npm i react-native-dropdown-picker


A single / multiple, categorizable, customizable, localizable and searchable item picker (drop-down) component for react native which supports both Android & iOS.

by Hossein Zare

5.4.3 (see all)License:MITTypeScript:Built-In
npm i react-native-dropdown-picker

React Native Dropdown Picker 5.x

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

The example in the screenshots: https://snack.expo.dev/8mHmLfcZf


The documentation has been moved to https://hossein-zare.github.io/react-native-dropdown-picker-website/

Merge and Release Process

Branches in use


PRs should be made against and merged into the dev-5.x branch, which is set as the default branch on github.


Releases are currently made from the 5.x branch.

Release Process

To make a new release, follow these steps:

  • Verify the development branch has all the changes desired in a release and works well
  • Make and merge a final PR into development branch that increments the version number in package.json
  • Make and merge a PR from the development branch to the release branch
  • Using the GitHub web UI, draft a new release using tag name vx.x.x (replace the x values as appropriate of course), with the release branch as the target, with release name vx.x.x (again, with appropriate numbers in place of x of course)
  • Verify in the GitHub Actions panel for the repository that NPM publish succeeded