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Angular 8|9 Chart.js Tutorial with ng2-charts Examples -
Angular 8 Chart.js Tutorial with ng2-charts Examples - Display data using various charts such as pie chart, bar chart, radar, doughnut or bubble chart.

Angular & Chart.js (with ng2-charts)
Chart.js is an opens source JavaScript library which makes it very easy to include animated and responsive charts in your website. If you’d like to combine Chart.js with Angular there is another…

Using Chart.js in Angular With ng2-charts
Looking for an easy way to integrate charts in your Angular 2+ apps? ng2-charts makes that possible.

Using Chart.js and ng2-charts in Angular
Chart.js is a popular JavaScript chart library, and ng2 chart is a wrapper of Angular 2+, which can easily integrate Chart.js into Angular. Let’s look at the basic usage. install First, install Chart.js and ng2-charts in the project: # Yarn: $ yarn add ng2-charts chart.js # or npm $ npm installUTF-8…

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Install Angular Cli Globally: 2 Steps (-g @angular/cli) - Tutorials Camp
install angular cli for development with other tools. So before we can write any code in angular 10 we need to install couple of tools like, nodejs, typescript, code editor and a web browser