Universal library for detecting devices based on the string `UserAgent`. We can identify: App, Bot, OS, Browser, Device brand, Device model and Device type (smartphone, phablet, tablet, desktop, TV and other types, total 13)





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Last update: 08/09/2021


Port php lib matomo-org/device-detector to NodeJs

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npm install node-device-detector --save


yarn add node-device-detector


const DeviceDetector = require('node-device-detector');
const detector = new DeviceDetector;
const userAgent = 'Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 5.0; NX505J Build/KVT49L) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/43.0.2357.78 Mobile Safari/537.36';
const result = detector.detect(userAgent);
console.log('result parse', result);

PS: When creating an objectdetector = new DeviceDetector; data for parsing is reloaded from files, consider this, the best option is initialization at application start I recommend seeing examples

Result parse

  os: { 
    name: 'Android',            // os name       
    short_name: 'AND',          // os short code name (format A-Z0-9{3})
    version: '5.0',             // os version
    platform: '',               // os platform (x64, x32, amd etc.)
    family: 'Android'           // os family
  client:  { 
    type: 'browser',            // client type 
    name: 'Chrome Mobile',      // client name name
    short_name: 'CM',           // client short code name (only browser, format A-Z0-9{2})
    version: '43.0.2357.78',    // client version
    engine: 'Blink',            // client engine name (only browser)
    engine_version: ''          // client engine version (only browser)
    family: 'Chrome'            // client family (only browser)
  device: { 
    id: 'ZT',                   // short code device brand name (format A-Z0-9{2,3})
    type: 'smartphone',         // device type
    brand: 'ZTE',               // device brand name
    model: 'Nubia Z7 max'       // device model name

Result parse empty

  os: {},                      // empty objects its os not found
  client: {},                  // empty objects its client not found
  device: {      
    id: '',                    // empty string its device brand not found
    type : 'device type',      // device type or empty string
    brand: '',                 // empty string its device brand not found
    model: ''                  // empty string its device model not found



const DeviceDetector = require('node-device-detector');
const DeviceHelper = require('node-device-detector/helper');

const detector = new DeviceDetector;
const userAgent = 'Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 5.0; NX505J Build/KVT49L) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/43.0.2357.78 Mobile Safari/537.36';
const result = detector.detect(userAgent);

/* check device type (feature phone, smartphone or phablet) */
/* check device type is desktop */
/* check device type is tablet  */
/* check device type car (side panel in car)  */
/* check device type feature phone (push-button telephones)  */
/* check device type smartphone  */
/* check device type phablet  */
/* check device type game console (xBox, PlayStation, Nintendo etc)  */
/* check device type smart speaker (Alisa, Alexa, HomePod etc) */
/* check device type SmartTV/TV box */
/* check device type portable camera */
/* portable terminal, portable projector */
/* LCD panel or interactive panel  */
/* check device type boxes, blu-ray players */
/* check device type watches, headsets */
/* result device type number id */
/* result device type string */
/* result client type string */

Using parsers singly


Detect Bot

const DeviceDetector = require('node-device-detector');
const userAgent = 'Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 6_0 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/536.26 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/6.0 Mobile/10A5376e Safari/8536.25 (compatible; Googlebot-Mobile/2.1; +http://www.google.com/bot.html)';
const detector = new DeviceDetector();
const result = detector.parseBot(userAgent);

Detect Os

const DeviceDetector = require('node-device-detector');
const userAgent = 'Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 5.0; NX505J Build/KVT49L) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/43.0.2357.78 Mobile Safari/537.36';
const detector = new DeviceDetector;
const result = detector.parseOs(userAgent);
console.log('Result parse os', result);  

Detect Client

const DeviceDetector = require('node-device-detector');
const userAgent = 'Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 5.0; NX505J Build/KVT49L) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/43.0.2357.78 Mobile Safari/537.36';
const detector = new DeviceDetector;
const result = detector.parseClient(userAgent);
console.log('Result parse client', result);

