npm i ngx-echarts

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Echarts for Angular Charts using ngx-echarts | Tutorial with Examples « Freaky Jolly
Echarts In Angular project using the ngx-echarts we are going to discuss in this tutorial. The Echarts is javascript based library that provides a wide
ngx-echarts examples - CodeSandbox

ngx-echarts examples - CodeSandbox
Learn how to use ngx-echarts by viewing and forking ngx-echarts example apps on CodeSandbox

Data Visualization with ECharts in Angular using ngx-echarts
In this article, we will see data visualization with ECharts in Angular using ngx-echarts directive. We will create a COVID19 TRACKER Application.

Angular: Create Beautiful Charts With ngx-echarts | Carey Development
Do users of your Angular app need to visualize their data? If so, consider using ngx-echarts.