A library for capturing your DOM.




A library for capturing your DOM.

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How to use

Right now, there are no instructions on how to use capture.js standalone. Please go to for information on how to use capturing.

How to create and ship a change

Install the dependencies:

Get NodeJS v8.10 with npm v5.7:

npm install
$(npm bin)/bower install

Run the build with a watcher

Then, run the following command to watch and build the capture.js file as you develop:

$(npm bin)/grunt serve

Running tests

To run the tests in your browser

$(npm bin)/grunt serve
open http://localhost:3000/tests/index.html

To run the tests from the commandline

$(npm bin)/grunt test

To run the tests across several browsers using suacelabs

export SAUCE_USERNAME=<saucelabs username>
export SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY=<saucelabs access key>
$(npm bin)/grunt saucelabs

You can monitor test progress via the suacelabs dashbaord:

The test suite will likely take several minutes to run across the test matrix defined in Gruntfile.js

Then, do the following to ship the change:

  • Make your code changes
  • Ensure the tests still work in your browser, on the commandline, in continuous integration and in Sauce Labs
  • Create a pull-request
  • Get your change reviewed and 👍'ed

Where to get help

Talk to @stellafang, @noahadams or @johnboxall