Lite parse not detect brand

const DeviceDetector = require('node-device-detector');
const userAgent = 'Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 5.0; NX505J Build/KVT49L) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/43.0.2357.78 Mobile Safari/537.36';
const detector = new DeviceDetector;
const resultOs = detector.parseOs(userAgent);
const resultClient = detector.parseClient(userAgent);
const resultDeviceType = detector.parseDeviceType(userAgent, resultOs, resultClient, {});
const result = Object.assign({os:resultOs}, {client:resultClient}, {device: resultDeviceType});
console.log('Result parse lite', result);



const detector = new DeviceDetector({
  osVersionTruncate: 0, // Truncate Os version from 5.0 to 5 (default '' or null)
  clientVersionTruncate: 2,  // Truncate Client version Chrome from 43.0.2357 .78 to 43.0.2357 (default '' or null)
  discardDeviceIndexes: false, // quick device definitions using indexing (disabled by default, set value false to enable),
  filePathDeviceIndexes: null  // custom index file path
// format file filePathDeviceIndexes 

// You can override these settings at any time using special methods, example

detector.discardDeviceIndexes = false;
banchmark.js test result:
Test: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 7.1.2; E6810) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/72.0.3626.76 Mobile Safari/537.36
EnableDeviceIndexes  x 1,184 ops/sec ±0.52% (92 runs sampled)
DiscardDeviceIndexes x 636 ops/sec ±0.44% (94 runs sampled)
Test: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 5.0; NX505J Build/KVT49L) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/43.0.2357.78 Mobile Safari/537.36
EnableDeviceIndexes  x 1,148 ops/sec ±0.49% (93 runs sampled)
DiscardDeviceIndexes x 404 ops/sec ±0.38% (92 runs sampled)
Test: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 4.4.4; Qin 1s+ Build/KTU84P) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/ Mobile Safari/537.36
EnableDeviceIndexes  x 1,022 ops/sec ±0.43% (92 runs sampled)
DiscardDeviceIndexes x 395 ops/sec ±0.31% (90 runs sampled)

// Array available device types
// Array available devices brands
// Array available browsers

Getting device code as it (experimental)


const AliasDevice = require('node-device-detector/parser/device/alias-device');
const userAgent = 'Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 5.0; NX505J Build/KVT49L) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/43.0.2357.78 Mobile Safari/537.36';
const aliasDevice = new AliasDevice;
const result = aliasDevice.parse(userAgent);
console.log('Result parse code model', result);
  name: "NX505J"
is not parse result  {name: ""}

Get more information about a device (experimental)

This parser is experimental and contains few devices. (1458 devices, alias devices 3315)

Support detail brands/models list:
Show details
BrandDevice countAlias count-BrandDevice countAlias count
airo wireless10-airties00
allwinner03-altech uec00
arian space42-ark036
axxion00-azumi mobile01
bangolufsen00-barnes & noble16
bb mobile210-beeline111
bkav10-black bear20
black fox1812-blackview159
engel11-firefly mobile41
imo mobile50-intex93
motorola2724-nuu mobile93
uz mobile10-vernee92
const InfoDevice = require('node-device-detector/parser/device/info-device');
const infoDevice = new InfoDevice;
const result = infoDevice.info('Asus', 'Zenfone 4');
console.log('Result information', result);
  display: {
    size: '5.5',
    resolution: '1080x1920',  // width+height
    ratio: '16:9',
    ppi: "401"
  size: '155.4x75.2x7.7',    // width+height+thickness
  weight: '165',
  hardware: {
    // ...
  os: "Android 7.1",
  release: "2017.08",
  sim": "2",
is not found result null

Cast methods

const InfoDevice = require('node-device-detector/parser/device/info-device');
const infoDevice = new InfoDevice;
const result = infoDevice.info('Asus', 'Zenfone 4');
console.log('Result information', result);
  display: {
    size: "5.5",  // value in inchs
    resolution: {
      width: "1080", // value in px
      height: "1920" // value in px
    ratio: "16:9",   // calculated field
    ppi: "401"       // calculated field
  hardware: {
    ram: "4096",   // RAM value in megabytes
    cpu_id: 19,  // id cpu model in collection
    cpu: {
      name: "Qualcomm Snapdragon 630",  // brand + name
      type: "ARM",                      // architecture type 
      cores: "8",                       // number of cores / threads 
      clock_rate: 2200,                 // value in MHz
      gpu_id: 16                        // id gpu model in collection
    gpu: {
      name: "Qualcomm Adreno 508",
      clock_rate: 650
  os: "Android 7.1",   // initial OS version
  release: "2017.08",  // date release or anonce
  sim": "2",           // count SIM 
  size: {           
    width: "75.2",     // physical width in millimeters
    height: "155.4",   // physical height in millimeters
    thickness: "7.7"   // physical thickness in millimeters
  weight: "165"        // in grams




