npm i react-cookie-banner


React Cookie banner which can be automatically dismissed with a scroll. Because fuck The Cookie Law, that's why.

by buildo

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npm i react-cookie-banner

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React Cookie Banner

A cookie banner for React that can be dismissed with a simple scroll. Because fuck the Cookie Law that's why.

(If you really want to annoy your users you can disable this feature but this is strongly discouraged!).

import CookieBanner from 'react-cookie-banner';

      message="Yes, we use cookies. If you don't like it change website, we won't miss you!"
      onAccept={() => {}}
      cookie="user-has-accepted-cookies" />

Live Examples


npm install --save react-cookie-banner

or using yarn:

yarn add react-cookie-banner


You can see CookieBanner's props in its own


react-cookie-banner comes with a nice default style made using inline-style.

Of course, you can customize it as you like in several ways.

Based on how many changes you want to apply, you can style react-cookie-banner as follows:

You like the original style and you wish to make only a few modifications

Why spending hours on the CSS when you have such a nice default style? :)

In this case you can:

1) Override the predefined inline-styles

In this example we change the message font-size and make the banner slightly transparent with the styles prop:

    banner: { backgroundColor: 'rgba(60, 60, 60, 0.8)' },
    message: { fontWeight: 400 }

See src/styleUtils.ts for a complete list of overridable style objects.

2) Beat it with good old CSS (or SASS)

The banner is structured as follows:

<div className={this.props.className + ' react-cookie-banner'}
  <span className='cookie-message'>
    <a className='cookie-link'>
      Learn more
  <button className='button-close'>
    Got it

You can style every part of it using the appropriate className:

.your-class-name.react-cookie-banner {
  background-color: rgba(60, 60, 60, 0.8);

  .cookie-message {
    font-weight: 400;

You need to heavily adapt the style to your application

Your creative designer wants to change the style of the cookie banner completely? Don't worry, we got your covered!

If you need to re-style it, you can:

1) Disable the default style and use your CSS

You may disable the default style by simply setting the prop disableStyle to true:

<CookieBanner disableStyle={true} />

Now you can re-style the cookie banner completely using your own CSS.

Don't like the layout either? You can use your own custom cookie banner component by passing it as children and still let react-cookie-banner handle the hassle of managing cookies for you :)

  {(onAccept) => (
    <MyCustomCookieBanner {...myCustomProps} onAccept={onAccept} /> {/* rendered directly without any <div> wrapper */}

Cookies manipulation

react-cookie-banner uses universal-cookie to manipulate cookies.

You can import the Cookies class and use it as follows:

import { Cookies } from 'react-cookie-banner'

const cookies = new Cookies(/* Your cookie header, on browsers defaults to document.cookie */)

// simple set
cookie.set('test', 'a')
// complex set - cookie(name, value, ttl, path, domain, secure)
cookie.set('test', 'a', {
  expires: new Date(2020-05-04)
  path: '/api',
  domain: '*',
  secure: true
// get
// destroy
cookies.remove('test', '', -1)

Please refer to universal-cookie repo for more documentation.

Server side rendering (aka Universal)

react-cookie-banner supports SSR thanks to react-cookie. If you want to support SSR, you should use the CookieProvider from react-cookie and the CookieBannerUniversal wrapper:

import { Cookies, CookiesProvider, CookieBannerUniversal } from 'react-cookie-banner'

const cookies = new Cookies(/* Your cookie header, on browsers defaults to document.cookie */)

<CookiesProvider cookies={cookies}>
  <CookieBannerUniversal />