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The openui5-fhir project connects the worlds of UI5 and FHIR®. Build beautiful and enterprise-ready web applications based on the FHIR® specification.

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npm i openui5-fhir

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The OpenUI5-FHIR project connects the worlds of UI5 and FHIR®. Build beautiful and enterprise-ready web applications based on the FHIR® specification.

The world of healthcare is in change. Though being a highly regulated industry, more and more solutions move from on-premise into the cloud due to increasing costs. With this, there is a need to standardize communication between all players in the healthcare ecosystem (hospital, insurances, etc.). The FHIR® protocol, developed by HL7, has the goal to achieve that. To build UI5 applications based on a FHIR® server, there is a need to provide a UI5 library who enables FHIR® for UI5. The OpenUI5-FHIR project provides the sap.fhir UI5 library, which fills this gap. Currently, this library provides the UI5 FHIR Model which handles the communication with a FHIR® server by a central instance, like the ODataModel does it for OData services. The UI5 FHIR Model enables teams to implement fast and full scope UI5 applications based on a FHIR® server. In future, the OpenUI5-FHIR project might be enhanced by further FHIR® specific UI5 artefacts.

The complete documentation can be viewed in our Documentation.


OpenUI5 provides models out of the box, which can be fragmented in client or server-side models.

  • Client-side models: JSON, XML and Resource
  • Server-side models: OData V2, OData V4

Inside the healthcare community there are a few specifications for clinical/medical data. FHIR® is one of them. Furthermore FHIR® provides a query language to access and modify the data.

To develop OpenUI5 applications based on FHIR® servers, there is a need to provide an easy to use way to bind the UI to an model which takes care of creating, reading, updating and deleting the corresponding data in the FHIR® server. This is the reason for the brand new UI5 FHIR Model, which is included in the OpenUI5-FHIR project.


The OpenUI5-FHIR project provides following UI5 artefacts:

  • UI5 FHIR Model: The FHIR® specific UI5 model implementation to bind UI5 controls to content which is provided by a FHIR® server. The model takes care of requesting, creating, updating and removing FHIR® resources. The application developer doesn't have to care about which requests have to be sent to the FHIR® server at which point in time. The UI5 FHIR Model does the job!


The OpenUI5-FHIR project is completely integrated into the world of UI5. That means applications built with the OpenUI5-FHIR libary can be consumed in any modern browser.

The underlaying FHIR® server has to full following requirements:

  • Provide the FHIR® data as JSON

Download and Installation

The OpenUI5-FHIR project is published at npm on package openui5-fhir, which includes all necessary files. Add following snippet to your project package.json and update the version of openui5-fhir to the desired version.

"dependencies": {
    "openui5-fhir": "X.Y.Z"

Sample App

There is already a sample app available, which illustrates the use of OpenUI5-FHIR. Check it out and have fun!

Known Issues

The list of current issues is available here


Do you've any questions? Don't hesitate to raise a new issue.


The idea of the OpenUI5-FHIR project is ab initio to be driven by the community of healthcare players and enthusiastic individuals.

Please read this document to read more about your options:


The following table displays the versions of OpenUI5-FHIR and the corresponding compatible OpenUI5 versions:

1.X.Y> 1.58.0


Please see our LICENSE.txt for copyright and license information. Detailed information including third-party components and their licensing/copyright information is available via the REUSE tool.


OpenUI5-FHIR Documentation

OpenUI5 Documentation

FHIR® Documentation



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