Support detect brands list (1070):
Show details
  • 2E, 2F Mobile, 360, 3GNET, 3GO, 3Q, 4Good, 4ife, 8848, A1, Accent, Ace, Acer, Acteck, Adronix, Advan, Advance, AfriOne, AG Mobile, AGM, Ainol, Airness, Airties, AIS, Aiuto, Aiwa, Akai, AKIRA, Alba, Alcatel, Alcor, ALDI NORD, ALDI SÜD, Alfawise, Aligator, AllCall, AllDocube, Allview, Allwinner, Altech UEC, Altice, altron, Amazon, AMCV, AMGOO, Amigoo, Amoi, Andowl, Anker, Anry, ANS, AOC, AOpen, Aoson, AOYODKG, Apple, Archos, Arian Space, Ark, ArmPhone, Arnova, ARRIS, Artel, Artizlee, Asano, Asanzo, Ask, Aspera, Assistant, Astro, Asus, AT&T, Atom, Atvio, Audiovox, AURIS, Avenzo, AVH, Avvio, Axioo, Axxion, Azumi Mobile, BangOlufsen, Barnes & Noble, BB Mobile, BBK, BDF, Becker, Beeline, Beelink, Beetel, Bellphone, BenQ, BenQ-Siemens, Beyond, Bezkam, BGH, Bigben, BIHEE, BilimLand, Billion, BioRugged, Bird, Bitel, Bitmore, Bkav, Black Bear, Black Fox, Blackview, Blaupunkt, Bleck, Blloc, Blow, Blu, Bluboo, Bluedot, Bluegood, Bluewave, Bmobile, Bobarry, bogo, Boway, bq, Brandt, Bravis, BrightSign, Brondi, BS Mobile, Bush, CAGI, Camfone, Capitel, Captiva, Carrefour, Casio, Casper, Cat, Cavion, Celcus, Celkon, Cell-C, CellAllure, Centric, CG Mobile, CGV, Changhong, Cherry Mobile, CHIA, Chico Mobile, China Mobile, Chuwi, Claresta, Clarmin, Clementoni, Cloudfone, Cloudpad, Clout, CnM, Cobalt, Coby Kyros, Colors, Comio, Compal, Compaq, ComTrade Tesla, Concord, ConCorde, Condor, Connectce, Connex, Conquest, Contixo, Coolpad, CORN, Cosmote, Cowon, CreNova, Crescent, Cricket, Crius Mea, Crony, Crosscall, Cube, CUBOT, CVTE, Cyrus, Daewoo, Danew, Datalogic, Datamini, Datang, Datawind, Datsun, Dbtel, Dell, Denver, Desay, DeWalt, DEXP, Dialog, Dicam, Digi, Digicel, DIGIFORS, Digihome, Digiland, Digma, Ditecma, Diva, Divisat, DIXON, DMM, DNS, DoCoMo, Doffler, Dolamee, Doogee, Doopro, Doov, Dopod, Doro, Dragon Touch, Droxio, Dune HD, E-Boda, E-Ceros, E-tel, Eagle, Easypix, EBEST, Echo Mobiles, ECON, ECS, EE, Einstein, EKO, Eks Mobility, EKT, ELARI, Electroneum, ELECTRONIA, Elekta, Element, Elenberg, Elephone, Eltex, Energizer, Energy Sistem, Engel, Enot, Epik One, Ergo, Ericsson, Ericy, Erisson, Essential, Essentielb, eSTAR, Eton, eTouch, Etuline, Eurostar, Evercoss, Evertek, Evolio, Evolveo, EvroMedia, EWIS, EXCEED, ExMobile, EXO, Explay, Extrem, Ezio, Ezze, F&U, F150, Facebook, Fairphone, Famoco, Fantec, FaRao Pro, FarEasTone, Fengxiang, Fero, FiGO, FinePower, Finlux, FireFly Mobile, FISE, Fly, FLYCAT, FMT, FNB, FNF, Fondi, Fonos, FORME, Formuler, Forstar, Fortis, Four Mobile, Fourel, Foxconn, Freetel, Fuego, Fujitsu, G-TiDE, G-Touch, Garmin-Asus, Gateway, Gemini, General Mobile, Genesis, GEOFOX, Geotel, GFive, Ghia, Ghong, Gigabyte, Gigaset, Gini, Ginzzu, Gionee, Globex, GLX, GOCLEVER, GoGEN, Gol Mobile, Goly, Gome, GoMobile, Google, Goophone, Gooweel, Gradiente, Grape, Gree, Greentel, Gresso, Gretel, Grundig, Hafury, Haier, HannSpree, Hardkernel, Hasee, Helio, Hezire, Hi, Hi-Level, High