npm i prisma-mock


A mock library of Prisma intended for unit testing.

by demonsters

0.5.5 (see all)License:MITTypeScript:Built-In
npm i prisma-mock

Prisma Mock

This is a mock of the Prisma API intended for unit testing. All the data is stored in memory.

The library jest-mock-extended is used, which means that if functionality you need is not implemented yet, you can mock it yourself.


Simple example how to create a prisma mock instance:

import createPrismaMock from "prisma-mock"

let client

beforeEach(() => {
  client = createPrismaMock()

An example how to mock a global prisma instance, as the default export in a "db" directory (like blitzjs):

import createPrismaMock from "prisma-mock"
import { mockDeep, mockReset } from "jest-mock-extended"

jest.mock("db", () => ({
  __esModule: true,
  default: mockDeep(),

import db, { Prisma } from "db"

beforeEach(() => {
  createPrismaMock({}, Prisma.dmmf.datamodel)


  data: PrismaMockData<P> = {},
  datamodel?: Prisma.DMMF.Datamodel,
  client = mockDeep<P>(),
  options: {
    caseInsensitive?: boolean
  } = {}
): Promise<P>

Arg: data

You can optionally start up a pre-filled db, by passing in an object containing keys for tables, and values as arrays of objects (though using create is preferred). Example:

  user: [
      id: 1,
      name: "John Doe",
      accountId: 1,
  account: [
      id: 1,
      name: "Company",

Arg: datamodel

The datamodel of the prisma client, value of Prisma.dmmf.datamodel.

Arg: client

A jest-mock-extended instance. If not provided, a new instance is created.

Arg: caseInsensitive

If true, all string comparisons are case insensitive.

Supported features

Most common cases are covered, but not everything. Here is a rough list of the supported features:

Model queries

  • findUnique,
  • findUniqueOrThrow,
  • findMany,
  • findFirst,
  • findFirstOrThrow,
  • create,
  • createMany
  • delete,
  • update,
  • deleteMany,
  • updateMany
  • upsert
  • count
  • TODO: aggregate
  • TODO: groupBy

Model query options

  • distinct
  • include
  • where
  • select
  • orderBy
  • TODO: select: _count

Nested queries

  • create
  • createMany
  • update
  • updateMany
  • delete
  • deleteMany
  • connect
  • disconnect
  • TODO: set
  • TODO: connectOrCreate
  • TODO: upsert

Filter conditions and operators

  • equals
  • gt
  • gte
  • lt
  • lte
  • not
  • in
  • notIn
  • contains
  • startWith
  • endsWith
  • AND
  • OR
  • NOT
  • mode
  • TODO: search

Relation filters

  • some
  • every
  • none
  • TODO: is

Scalar list methods

TODO (set, push)

Scalar list filters

TODO (has, hasEvery, hasSome, isEmpty, equals)

Atomic number operations

  • increment
  • decrement
  • multiply
  • divide
  • set

JSON filters

TODO (path, string_contains, string_starts_with, string_ends_with, array_contains, array_starts_with, array_ends_with)


  • @@id
  • @default
  • @unique (TODO: no error if duplicate)
  • @@unique (TODO: no error if duplicate)
  • @relation
  • @updatedAt: Partially supported, value is set at creation (TODO: update value on update)

Attribute functions

  • autoincrement()
  • TODO: auto()
  • cuid()
  • TODO: uuid()
  • now()
  • TODO: dbgenerated()

Referential actions

  • onDelete (SetNull, Cascade)
  • TODO: onDelete: Restrict, NoAction, SetDefault
  • TODO: onUpdate

Prisma Client methods

  • $transaction
  • $transaction (interactive)
  • TODO: $transaction (isolation)



Create a .env-cmdrc file in the root of your project with the following content:

  "postgres": {
    "PROVIDER": "postgresql",
    "DATABASE_URL": "postgresql://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432/postgres?schema=public"

Writing Tests

Create your tests in the __tests__ directory. You can use snapshot testing with either expect(res).toMatchSnapshot() or expect(res).toMatchInlineSnapshot(). This captures the result of your tests in a snapshot, which you can use to compare agains prisma-mock results.

Note: If you choose to use snapshot testing, make shore to first run your tests against the real database to create a snapshot of the expected result.

Running Tests

To run tests against a postgres database, run the following command:

yarn run test:postgres

To run tests against prisma-mock (in-memory database), run:

yarn test
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