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A list of neat projects made in Poland



3123@kdzwinel/betwixt⚡ Web Debugging Proxy based on Chrome DevTools Network panel.
1407@jcubic/jquery.terminaljQuery Terminal Emulator↗️
1276@Idered/Editr.jsHTML, CSS and JavaScript playground↗️
1198@szwacz/electron-boilerplateBoilerplate application for Electron runtime
846@rezoner/unfinished-asteroidsIT STARTS HERE --->↗️
591@rezoner/CanvasQueryCanvas for 2d gamedevelopers. Out of box canvas, keyboard, mouse, events.↗️
423@medikoo/memoizeeComplete memoize/cache solution for JavaScript
398@szwacz/sputnikDesktop RSS Reader↗️
375@medikoo/cli-colorColors and formatting for the console
348@medikoo/deferredModular and fast Promises implementation for JavaScript
308@medikoo/modules-webmakeBundle CommonJS/Node.js modules for web browser
274@rezoner/playgroundPlayground.js is a framework for your javascript based games. It gives you out-of-box access to essentials like mouse, keyboard, sound and well designed architecture that you can expand to your needs.
259@kdzwinel/JS-OCR-demoJavaScript optical character recognition demo↗️
217@LukaszWatroba/v-accordionMulti-level accordion component for AngularJS.↗️
212@michalbe/mibbu👾 Javascript Game MicroFramework.↗️
211@mgol/grunt-ng-annotateAdd, remove and rebuild angularjs dependency injection annotations
188@pwalczyszyn/backstackSimple Backbone extension library providing alternative mechanism to navigate/route between application views.
166@szwacz/fs-jetpackBetter file system API for Node.js
165@juliancwirko/meteor-s-alertSimple and fancy notifications for Meteor↗️
156@szwacz/nw-boilerplateBoilerplate application for NW.js
155@rezoner/chirpOnline chiptune composer↗️
152@juliancwirko/react-s-alertAlerts / Notifications for React with rich configuration options↗️
146@LukaszWatroba/v-modalSimple, flexible and beautiful modal dialogs in AngularJS.↗️
142@jcubic/jquery.splitterjQuery Splitter is plugin that split your content with movable splitter between them
136@bartaz/sandbox.jsMy little place to play with JavaScript↗️
136@kdzwinel/ProofreaderSimple text proofreader based on 'write-good' (hemingway-app-like suggestions) and 'nodehun' (spelling).
126@medikoo/domjsDOM template engine for client and server
125@jcubic/sysend.jsSend messages between open pages or tabs in same browser
117@kdzwinel/JS-face-tracking-dem…JavaScript face tracking demo.↗️
114@LukaszWatroba/v-buttonAngularJS pressable button with a busy indicator.↗️
93@michalbe/Simple-game-with-HTM…👼 Simple Javascript canvas tutorial sources.↗️
90@bartaz/taskboard-liteLight-weight client-side task-board (my HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript playground)
89@kdzwinel/DOMListenerExtensionChrome extension that allows you to monitor, browse and filter all DOM changes.
82@juliancwirko/react-boilerplateReact Boilerplate with sGrid and Webpack
77@bartaz/ieee754-visualizatio…IEEE 754 Double Precision Floating Point Visualization↗️
71@mmalecki/ircbAn IRC library which I like.
70@juliancwirko/scottyMeteor-React-Redux boilerplate with sGrid system (Stylus/Flexbox)
67@kdzwinel/ContextChrome extension that allows to sort other extensions into groups and easily switch between them.
61@medikoo/es5-extECMAScript extensions (with respect to upcoming ECMAScript features)
60@medikoo/event-emitterEnvironment agnostic event emitter solution for JavaScript
57@medikoo/es6-symbolECMAScript 6 Symbol polyfill
57@kdzwinel/progress-bar-animati…Making a Doughnut Progress Bar - research notes
56@jcubic/jquery.rotateSimple plugin that add rotate css property and animation
52@mgol/check-dependenciesChecks if currently installed npm dependencies are installed in the exact same versions that are specified in package.json
46@kdzwinel/CSS-DiffChrome extension that allows to easily compare CSS of two HTML elements.
44@juliancwirko/meteor-postcssPostCSS for Meteor↗️
40@michalbe/tv-series📺 List of all the TV series I watch
40@oskarkrawczyk/wtframeworkCheck the JavaScript framework used on a website with just one click . The original WTFramework Bookmarklet↗️
39@jcubic/leashBrowser Shell↗️
38@michalbe/jsnews-client👽 Commandline client for JS News↗️
35@mmalecki/json-streamNew line-delimeted JSON parser with a stream interface
34@Idered/esunaClassy Front-End Framework↗️
33@oskarkrawczyk/floomFloom – Image slideshow with a visible timer/progressbar and a funky blinds-like animation for MooTools
32@medikoo/next-tickEnvironment agnostic nextTick polyfill
32@ferrante/Dataview.jsDataview.js is a JavaScript library connecting data objects to selected views. It helps you in writing more consistent applications where nothing happens by accident, because you simply decide where and what can modify your data. Dataview.js is delivered to you under MIT license.↗️
32@bartaz/slide.jsVery simple jQuery based slide show↗️
28@medikoo/es6-setSet collection as specified in ECMAScript 6
27@juliancwirko/react-npm-boilerplat…Boilerplate for creating React Npm packages with ES2015
27@juliancwirko/react-redux-webpack-…React demo app with Webpack, Redux and Meteor as a backend only
27@piecioshka/vanilla.js🌴 Most famous JavaScript framework.