Q, Highscreen, Hipstreet, Hisense, Hitachi, Hitech, Hoffmann, Hometech, Homtom, Honeywell, Hoozo, Horizon, Hosin, Hotel, Hotwav, How, HP, HTC, Huadoo, Huawei, Humax, Hurricane, Huskee, Hyrican, Hyundai, Hyve, i-Cherry, i-Joy, i-mate, i-mobile, iBall, iBerry, iBrit, IconBIT, iDroid, iGet, iHunt, Ikea, IKI Mobile, iKoMo, IKU Mobile, iLA, iLife, iMan, iMars, IMO Mobile, Impression, INCAR, Inch, Inco, iNew, Infinix, InFocus, InfoKit, Inkti, InnJoo, Innos, Innostream, Inoi, INQ, Insignia, Intek, Intex, Invens, Inverto, Invin, iOcean, iOutdoor, iPro, iQ&T, IQM, Irbis, Iris, iRola, iRulu, iSWAG, IT, iTel, iTruck, IUNI, iVA, iView, iVooMi, ivvi, iZotron, JAY-Tech, Jeka, Jesy, JFone, Jiake, Jiayu, Jinga, Jivi, JKL, Jolla, Just5, JVC, K-Touch, Kaan, Kaiomy, Kalley, Kanji, Karbonn, Kata, KATV1, Kazam, KDDI, Kempler & Strauss, Keneksi, Kenxinda, Kiano, Kingsun, KINGZONE, Kivi, Klipad, Kocaso, Kodak, Kogan, Komu, Konka, Konrow, Koobee, Koolnee, Kooper, KOPO, Koridy, KREZ, KRONO, Krüger&Matz, KT-Tech, KUBO, Kuliao, Kult, Kumai, Kurio, Kvant, Kyocera, Kyowon, Kzen, L-Max, LAIQ, Land Rover, Landvo, Lanix, Lark, Laurus, Lava, LCT, Le Pan, Leader Phone, Leagoo, Leben, Ledstar, LeEco, Leff, Lemhoov, Lenco, Lenovo, Leotec, Lephone, Lesia, Lexand, Lexibook, LG, Lifemaxx, Lingwin, Linnex, Linsar, Loewe, Logic, Logicom, Loview, LT Mobile, Lumigon, Lumus, Luna, Luxor, LYF, M-Horse, M-Tech, M.T.T., M4tel, MAC AUDIO, Macoox, Magnus, Majestic, Malata, Manhattan, Mann, Manta Multimedia, Mantra, Masstel, Matrix, Maxcom, Maximus, Maxtron, MAXVI, Maxwest, Maze, Maze Speed, MDC Store, meanIT, Mecer, Mecool, Mediacom, MediaTek, Medion, MEEG, MegaFon, Meitu, Meizu, Melrose, Memup, Metz, MEU, MicroMax, Microsoft, Minix, Mintt, Mio, Miray, Mito, Mitsubishi, MIVO, MIXC, MiXzo, MLLED, MLS, Mobicel, Mobiistar, Mobiola, Mobistel, MobiWire, Mobo, Modecom, Mofut, Motorola, Movic, mPhone, Mpman, MSI, MStar, MTC, MTN, Multilaser, MYFON, MyPhone, Myria, Myros, Mystery, MyTab, MyWigo, Nabi, Naomi Phone, National, Navcity, Navitech, Navitel, Navon, NEC, Necnot, Neffos, Neomi, Netgear, NeuImage, New Balance, Newgen, Newland, Newman, Newsday, NewsMy, NEXBOX, Nexian, NEXON, Nextbit, NextBook, NextTab, NG Optics, NGM, Nikon, Nintendo, NOA, Noain, Nobby, Noblex, NOBUX, Nokia, Nomi, Nomu, Nordmende, NorthTech, Nos, Nous, Novex, NuAns, NUU Mobile, Nuvo, Nvidia, NYX Mobile, O+, O2, Oale, OASYS, Obi, Odys, OINOM, Ok, Okapia, OKWU, Onda, OnePlus, Onix, ONN, ONYX BOOX, OpelMobile, Openbox, OPPO, Opsson, Orange, Orbic, Ordissimo, Ouki, Oukitel, OUYA, Overmax, Ovvi, öwn, Owwo, Oysters, Oyyu, OzoneHD, P-UP, Palm, Panacom, Panasonic, Pantech, PCBOX, PCD, PCD Argentina, PEAQ, Pendoo, Pentagram, Perfeo, Phicomm, Philco, Philips, Phonemax, phoneOne, Pico, Pioneer, PiPO, Pixela, Pixelphone, Pixus, Planet Computers, Ployer, Plum, Pluzz, PocketBook, POCO, Point of View, Polaroid, PolyPad, Polytron, Pomp, Poppox, Positivo, Positivo