacks.

srcstringnullhttp source of the image
tintColorstringnulloptional tintColor

Include in your App


Install the npm package react-native-image-cache. Inside your React Native project, run (example):

npm install --save react-native-image-cache

In android/settings.gradle add the following lines

include :react-native-image-cache'
project(':react-native-image-cache').projectDir = file('../node_modules/react-native-image-cache/android')

NOTE : If you have included other libraries in your project, the include line will contain the other dependencies too.

In android/app/build.gradle, add a dependency to ':react-native-image-cache'

dependencies {
    compile project(':react-native-image-cache')

Next, you need to change the MainActivity of your app to register ReactImageCache :

import com.image.cache.ReactImageCache; // add this import

public class MainActivity extends ReactActivity {

    protected List<ReactPackage> getPackages() {
      return Arrays.<ReactPackage>asList(
          new MainReactPackage(),
          new ReactImageCache() // add this manager

TeamLockr image caching Team Lockr image caching for react native

These are functions created by the TeamLockr Team created for the TeamLockr platform.

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