27@mmalecki/primus-redis-roomsRedis plugin for Primus supporting rooms as provided by primus-rooms
27@szwacz/nw-flash-trustRun Flash plugins in NW.js or Electron
25@medikoo/path2Modular and extended version of Node's path package
25@LukaszWatroba/v-tabsDynamic, flexible and accessible AngularJS tabs.↗️
24@pwalczyszyn/brackets-livereloadLivereload extension for Brackets
24@medikoo/es6-mapMap collection as specified in ECMAScript6
24@juliancwirko/meteor-s-gridStylus Flexbox grid system for Meteor with PostCSS and Autoprefixer included↗️
24@kdzwinel/Redmine-Issues-Check…Chrome extension that helps you to keep track of your Redmine issues.↗️
23@piecioshka/executor-editor🔨 Display and evaluate your JavaScript code.↗️
22@pwalczyszyn/Backbone.ForceBackbone.Force is a plugin for Backbone.js library that enables Force.com connectivity.
22@mmalecki/nibblerA minimal, modular, Node.js- and npm-based deployment system
21@juliancwirko/meteor-s-idSimple accounts for Meteor.↗️
20@jcubic/MonadicJavaScript micro library - POC
20@mmalecki/ansispanChange your ANSI color codes into HTML <span>s
20@medikoo/find-requiresFind all require() calls. Fast and solid implementation backed with direct scanner and esprima ast parser
19@Idered/GarudaA simple theme for GitHub Pages
19@pwalczyszyn/express-myconnectionConnect/Express middleware that auto provides mysql connections
19@mmalecki/primus-redisRedis Pub/Sub for Primus
19@medikoo/dbjsIn-Memory Database Engine for JavaScript
18@apaszke/tcp-pingTCP ping utility for node.js
18@pwalczyszyn/GapForceDemo app that uses Backbone.Force extension
18@medikoo/es6-template-stringsCompile and resolve template strings notation as specified in ES6
18@medikoo/controller-routerGeneric path based router for registered controllers
17@mmalecki/ansiparseParse ANSI color codes
17@pwalczyszyn/jqmNavigatorThis is an extension library for jQuery Mobile and Backbone.js frameworks
16@mgol/jquery.classListRe-implementation of jQuery class manipulation methods that utilizes the classList interface.
15@medikoo/dProperty descriptor factory
15@pwalczyszyn/scroll2playSimple JS lib that mimics video playback while scrolling browser window
15@mmalecki/apmAnarchyOS package manager
15@mmalecki/failover-proxyTCP failover proxy
14@oskarkrawczyk/tour.jsCreate a tour by moving a highlighted box between elements on the website
14@medikoo/fs2Complement to Node.js fs package
14@end3r/MDN-Games-3D3D Games on the Web↗️
14@mgol/npm-bumpA better `npm version majorminor
14@michalbe/ascii-imagesDisplays .png images in command line↗️
13@mgol/grunt-check-dependen…Checks if currently installed npm dependencies are installed in the exact same versions that are specified in package.json
13@medikoo/durationTime duration utilities for JavaScript
13@zefhemel/argspecjsA proper way to handle optional arguments in Javascript
12@pepe2k/rpigpiowebcpSimple and light web control panel for manipulating GPIO ports in Raspberry Pi
12@mmalecki/node-read-dir-filesRecursively read files from a directory
12@juliancwirko/generator-jeetYeoman generator for Jeet Grid System
12@michalbe/open-odysseyOpensource game created using Mibbu framework↗️
12@mmalecki/hashing-streamPass thru stream which hashes incoming data
12@LukaszWatroba/v-textfieldUser-friendly text fields in AngularJS.↗️
12@medikoo/tadJavaScript test suite
11@azac/titanium-pinterest-s…Easy sharing from Titanium to Pinterest
11@paulohp/node-slidesharenode.js wrapper for the SlideShare REST API
11@juliancwirko/react-s-alert-demoDemo website for react-s-alert component↗️
10@Idered/snippetsUsefull JS, HTML, CSS and PHP snippets
10@medikoo/node-extNode.js extensions
10@stasm/cityninjaNie daj zaskoczyć się utrudnieniom komunikacji miejskiej.
10@piecioshka/test-jasmine-babel📒 Test project which use Babel.js as ES6 compiler to write unit tests
9@mmalecki/santaDeploying to the cloud with your flying sleigh
9@pwalczyszyn/forcetk.uiThis library is an extension for forcetk.js library that provides simple UI for Salesforce OAuth mechanism.
9@kdzwinel/Look-alikeVisual regression testing tool.↗️
9@pwalczyszyn/npm-onupdateCLI for npm.onupdate.info service↗️
9@mmalecki/basic-auth-parserParse Basic Auth Authorization HTTP headers
9@mmalecki/ircbirdirccloud in your node!
9@medikoo/es6-iteratorIterator abstraction as specified in ECMAScript6
9@mmalecki/object-filterArray.prototype.filter for objects
9@mmalecki/voterDistributed voting based on Scuttlebutt
9@jcubic/route.jsSimple routing library that can be use on the server or in the browser
9@michalbe/wiki-infoboxSimple Wikipedia infobox scraper↗️
8@medikoo/plain-promisePlain (educational) promise implementation
8@jcubic/jsviJSVI - VI in JavaScript
8@medikoo/es6-weak-mapWeakMap collection as specified in ECMAScript6
8@kdzwinel/DevToolsVoiceCommand…Experimental extension that allows inspecting and modifying websites using voice commands.
8@juliancwirko/meteor-bootstrap-pos…Demo Meteor project which uses Bootstrap 4, Scss, PostCSS, Npm
8@mmalecki/spawn-commandSpawn commands like child_process.exec does but return a ChildProcess.