BGH, PPTV, Premio, Prestigio, Primepad, Primux, Prixton, PROFiLO, Proline, ProScan, Protruly, ProVision, PULID, Q-Touch, Q.Bell, Qilive, QMobile, Qtek, Quantum, Quechua, Qumo, R-TV, Ramos, Raspberry, Ravoz, Razer, RCA Tablets, Reach, Readboy, Realme, RED, Reeder, REGAL, Revo, Rikomagic, RIM, Rinno, Ritmix, Ritzviva, Riviera, Rivo, Roadrover, Rokit, Roku, Rombica, Ross&Moor, Rover, RoverPad, RoyQueen, RT Project, RugGear, Ruio, Runbo, Ryte, S-TELL, Saba, Safaricom, Sagem, Salora, Samsung, Sanei, Sansui, Santin, Sanyo, Savio, SCBC, Schneider, Seatel, Seeken, SEG, Sega, Selenga, Selevision, Selfix, SEMP TCL, Sencor, Sendo, Senkatel, Senseit, Senwa, Seuic, SFR, Sharp, Shift Phones, Shtrikh-M, Shuttle, Sico, Siemens, Sigma, Silelis, Silent Circle, Simbans, Simply, Singtech, Siragon, Sirin labs, SKG, Sky, Skyworth, Smadl, Smailo, Smart, Smartab, SMARTEC, Smartfren, Smartisan, Smotreshka, Softbank, SOLE, SOLO, Solone, Sonim, SONOS, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Soundmax, Soyes, Spark, SPC, Spectralink, Spectrum, Spice, SQOOL, Star, Starlight, Starmobile, Starway, Starwind, STF Mobile, STG Telecom, STK, Stonex, Storex, StrawBerry, Subor, Sugar, Sumvision, Sunny, Sunstech, SunVan, Sunvell, SuperSonic, SuperTab, Supra, Suzuki, Swipe, SWISSMOBILITY, Swisstone, SWTV, Symphony, Syrox, T-Mobile, Takara, Tambo, Tanix, TB Touch, TCL, TD Systems, Technicolor, Technika, TechniSat, TechnoTrend, TechPad, Techwood, Teclast, Tecno Mobile, TEENO, Teknosa, Tele2, Telefunken, Telego, Telenor, Telit, Tesco, Tesla, Tetratab, teXet, ThL, Thomson, Thuraya, TIANYU, Time2, Timovi, Tinai, Tinmo, TiPhone, TOKYO, Tolino, Tone, Tooky, Top House, Toplux, Topway, Torex, Toshiba, Touchmate, Transpeed, TrekStor, Trevi, Trifone, Trio, Tronsmart, True, True Slim, TTEC, Tunisie Telecom, Turbo, Turbo-X, TurboKids, TurboPad, TVC, TWM, Twoe, TWZ, Tymes, U.S. Cellular, Ugoos, Uhans, Uhappy, Ulefone, Umax, UMIDIGI, Unihertz, Unimax, Uniscope, UNIWA, Unknown, Unnecto, Unonu, Unowhy, UTime, UTOK, UTStarcom, UZ Mobile, v-mobile, VAIO, Vargo, Vastking, VAVA, VC, Vega, Venso, Verico, Verizon, Vernee, Vertex, Vertu, Verykool, Vesta, Vestel, VGO TEL, Videocon, Videoweb, ViewSonic, Vinga, Vinsoc, Vipro, Vision Touch, Vitelcom, Viumee, Vivax, Vivo, VIWA, Vizio, VK Mobile, VKworld, Vodacom, Vodafone, Vonino, Vontar, Vorago, Vorke, Voto, VOX, Voxtel, Voyo, Vsmart, Vsun, Vulcan, VVETIME, Walton, WE, Web TV, Weimei, WellcoM, WELLINGTON, Western Digital, Westpoint, Wexler, Wieppo, Wigor, Wiko, Wileyfox, Winds, Wink, Winmax, Winnovo, Wintouch, Wiseasy, WIWA, Wizz, Wolder, Wolfgang, Wonu, Woo, Wortmann, Woxter, X-BO, X-TIGI, X-View, X.Vision, XGIMI, Xgody, Xiaolajiao, Xiaomi, Xion, Xolo, Xoro, Xshitou, Xtouch, Xtratech, Yandex, Yarvik, YASIN, Yes, Yezz, Yoka TV, Yota, Ytone, Yu, Yuandao, YUHO, Yuno, Yusun, Yxtel, Zaith, Zatec, Zebra, Zeemi, Zen, Zenek, Zentality, Zfiner, ZH&K, Zidoo, Ziox, Zonda, Zopo, ZTE, Zuum, Zync, ZYQ


