npm i pptxtemplater


The pptx templater modifies powerpoint template with provided data before docxtemplater generates the final version of the document.

by SAP

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npm i pptxtemplater


The pptxtemplater modifies PowerPoint template and provided data before docxtemplater generates the final version of the document.

This module can be used only in combination with docxtemplater.


Use npm install to get the module

npm install docxtemplater --save
npm install pptxtemplater --save

In your code use the pptxtemplater as a module:

let pptxTemplaterModule = require('pptxtemplater');
let doc = new this.Docxtemplater(content);



There are two new features added to the standard functionality of docxtemplater:

Split PowerPoint table slides

You can now split one long table into multiple slides with the smaller number of table rows. To do so, you have to provide maximal number of rows in your template that should be shown on one slide.


Duplicate PowerPoint slides

If you have a slide which should be duplicated dynamically depending on provided data you can use "multiplier" tag: $. Each slide, containing this tag will be as many times duplicated as many entries are stored in the array with the same name.

If there are no data for this tag, this slide will be deleted.


Here is an example:

Template Template sample

Output Output sample

For data

        "COUNTRY": "Germany",
        "REVENUE_PER_REGION": [{
                "Region": "Berlin",
                "ZIP": "55014",
                "Revenue": "€93896.94"
            }, {
                "Region": "Saxony-Anhalt",
                "ZIP": "30652",
                "Revenue": "€51759.11"
            }, {
                "Region": "HH",
                "ZIP": "05652",
                "Revenue": "€51355.41"
        "COUNTRY": "Austria",
        "REVENUE_PER_REGION": [{
                "Region": "Bgl",
                "ZIP": "8571",
                "Revenue": "€77899.04"
                "Region": "Vienna",
                "ZIP": "4403",
                "Revenue": "€77276.25"
                "Region": "Vienna",
                "ZIP": "9122",
                "Revenue": "€48795.89"


Contributions are greatly appreciated. See CONTRIBUTING for details

How to obtain support

Feel free to open new issues for feature requests, bugs or general feedback on the GitHub issues page of this project.


This project is licensed under the Apache Software License, v. 2 except as noted otherwise in the LICENSE file