7@pwalczyszyn/NoteInThis is a simple notes editor for mobile devices, it is a PhoneGap/HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript/Backbone/… technologies demo.
7@juliancwirko/meteor-pretty-diffPrettify and export your raw git diff output↗️
7@juliancwirko/meteor-bootstrap-npm…Bootstrap 4 from Npm with Meteor
7@mmalecki/jsonquestA simple HTTP(S) client for JSON APIs
7@piecioshka/www.7balls.gameJavaScript game based on Dragon Ball anime.
7@mmalecki/graceful-exitGracefully exit your node process (e.g., wait for network connections to close).
7@mmalecki/node-ws-proxyWebSocket proxy using super fast ws module
7@jcubic/jquery.microPico/Nano like editor for jquery.↗️
7@zefhemel/nodejs-nixBasic node.js application and dev environment with Nix
7@kdzwinel/eZDebugHelperChrome extension for eZPublish developers.
7@paulohp/rogers.jsmarvel command line
7@medikoo/cjs-vs-amd-benchmarkCompare load time of CommonJS and AMD style modules
7@mmalecki/dmkbotSimple bot for #node.js
7@oskarkrawczyk/real-timeReal-Time Google Analytics counter in the title bar
7@mmalecki/ngrepnode-based grep utility
6@rezoner/easeEasing library with support for Human Readable Easing Equations
6@michalbe/sql-create-table-to-…Create JSON objects from SQL CREATE TABLE queries↗️
6@oskarkrawczyk/project-templateA base template for every project I start
6@mmalecki/node-rgetAccess your properties by string. Recursively!
6@stasm/presoSupport for presentations I've given
6@afronski/presentationsSome presentations, workshops and lectures.↗️
6@medikoo/webmake-coffeeDevelop CoffeeScript applications with Webmake
6@medikoo/soundcloud-playlist-…Playlist Manager for SoundCloud (prototype)
6@juliancwirko/generator-ziomAngular + Bootstrap + Scss (Libsass) simple and custom Yeoman generator
6@mmalecki/nodejs-vs-rorCompare number of node.js and Ruby on Rails watchers.↗️
6@juliancwirko/meteor-s-jeetJeet (Stylus) grid system for Meteor. Especially for Scotty boilerplate.↗️
6@medikoo/irc-notifierIRC email notifications (keywords/phrases mentions)
6@medikoo/bespoke-notesDisplay slide notes in Bespoke.js presentations
6@medikoo/bespoke-syncCross-client synchronization for Bespoke.js presentations
5@mmalecki/moneypennyThe IRC bot James Bond would have wanted.
5@juliancwirko/caprica-demoCaprica - Meteor and Arduino - demo app
5@kdzwinel/AllGitHubTrafficPlot data from all your GitHub repositories on one chart.
5@zefhemel/zcmsA Zed-based CMS (used as a Zed package)
5@mmalecki/couchdb-seed-designSeed CouchDB design documents
5@piecioshka/super-event-emitter🔨 Super small (2KB) and simple interpretation of popular event management.↗️
5@mmalecki/node-functionstools for dealing with functions in JavaScript
5@juliancwirko/meteor-css-modules-t…CSS Modules in Meteor.
5@piecioshka/test-css-slider📒 Testowa aplikacja slidera w czystym CSS↗️
5@pwalczyszyn/CALjsCALjs is a iCal/Outlook like calendar component built for HTML5/JavaScript applications. It is also fully touch enabled so it can run on devices.
5@mmalecki/node-useraddWrapper of useradd command line tool for adding users. It has a nice, sweet API.
4@apaszke/interactiveA togglable interactive mode for node.js
4@stasm/raptor-compareCompare sets of Raptor results and test for statistical significance of the observed difference.↗️
4@michalbe/anagramsCheck if multiple strings are anagrams.↗️
4@piecioshka/underscore.assert🔨 Plugin for underscore - add method _.assert
4@end3r/FrontInvadersHTML5 game for the Front Row Conference
4@rezoner/SoundOnDemandGame oriented sound library using WebAudioAPI
4@bartaz/smokSimple Mocking for JavaScript
4@pwalczyszyn/npm-onupdate-serverSource code of npm-onupdate.info service↗️
4@pwalczyszyn/GapBookPhoneGap/Cordova/jQuery/jQuery Mobile workshop materials
4@pwalczyszyn/responsive-inspectorSimple extension for Google Chrome that allows inspecting visited page media queries.
4@pwalczyszyn/resiconThis is an icons batch resizing utility application. Allows resizing icon images to predefined set of sizes 16x16, 32x32, 36x36...↗️
4@juliancwirko/meteor-arduino-cylonMeteor and Cylon.js for Arduino↗️
4@michalbe/svnodeSVN UI for command line↗️
4@pwalczyszyn/GeeksNearby-wwwRepository with source code of GeeksNearby application
4@piecioshka/eslint-config-piecio…🔨 ESLint configuration of my style. Defined all rules.
4@pwalczyszyn/GapBookBuildA version of GapBook app that is PhoneGap Build enabled
3@oskarkrawczyk/nuTabsMooTools-based, transitionified switcherification!↗️
3@azac/titanium-formatted-f…Fixes JIRA TIMOB-7637
3@dziudek/mootools-1.2-addonsAdditional scripts for MooTools 1.2
3@rezoner/FCSFlat component system↗️
3@bartaz/itsabodybuildingblogit's a building blog ported to Jekyll↗️
3@michalbe/emoji-listArray of 663 emoji-strings↗️
3@michalbe/fyodorFull book of "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoevsky in English.↗️
3@michalbe/github-userSimple wrapper around GH API↗️
3@piecioshka/patterns📔 Simplest implementation of design patterns in JavaScript (ECMAScript 6).
