Command line interface to cleanup your media library




For anyone with a large media collection (movies and tv shows) who craves file organization, mediatidy is a project that helps you keep your content... tidy.

This project is early in dev and a WIP. Please file issues!


Point mediatidy at your movie or TV show directory and it will do the following (any file deletion requires your approval):

  • Delete all non-video type files.
  • Delete all corrupt/incomplete video files.
  • Delete all sample files.
  • Process files to find dupes; keep the highest quality of the dupes and delete the rest.
  • Delete directories that are empty
  • Delete directories that match keywords saved by user

Coming soon:

  • Delete files under a specified size.
  • Media files view.
  • Ability to rename files.

File Naming Assumptions

For dupe detection to work best your files should be properly named. mediatidy works best with the following conventions:

Movies should have title followed by year:

  • Movie Title (1974).mkv
  • Movie Title - 1974.mkv
  • Movie Title 1974.mkv

TV shows should be have show name, followed by formatted season/episode, then episode name:

  • Show Name - S02E03 - Ep Name.mkv
  • Show Name - S02E03e01 - Ep Name.mkv
  • Show Name - 02x03 - Ep Name.mkv
  • Show Name - 2014.03.07 - Ep Name.mkv

Without proper file naming conventions duplicate matching can be unreliable. You do want to be tidy right?



NodeJS and ffmpeg are required to run mediatidy. Find the installers and install the latest versions; if using Mac OSX consider installing homebrew and easily install what you need with the following:

$ brew install node
$ brew install ffmpeg


Be sure all dependencies are install before installing mediatidy.

$ sudo npm install -g mediatidy


$ sudo npm uninstall -g mediatidy
$ rm -rf ~/.mediatidy


See mediatidy help for a full list of commands.

$ mediatidy --help


Add media folder to mediatidy you would like to process with:

$ mediatidy add-paths

Let's tidy up those media files!

$ mediatidy clean