npm i opds



This is a library to parse or generate OPDS feed. It makes it easy to generate a feed from a list of book., it also handles correctly BISAC subjects.

How to install it?

$ npm install opds

How to use it?

⚠️ This example is incomplete to pass OPDS Validation (http://opds-validator.appspot.com).

var opds = require("opds");

var xml = opds.create({
    title: "My Catalog",
    author: {
        name: "Samy Pesse",
        uri: "https://www.gitbook.com"
    books: [
            title: "A book",
            summary: "This is a test book",
            updated: new Date(),
            author: {
                name: "Aaron O'Mullan",
                uri: "https://www.gitbook.com/@aaron"
            links: [
                    rel: "image",
                    href: "/book/test.jpg",
                    type: "image/jpeg"
                    rel: "acquisition/buy",
                    href: "/book/test.epub",
                    type: "application/epub+zip"
            categories: [

You can also parse an OPDS feed:

var feed = opds.parse('...');

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