3@jcubic/filter-paste-jsintercept content pasting into iframe with design mode
3@piecioshka/debug-umd🔨 Wrap original "debug" package, and exports in UMD style.
3@glock45/dropthestoryHTML viewer for your iOS Story Board files
3@piecioshka/vanilla-lightbox.js🔨 Use vanilla.js to create lightbox - animation gallery↗️
3@zefhemel/nootA scalable way to build node.js apps, with lessons learned from PHP.
3@piecioshka/export-eslint-config🔨 Export any eslint-config-* project to default ESLint config file - .eslintrc
3@zefhemel/candeJavascript Canvas based IDE
3@end3r/FalsyValuesFabricTet…Tetris using Canvas and the Fabric.js lib with the Falsy Values style.
3@juliancwirko/meteor-s-image-boxSimple image popup/lightbox for Meteor↗️
2@piecioshka/apo-photoshop🔨 Project for subject: "Algorytmy przetwarzania obrazów".
2@michalbe/simple-random-emojiReturns random emoji-string↗️
2@piecioshka/test-event-handling-…📒 Example of problem with bad error management
2@piecioshka/wooden-ladder🔨 Invokes "fn1" until "limit" is reached after that call "fn2".
2@Idered/dragToIncDecChange input value by dragging label.↗️
2@michalbe/simple-random-idSimple random alphanumeric string generator.↗️
2@end3r/onSpaceStartSimple game based on the Mibbu microframework, made to promote onGameStart - first HTML5 game conference.↗️
2@ferrante/YT-DownloaderSimple YT downloader written in node.js
2@szwacz/scattered-storeKey-value store for large datasets in Node.js
2@end3r/Front-FaceHTML5 memory game with a quiz about the speakers for the Front-Trends 2012 conference↗️
2@afronski/wolves-and-rabbits-w…🐰 🐺 UI for world simulation of Wolves, Rabbits and Carrots in Elixir.
2@rezoner/jQuery-2-plus-2Awesome jQuery plugin
2@paulohp/whatsup-google-ioGoogle I/O 2014 Chat↗️
2@michalbe/md-file-treeGenerate markdown list of all the files in a directory.↗️
2@piecioshka/tv-lg-samples📺 Smart TV LG SDK↗️
2@michalbe/proverbiumRandom, funny mix of Polish proverbs inspired by Słowa nad wyraz↗️
2@piecioshka/is-letter🔨 It is a letter?
2@piecioshka/my-monadMy own implementations of Monads
2@zefhemel/mobiworksjQuery based framework for developing iPhone/Android web applications
2@kdzwinel/TheMoleGameThe Amazing Mole - JavaScript game for the js13kgames.com competition 2014↗️
2@stasm/git-attachgit extension to attach patches to Bugzilla
2@piecioshka/game-snooker🎮 🎱 Game: Prototype of Snooker↗️
2@piecioshka/test-webrtc📒 Testing WebRTC
2@piecioshka/node-slice🔨 Short version of your strings!
2@piecioshka/test-typescript-webp…📒 Test application building with TypeScript & webpack
2@zefhemel/bracket-checkLanguage agnostic matching bracket syntax checker for Zed
2@piecioshka/test-es6-babel📒 Testing Babel.js features↗️
2@zefhemel/ace-buildsACE builds
2@piecioshka/test-es6-map📒 Testing ECMAScript 6
2@piecioshka/underscore.slice🔨 Extension for underscore.js - add method _.nested
2@dziudek/TinyMCE-4.--WordPres…Set of the examples for the WordPress 3.9 editor custom buttons
2@juliancwirko/meteor-capricaSimple admin template for juliancwirko:arduino-cylon package↗️
2@michalbe/rgb2xtermChange hex or rgb color to xterm (8-bit) color.↗️
2@juliancwirko/horizon-react-webpac…Horizon, React, Webpack boilerplate with demo app
2@stasm/timelineProjects timeline


1875@Vedenin/useful-java-linksA list of useful Java frameworks, libraries, software and hello worlds examples
780@blipinsk/RecyclerViewHeaderSuper fast and easy way to create header for Android RecyclerView
712@sarxos/webcam-captureProject goal is to give users possibility to access build-in or connected via USB webcams or remote IP / network cameras directly from Java code. Using provided libraries user is able to read camera images and detect motion. Main project consist of several sub projects - the root one, which contains required classes, build-in webcam driver compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS, which can stream images as fast as your camera can serve them (up to 50 FPS). Main project can be used standalone, but user is able to replace build-in driver with different one - such as OpenIMAJ, GStreamer, V4L4j, JMF, LTI-CIVIL, FMJ, etc.↗️
490@blipinsk/FlippableStackViewAn Android library introducing a stack of Views with the first item being flippable.
407@telecapoland/jamendo-androidOfficial Jamendo Android Player by Teleca Poland↗️
290@mg6maciej/android-maps-extensi…Android Maps Extensions is a library extending capabilities of Google Maps Android API v2.↗️
258@mgrzechocinski/dagger2-exampleSample Android project using Dagger2, retrolambda, lombok and butterknife
156@hamsterready/android-accordion-vi…Simple ListView based Android AccordionView
123@tmorcinek/android-codegenerato…Intellij Plugin for Android code generation.
118@mrmike/Ok2CurlConvert OkHttp requests into curl logs.