Support device types:
feature phone3
car browser6
smart display7
portable media player9
smart speaker11
Support detect browsers list (329):
Show details
  • 115 Browser, 2345 Browser, 360 Browser, 360 Phone Browser, 7654 Browser, 7Star, ABrowse, Aloha Browser, Aloha Browser Lite, Amaya, Amiga Aweb, Amiga Voyager, Amigo, Android Browser, ANT Fresco, ANTGalio, AOL Desktop, AOL Shield, Arctic Fox, Arora, Arvin, Atom, Atomic Web Browser, Avant Browser, Avast Secure Browser, AVG Secure Browser, Avira Scout, AwoX, B-Line, Baidu Browser, Baidu Spark, Basilisk, Beaker Browser, Beamrise, Beonex, Biyubi, BlackBerry Browser, BlackHawk, Blue Browser, Borealis Navigator, Brave, BriskBard, BrowseX, Browzar, Bunjalloo, Byffox, Camino, CCleaner, Centaury, Charon, Chedot, Cheetah Browser, Cheshire, Chim Lac, Chrome, Chrome Frame, Chrome Mobile, Chrome Mobile iOS, Chrome Webview, ChromePlus, Chromium, Chromium GOST, CM Browser, Coast, Coc Coc, Colibri, CometBird, Comodo Dragon, Conkeror, CoolBrowser, CoolNovo, Cornowser, COS Browser, Craving Explorer, Crazy Browser, Crusta, Cunaguaro, Cyberfox, dbrowser, Deepnet Explorer, deg-degan, Deledao, Delta Browser, DeskBrowse, Dillo, Dolphin, Dooble, Dorado, Dot Browser, DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, Ecosia, Edge WebView, Element Browser, Elements Browser, Elinks, Epic, Espial TV Browser, EUI Browser, eZ Browser, Falkon, Faux Browser, Fennec, Firebird, Firefox, Firefox Focus, Firefox Mobile, Firefox Mobile iOS, Firefox Reality, Firefox Rocket, Fireweb, Fireweb Navigator, Flast, Flock, Flow, Fluid, FreeU, Galeon, Ghostery Privacy Browser, GinxDroid Browser, Glass Browser, GNOME Web, GOG Galaxy, Google Earth, HasBrowser, Hawk Turbo Browser, Headless Chrome, Helio, hola! Browser, HotJava, Huawei Browser, IBrowse, iCab, iCab Mobile, IceCat, IceDragon, Iceweasel, IE Mobile, Internet Explorer, Iridium, Iron, Iron Mobile, Isivioo, Japan Browser, Jasmine, JavaFX, Jig Browser, Jig Browser Plus, Jio Browser, K-meleon, K.Browser, Kapiko, Kazehakase, Kindle Browser, Kinza, Kiwi, Kode Browser, Konqueror, Kylo, LG Browser, LieBaoFast, Light, Links, Lolifox, Lovense Browser, LuaKit, Lulumi, Lunascape, Lunascape Lite, Lynx, Maelstrom, Mandarin, MAUI WAP