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Minecraft multipurpose bot

This project are based on mineflayer & PrismarineJS repository

This program is part of the 3 of this project, Each part can be run independently, The other 2 parts are minecraftLegionWebServer & minecraftLegionWebClient

I recommend using the other two modules to help the bots communicate and take commands through the WebUI.


  • Install Node.js version 14+
  • go to the directory which you want to install into
  • run npm i minecraftlegion on command prompt
  • make a new file called config.js with the fields shown below

Edit config.js

const config = {
  server: '', // Minecraft Server
  port: '', // Minecraft Port
  masters: [{ name: 'PlayerName' }, { name: 'SecondPlayerName' }], // Is requeried for manage the bot in game, *offline mode
  webServer: 'http://localhost', // minecraftLegionWebServer Web - Optional
  webServerPort: '3000' // minecraftLegionWebServer PORT - Optional
module.exports = config

To run a single bot:

node start_bot.js BotName

To use minecraftLegionWebServer

node index.js

This method connects automatically to minecraftLegionWebServer, and via the web, you can add bots/disconnects and manage the behavior.

To manage bots vía web go to minecraftLegionWebClient to see more!

Usage of commands in chat:

First, activate the bot attention "hi namebot" or "hi all" to start all bots simultaneously.

  • hi nameBot

Make the bot/s follow you.

  • come

Make the bot/s stand in the current position.

  • stay

Start memorizing the positions used to save the way to chests or patrol (get the bots to follow you around)

  • set start way

Save patrol, used for guard job (use command set start way before this one)

  • set save patrol

For set max distance to attack mobs or players

  • set distance 30

For set mode (pvp / pve / none), if bots are connected to minecraftLegionWebServer it wont attack other bots

  • set mode pvp

Set job (Currently only finished Guard)

  • set job guard

To help other bots in combat (need use minecraftLegionWebServer)

  • set help true

to finish commands

  • bye

For mining xyz_start xyz_end start_horientantion vertically / horizontalle set miner x y z x y z x+ horizontally

Current Jobs

  • Guard
    • Do a patrol for look near enemies
  • Miner
    • Make a tunel or hole
  • Farmer
    • Do placing plants and sapling trees
    • Potatoes, Carrots, Wheat, Melon, Pumpkin, Sweet berries..
    • Sapling Trees -> Woodcutter
  • Breeder
    • Feed animals! all types!
    • When there is surplus, sacrifice the surplus
  • Sorter Job
    • The bot search all nearest chest and they sort all items based on ID item
    • Also send to the server and other bots you have in each chest, NOW ALL BOTS GO DIRECTLY TO THE CHEST THAT STORES THE ITEM!


  • Optimize Sorter Job, need too many interaction with chests for sort all the items
  • Add custom Sort Items in chest, based on... any idea?
  • Add more behavior into Sorter Job, -> Craft items? if detect in chests no have enough of XXX items then craft it if they can? (Example swords?)
  • Make an Archer Job ( During how to have this behavior similar to guard job? )
  • Optimize combat Guard Job ( combat creepers, PVP, destroy shields)
  • Check day/night for sleep any sleep function? Add "general config" for send all bots to sleep for all jobs
  • Add Job builder! based on mineflayer-builder & Schematichs
  • Add placing torchs
  • Check some bugs with mining job when have a too many lava or water
  • Add a robust documentation =P
  • Think about chat commands, currently it is faster / comfortable with the front end, but if anyone wants to configure all boot via chat commands?
  • Add back guard

Please keep calm. I'm working hard on this project :D

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