89@tdziurko/Guava-LessonsVarious examples of usage Google Guava API.↗️
83@blipinsk/ViewPropertyObjectAn…Wrapper of the ObjectAnimator that can be used similarly to ViewPropertyAnimator
78@dweiss/java-sizeofMemory consumption estimator for Java
65@kolorobot/spring-boot-thymelea…A simple web application in Spring Boot and Thymeleaf
56@blipinsk/RxAnimationBindingRxJava binding APIs for Android's animations
39@sarxos/secure-tokensSmall set of tools allowing you to create secure encrypted tokens, which can be later exchanged with 3rd party systems or stored as a license files. The goal of this project is to play with JCA and learn its API.
37@dzikoysk/FunnyGuildsFunnyGuilds is a fully customisable RPG plugin that allows you to create guilds
36@maciejwalkowiak/servlet3-maven-arche…Maven archetype for basic Servlet 3 based Java web application - no xml, Tomcat 7 ready↗️
33@jmnarloch/rxjava-spring-boot-s…RxJava Spring MVC integration
33@mswiderski/jbpm-examplesVarious examples of jBPM 5
32@mrmike/RenderScriptPlaygrou…Example of using RenderScript with Gradle and Android Studio. Works with Android API >= 8.
31@blipinsk/XmlTagThe easiest way to simplify custom View tags in Android layout xmls.
29@tmorcinek/android-codegenerato…This is a submodule of bigger project: Codegenerator for Andoid. This submodule is responsible for extracting usefull informations from Android layout's xml file.
27@marcingrzejszczak/mockito-cookbookRepository containing the code present in the Mockito Cookbook book↗️
27@hamsterready/jedis-sentinel-poolSimple redis-sentinel-aware jedis-based connection pool.
24@blipinsk/Android-ParseModel[DEPRECATED] Annotation-based library that allows for easy data model creation for Parse Android SDK
23@sarxos/sikuli-ocrSikuli-based OCR engine
22@marcingrzejszczak/too-much-codingToo Much Coding repository. Visit the blog at http://toomuchcoding.com. You can also visit my site at http://marcin.grzejszczak.pl.↗️
22@blipinsk/triggerSimple command pattern helper class
20@tomekkaczanowski/junit-put-exercisesExercises for "Practical Unit Testing with JUnit and Mockito" book
19@Vedenin/java_in_examplesMoved to https://github.com/Vedenin/useful-java-l…
17@tomekkaczanowski/junit-put-examplesCode examples for "Practical Unit Testing with JUnit and Mockito" book
17@dweiss/proguardEric LaFortune's proguard mirror↗️
17@blipinsk/GroupOfXWhen Android's Pair class is just not enough.
16@mkuthan/example-springExample Spring project
16@mgrzechocinski/AndroidClipDrawableE…Example of pretty simple implementation of progress bars in Android based on ClipDrawable
14@itcuties/Android-SQLite-TODO-…Today we are going to show you how to use Android SQLite database in your applications. Our sample application stores TODO Tasks. It displays a list of TODOs, when an element of the list is clicked it is removed from the database. Our application also allows to add new TODO tasks to the list. This is a tutorial code. Feel free to use it. For more great codes and tutorials visit us at itcuties.com.↗️
14@maciejwalkowiak/junit-droolsJUnit + JBoss Drools integration
12@tomekkaczanowski/practicalunittesting…Source code of the examples from "Practical Unit Testing with TestNG and Mockito"↗️
12@tdziurko/pocket-java-clientJava client exposing API to interact with Pocket (former Read It Later)
12@maciejwalkowiak/java-plist-serialize…Java objects to plist serializer
11@mkuthan/example-ddd-cqrs-ser…Example DDD/CQRS based on Implementing Domain Driven Design book written by Vaughn Vernon
10@hamsterready/redis-ratelimitJava port of RateLimit from chriso/redback node.js library.
10@dweiss/dk.brics.automatonClone of dk.brics.automaton↗️
10@dweiss/jdynaDyna Blaster in Java↗️
10@itcuties/Android-Read-SMSIn this tutorial we are going to show you how to read SMS messages under Android. This is a simple program that displays a list of SMS messages stored on the device. This is a tutorial material. Use it any way you want. For more great tutorials please visit us at itcuties.com↗️
10@sarxos/l2fprod-commonProperty sheet (aka Java Bean Property Editor) Swing component from L2FProd with redesigned and partially rewritten API. Original L2FProd project has not been updated for years and the code here is new, customized and reworked code with partially backward-uncompatible API. It works fine, but please use on your own risk. Plan to release to Maven Central as OSGi bundle.
9@jmnarloch/feign-oauth2-spring-…Spring Cloud Feign OAuth2 authentication
8@itcuties/Android-Traffic-Stat…"Today we got little application which displays list of working applications on Android in a ListView. When a process name is clicked application displays information about amount of data that application used – traffic info. This is a tutorial material." Feel free to use it. Full description can be found at itcuties.com↗️
8@jmnarloch/request-correlation-…Spring Cloud request correlation across multiple microservices
8@dzikoysk/LightLight is a English-like programming language built on the core of the Panda Programming Language↗️
8@hamsterready/dbpreferencesAndroid DB based preferences
7@tomekkaczanowski/testng-test-dependen…An implementation of IReporter which visualizes test dependencies, see http://tinyurl.com/667rtw5
7@tmorcinek/android-codegenerato…Eclipse Plugin for Android code generation.
7@tdziurko/wicket-bootstrap-nav…Example Wicket application using reusable component that contains Twitter Bootstrap Navbar (Navigation menu).
