npm i react-datetime-picker
mohit990550 Ratings44 Reviews
September 6, 2021

Working with date and time in react can be very heptic because of no built in support for the same, So after searching across lots of package i have came through this package . It allows users to integrate date and time into their react app , my overall experience with package is good till now , although there are lots of packages available for the same but this has a great ui and working with it is so simple.

Ankit RajIIIT Ranchi67 Ratings67 Reviews
March 2, 2021
Great Documentation
Easy to Use

Have been in search of this for quite some time now. This has a great UI and a lot modular. Lightweight and performant. Don’t even count to my bundle size. Does one thing and very efficiently. Overall a smooth and great experience. Strongly recommended. But there’s a bug that has not been resolved yet.

Vibhu GautamBokaro Steel City47 Ratings47 Reviews
MERN Stack Developer, Competitive Coder, Language - C , C++ , Java , JavaScript
May 4, 2021

This package allows us to integrate date and time. I personally used this in my weather app project. The UI of this is very simple and great and give a tinge of aestheticness to the layout. It allows us to choose any date from the calendar. It's a very simple to use React feature.

Akash Anand72 Ratings72 Reviews
March 9, 2021
Easy to Use
Great Documentation

Overall experience was quite good. The best thing was that we do not need add moment js to integrate this which saves the bundle size count. Very easy to use and uses some common react features which makes this one a highly recommended package. 4 star for me


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