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An Introduction to Moleculer JS
A quick introduction to Moleculer JS Moleculer is a progressive microservices framework for Node.js. Official Site: Github: https...

Moleculer v0.14 — Making Microservices Accessible for Everyone
We are happy to announce that the latest version of Moleculer has been released! This release makes microservices even more developer-friendly.

Get Started with Moleculer microservices framework
Before the explanation about the framework, let’s start with What is Microservices and why we need to know about it? Monolithic VS Microservice Architecture Microservice Architecture is an…

[Moleculer] Develop Ecommerce features using Microservice architecture
We will use some technologies and concepts below. 1. Moleculer — Progressive microservices framework for Node.js 2. Databases per service — Microservices pattern 3. Choreography-based Sagas —…

Microservice life-cycle | Cyber Memos
Lifecycle of a microservice built using Moleculer API framework. Features of service broker explained wither lifecycle events.

Moleculer Microservice Example | Cyber Memos
Create a Node.js based Microservice using Moleculer API. Creating REST services to fetch data from external API and cacing using Redis. Test usng Postman.

Moleculer Routing
In this article, we will explore a few ways of setting up API service endpoints when using Moleculer API Gateway. If you don’t know what’s Moleculer API Gateway, please check the official website…

Moleculer First Project
As you may already know, Moleculer is a new and promising “progressive microservices framework for Node.js” that showcases a structure inspired by Vue.js, the famous JavaScript framework for building…

Moleculer Mixins
This article is intended for curious software developers investigating microservices way in the Javascript world.

How to host Moleculer in Firebase
Some time ago I was playing with Moleculer, an interesting progressive micro-services framework for Node.js. For a quick introduction, you can check this tutorial written by Icebob, its creator, or…

Scaling Electron.js application with Microservices
The article is about developing large Electron.js applications using Microservice Architecture.

moleculer — deployment thoughts
It seems as if these days everything is microservice, from day zero of a project the first word is microservice. Everyone talks about it, everyone knows about it — but in fact, from several dozen of…

What are microservices and how to create one with Node and Moleculer.js
Having started my dev career on the front end I find constructing APIs a relatively daunting task. One of the major issues I often find is effectively removing dependency and coupling from modules…

:rocket: A list of awesome things related to Moleculer microservices framework - moleculerjs/awesome-moleculer