7@jmnarloch/gocd-gradle-pluginGO Continuous Delivery Gradle plugin↗️
7@jmnarloch/zuul-route-health-sp…Spring Cloud Zuul routes health indicator
7@jmnarloch/modelmapper-spring-b…Spring Boot Starter for ModelMapper http://modelmapper.org
7@itcuties/Android-AsyncTask-RS…Today we have a little modification of our RSS Reader code that we have introduced in the How to write Android RSS parser tutorial. This modification uses AsyncTask to download RSS data in a separate thread. This is a tutorial material. You can use it any way you want. For more great tutorials and codes visit as at itcuties.com.↗️
7@sarxos/equinox-launcherSimple proof-of-concept of how to embed Equinox OSGi runtime in Java program.
7@mg6maciej/VielenGamesAndroidCl…Vielen Games Android Client↗️
7@blipinsk/StreetViewProbeA simple (although a bit hacky) way to check if StreetView is available for a specific location.
7@mrmike/EspressoShowcaseSample Android Espresso UI Tests
6@mgrzechocinski/AndroidWorshopsProject for Warsjawa'11 conference Android workshops↗️
6@danielpacak/com.github.danielpac…This project is a Java library for communicating with the Jenkins REST API.
6@sarxos/win-registry100% pure Java Windows registry utility
6@itcuties/Android-Multicategor…Today we have Android RSS Reader application's code for you. Application displays RSS feed data from 3 channels in separate tabs. For more great tutorials and source codes visit us at itcuties.com.↗️
6@tomekkaczanowski/bad-tests-good-tests…code snippets from "Bad Tests, Good Tests" book (see http://practicalunittesting.com)
6@jmnarloch/zuul-trie-matcher-sp…Spring Cloud Zuul Trie tree route matcher
5@dzikoysk/WildSkriptWildSkript is addon to plugin Skript that increases the set of events, conditions, effects, expressions, types and this add new elements.↗️
5@sarxos/medusa-systemMedusa Trading System
5@danielpacak/com.github.danielpac…OSGi Web Console
5@mg6maciej/parcelable-test-supp…Small library to help with testing Parcelable classes.
5@mkuthan/example-axonExample Axon Framework based implementation based on CQRS Journey essay.
5@itcuties/Android-Volley-Frame…Today we have got Android’s Volley Framework code for you. It was requested by one of our readers. In this application code we parse and display data from our JSON feed (http://www.itcuties.com/feed/json). Please refer to the tutorial page to learn how to setup the Volley Framework for this code to work. Enjoy!↗️
5@mkuthan/example-jbehaveExample JBehave and Spring Framework setup.
4@jmnarloch/gocd-health-check-pl…GO Continuous Delivery Health Check plugin
4@jmnarloch/arquillian-container…Showcase for Arquillian Spring Container
4@danielpacak/risk-analyzerThe application requirement was for a supply chain management system that is accessible through a Web browser.
4@mrmike/Simple-Android-Notep…Simple Android Notepad
4@hamsterready/spring-smppSpring SMPP Library↗️
4@tdziurko/maven-testng-integra…Simple project setup showing how to execute TestNG integration tests using separate Maven command
4@itcuties/JSF2-Login-Filter-Ex…How to use a JEE Filter to secure JSF 2 application resources? It's easy! In our example we are going to use a login filter which protects resources that are available under /secured path of JSF 2 application.↗️
4@dzikoysk/UnknownPandaServerGame server
4@mg6maciej/veni-divi[DEPRECATED] I came, I divided - sectioned action bar title for Android↗️
4@itcuties/Axis-2-client"In this tutorial we are going to code an axis 2 client based on wsdl2java approach." This is a tutorial material. For more great tutorials visit us on itcuties.com.↗️
4@jmnarloch/rxjava-scheduler-spr…Declarative RxJava scheduler definition
4@sarxos/v4l4jThis is mavenized and customized fork of original V4L4J by Gilles Gigan. It contains only Java source code (no natives) and *.so objects precompiled for several architectures.
3@jmnarloch/zuul-route-cassandra…Spring Cloud Zuul route Cassandra store
3@mswiderski/jbpm-archetypesMaven archetypes for jBPM
3@mswiderski/vert.x-jbpmShowcase repository illustrating jBPM 6 with Vert.x 2.x
3@mg6maciej/yafi-j2meYafi is a J2ME client application for Free Internet Chess Server (FICS, freechess.org)↗️
3@Vedenin/code-for-learning-la…Java English Learn
3@itcuties/ITCutiesApp-1.0This is the story of coding the ITCutiesApp for Android platform. Our application gives you access to all the posts available on our page via ATOM feed.↗️
3@itcuties/Android-Play-VideoHere is are code snippets that let your application play video files. This is a tutorial material. Feel free to use it. For more great tutorials visit us at itcuties.com.↗️
3@mg6maciej/AwesomeCalculatorDemo app for my "Introduction to Android development" presentation↗️
3@sarxos/fixml-converter[DEPRECATED] XStream based converter between FIX and FIXML messages
3@jmnarloch/spring-jax-rs-client…Spring JAX-RS Client Proxy
3@danielpacak/fancy-foodsA sample application presented in the Enterprise OSGi in Action book.
3@tdziurko/item-directory-with-…Example web application using Apache Wicket framework with JPA2, Spring 3 and MySql.