Browser, Maxthon, mCent, Meizu Browser, Mercury, MicroB, Microsoft Edge, Midori, Minimo, Mint Browser, MIUI Browser, Mobicip, Mobile Safari, Mobile Silk, Monument Browser, MxNitro, Mypal, Navigateur Web, NCSA Mosaic, NetFront, NetFront Life, NetPositive, Netscape, NetSurf, NFS Browser, Nokia Browser, Nokia OSS Browser, Nokia Ovi Browser, Nox Browser, NTENT Browser, Obigo, OceanHero, Oculus Browser, Odin, Odyssey Web Browser, Off By One, OhHai Browser, OmniWeb, ONE Browser, OpenFin, Openwave Mobile Browser, Opera, Opera Devices, Opera GX, Opera Mini, Opera Mini iOS, Opera Mobile, Opera Neon, Opera Next, Opera Touch, Oppo Browser, Orca, Ordissimo, Oregano, Origin In-Game Overlay, Origyn Web Browser, Otter Browser, Pale Moon, Palm Blazer, Palm Pre, Palm WebPro, Palmscape, Perfect Browser, Phantom Browser, Phoenix, Phoenix Browser, PlayFree Browser, Polaris, Polarity, PolyBrowser, Polypane, PrivacyWall, Puffin, Qazweb, QQ Browser, QQ Browser Lite, QQ Browser Mini, QtWebEngine, Quark, QupZilla, Qutebrowser, Qwant Mobile, Realme Browser, Rekonq, RockMelt, Safari, Safe Exam Browser, Sailfish Browser, SalamWeb, Samsung Browser, Secure Browser, Seewo Browser, SEMC-Browser, Seraphic Sraf, Seznam Browser, SFive, Shiira, SimpleBrowser, Sizzy, Skyfire, Sleipnir, Slimjet, Smart Lenovo Browser, Smooz, Snowshoe, Sogou Explorer, Sogou Mobile Browser, SP Browser, Splash, Sputnik Browser, Stargon, START Internet Browser, Steam In-Game Overlay, Streamy, Sunrise, Super Fast Browser, SuperBird, surf, Swiftfox, T-Browser, t-online.de Browser, Tao Browser, TenFourFox, Tenta Browser, Tizen Browser, ToGate, Tungsten, TV Bro, TweakStyle, UBrowser, UC Browser, UC Browser HD, UC Browser Mini, UC Browser Turbo, UR Browser, Uzbl, Venus Browser, Vision Mobile Browser, Vivaldi, vivo Browser, VMware AirWatch, Waterfox, Wear Internet Browser, Web Explorer, WebPositive, WeTab Browser, Whale Browser, wOSBrowser, Xiino, xStand, Xvast, Yaani Browser, Yahoo! Japan Browser, Yandex Browser, Yandex Browser Lite, Yolo Browser, Zetakey, Zvu


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AI Enthusiastic, Leading Project - Core Competencies Python, Node, PHP, Elasticsearch, Cassandra & Cloud Resources Management & Flow Automation.
3 months ago