3@jmnarloch/funavaPartial function application paradigm in Java
3@tdziurko/merry-christmas-in-j…Merry Christmas and "Silent Night" written in Java
3@jmnarloch/feign-okhttp-spring-…Spring Cloud Feign OkHttp client↗️
3@mswiderski/jbpm-enterpriseEnterprise extension to jBPM/drools projects
3@itcuties/Java-Mail-SenderUsing Java to send email messages is very easy with JavaMail API. Our sample code sends email message through the server that uses StartTLS and SSL. Use this code any way you want. For more great codes and tutorials visit us at itcuties.com.↗️
3@blipinsk/PositioningDrawables…Simplifying layouts with layer-list drawables: a reliable way to position drawables within layer-lists↗️
2@lukaszlenart/struts2-spring-valid…Simple demo how to use Struts2 validation with Spring integration
2@mgrzechocinski/retrolambda-exampleSample Android project using retrolambda features
2@mgrzechocinski/DroidconKrakow2014Sample app for my 'Deep dive into async operations' talk at Droidcon 2014 in Kraków
2@lukaszlenart/struts2-tiles-demoSimple Struts2 project with Tiles
2@danielpacak/spring-data-jpa-web-…A sample application I used during presentation of Spring Data JPA for my colleagues at Amadeus.
2@sarxos/1-wire-networkJava event-driven implementation of 1-Wire service.↗️
2@sarxos/bossa-api-connector[DEPRECATED] Connector for BossaAPI delivered in NOL3 from BOŚ. This project has been deprecated, I don't know if I will maintain it in the future. I simply don't use NOL3 any more.
2@sarxos/gadacz-serverServer for the Gadacz application. I've just played with socket connections and created Gadacz communicator server (J2SE) and mobile client (J2ME, MIDP1.0) for it, both as POC in only one day. Mobile client you can find in separate repo.↗️
2@jmnarloch/feign-encoding-sprin…Spring Cloud Feign request/response compression
2@jmnarloch/hstreamsA JDK 8 wrapper on top of Hibernate Query API
2@dweiss/fsa-speedtestsSpeed tests of FSA traversals
2@jmnarloch/arquillian-container…Test suite for Arquillian Spring Container
2@hamsterready/sms2picture-by-emailSimple SMS listener which on SMS takes picture and sends it back via email.
2@jmnarloch/feign-vnderror-sprin…Spring Cloud Feign vnd.error decoder
2@mg6maciej/warsjawa2013-android…Android^2 - do potęgi Square i Google APIs↗️
2@jmnarloch/gocd-sbt-pluginGO Continuous Delivery SBT plugin
2@tomekkaczanowski/gradle-examplessome examples of gradle builds
2@tomekkaczanowski/variavarious stuff
2@tmorcinek/android-showcaseThis is an Android Application that shows usage of the Android SDK, frameworks and libraries. This app will be updated regularly.
2@mswiderski/spring-jbpm-appjBPM spring application that shows how to build execution server using jBPM 6 and spring
2@itcuties/JSF2-Spring3-Example…Today we are going to show you how to integrate JSF 2 with Spring 3. Our JSF 2 Spring 3 example application is the implementation of the Workshop registration use case. Use this code any way you want. For more greate codes and tutorials visit us at itcuties.com↗️
2@mswiderski/bpm-projectsVarious deployable projects for jBPM


173@marek-stoj/NReadabilityNReadability is a tool for removing clutter from HTML pages so that they are more enjoyable to read.
65@Horusiath/AkkaCQRSEvent sourcing example build on Akka.NET with persistence plugin
44@marek-stoj/ImmDoc.NETImmDoc .NET is a command-line utility for generating HTML documentation from a set of .NET assemblies and XML files created by the compiler. It's developed in C#.
14@tkowalczyk/SimpleCustomGestureF…Swipe gestures on custom frame in Xamarin.Forms project.
14@justMaku/blteBLTE file format reader based on TOM_RUS work
14@tkowalczyk/DevTalkMobileRepository for mobile clients for http://devtalk.pl podcast! Created with Xamarin.Forms.
9@tkowalczyk/KinectMeasurementsSet of tools and extension methods to measure skeletons. To use with Kinect for Windows SDK, written in C#.
8@tkowalczyk/SimpleMasterDetailTa…MasterDetailPage with MessagingCenter in Xamarin.Forms.
7@soltys/hopnet.NET Group Project with Kinect!
7@marek-stoj/NLangDetectC# port of a language detection library. Tags: language detection, language identification, language guessing.
6@ideaconnect/vs-trim-line-ends-on…Visual Studio plugin to trim line ends on save.
6@ideaconnect/wp8-simple-web-serve…Simple Web Server for Windows Phone 8
6@marek-stoj/UberDeployerA continuous delivery solution for environments based on Microsoft technologies.
6@grzesiek-galezowski/tdd-toolkitToolkit used in Test-Driven Development ebook tutorial: github.com/grzesiek-galezowski/tdd-ebook
5@justMaku/mClientWorld of Warcraft client library written in C#
4@tkowalczyk/SimpleAudioFormsHow to play audio files in Xamarin.Forms
2@tsubik/SFASystemSales Force Automation system
2@tkowalczyk/SimpleLocalNotificat…This project show how to use local notification in Xamarin.Forms project


28@smutnyleszek/hashtabberA simple hashchange-driven tabbed navigation↗️
8@DominikSerafin/aurora-templateA free HTML5 template for personal and commercial usage.↗️
8@illarionvk/shopify-email-templa…A collection of Shopify e-mail templates. Uses Gulp.js, Sass and Zurb Ink framework, inlines CSS
4@nextlevelshit/webpack-electron-ang…Just another starterkit for everybody who wants to develope applications with Github's Electron, Google's Angular2, Zurb's Foundation 6 and JS module bundler Webpack.
2@illarionvk/pygments-solarized-s…SCSS styles for Pygments & Rouge, based on Solarized colors by Ethan Schoonover
2@nextlevelshit/angular-warp-scrollSimple directive for scrolling into the website itself↗️


610@solusipse/ureqMicro C library for handling HTTP requests on low resource systems.↗️
321@fcambus/logswanFast Web log analyzer using probabilistic data structures↗️
197@solusipse/ficheCommand line pastebin for sharing terminal output.↗️
92@tom3q/openfimgImplementation of OpenGL ES compatible API for FIMG 3DSE 3D engine. (DEPRECATED)↗️
60@tom3q/spica-3.0Development tree of 3.0 kernel for Samsung Spica (and similar devices based on S3C6410 SoC)↗️
53@tworaz/xserverXorg server
23@luksow/OSOperating system development↗️
12@elceef/dhcpfPassive DHCP fingerprinting implementation
11@dos1/SuperDerpyBecome Derpy Hooves and fight with muffinzombies in this free software game in order to rescue Ponyville ponies so they can defeat Discord once again! Written in C using Allegro 5, works on Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X.↗️
7@fcambus/gbaconvA set of tools aimed at GameBoy Advance developers : convert WAV sounds and PCX images into C arrays
6@tworaz/term-app-launcherSimple terminal emulator based on libvte.
5@krytarowski/bociekbociek is yet another code editor
5@tom3q/u-bootMy private tree of Das U-Boot project↗️
4@fcambus/rumoursRumours Door for Daydream/Unix BBS Software
4@luksow/CoconutLibrary for unit testing and debugging concurrent C/C++ programs.
4@solusipse/cpressC library (with python and go bindings) for simulating keyboard input.
4@fcambus/tetristatsA tool to convert TetriNET servers winlist files to HTML, supporting Tetrinetx and JetriX score files
3@krytarowski/netquerynetquery - the system introspection tool
2@elceef/mactelnetOpen source client for connecting to Mikrotik routers via MAC address
2@rkujawa/wsdvSimple program that allows viewing images on displays accessed through wsdisplay API.
2@rkujawa/diskimage2hfeSimple AmigaOS program to convert ADF and DMS images into HFE format used by HxC Floppy Emulator
2@tworaz/boost-imgTool for generating bootable images for PSION/TEKLOGIX NetBook Pro.
2@spinlockirqsave/unix_networking_proj…networking projects inspired by "UNIX Networking programming"


64@gagolews/stringiTHE string processing package for R with ICU↗️
52@hasherezade/IAT_patcherPersistent IAT hooking application - based on bearparser.↗️
52@hasherezade/bearparserPortable Executable parsing library
48@hasherezade/snippetsVarious code snippets and small PoCs, to be used for tests or as ready-made skeletons.
37@griwes/reaveros-iteration1First, abandoned, iteration of my OS project. Current iteration can be found here: https://github.com/griwes/reaveros
19@ktalik/sturing📼 Simple Turing machine interpreter and simulator.
14@hasherezade/petya_recoveryApplication helping in recovering key of Petya ransomware
14@pczarn/metatrader-multilangThis library for Metatrader 4 was meant to create a network interface for RPC with msgpack. You could write Metatrader scripts in programming languages of your choice.
10@konradb3/libLMS1xxLibrary for interfacing with SICK LMS1xx lidar.
6@hasherezade/dma_unlockerDecryptor for DMALocker ransomware (doesn't work for the versions >= 3.0)
5@hasherezade/petya_greenApplication for random attack on Green Petya's key
5@konradb3/RCPRG-ros-pkgThis repository is DEPRECATED !!! Look at https://github.com/organizations/RCPRG-r… for maintained packages.
3@Regalis/regalis-newsletterSimple centralized newsletter system
3@gagolews/genieGenie: A new, fast, and outlier resistant hierarchical clustering algorithm
3@awulkiew/benchmark-devirtuali…Comparison of various methods of replacing virtual functions
2@Regalis/regalis-signalsMinimalistic implementation of signals and slots mechanism written in C++11 using some of new features including variadic templates, lambdas and smart pointers.
2@Regalis/Regalis-CMS-KernelHi-speed, low level Content Management System kernel/framework written in C++
2@Regalis/IOTesterA simple C++ tool for I/O tests
2@Regalis/QSSnakeQT Scorpion Snake
2@griwes/vaporVapor is a language made as a part of the Reaver Project effort. The name has originated as a word play on a word "vaporware" - the author often called this language a "vaporlang", and later decided to keep that name.
2@fatmakoc/snake_gameSnake game(console) with c++
2@gagolews/ExampleRcppStringiA stringi-dependent Rcpp package example
2@hasherezade/mastercoder2014My solutions
2@matthewpl/qt10Kurs Qt - część 10 - WebKit↗️


12@ncreated/Potential-FieldsPotential fields library.
6@goshki/Flixel-Box2D-Alchemy…An example integration of Flixel and an Alchemy port of Box2D library from WCK.
3@goshki/FlxShaderCameraA simple extension of Flixel's FlxCamera that uses UltimateBlendModeShader for blending.↗️
3@imrahil/reddvinReddit client for Blackberry Playbook
2@antonsynd/ZombieMonkeyAS3 library for runtime ECMAScript execution using Tamarin
2@ncreated/Projectile-UtilsProjectile velocity calculation to hit coordinate.↗️
2@goshki/CrateCollectorA game about collecting crates, yeah!
2@imrahil/Morse-Code-GeneratorMorse Code Generator
2@imrahil/PlaybookTwitFavorite…Twitter Favorites for Blackberry Playbook


114@nathell/clj-tagsoupA HTML parser for Clojure.
98@nathell/skyscraperStructural scraping for the rest of us.
68@nathell/lithiumClojure-based x86 assembler and toy Lisp compiler
28@nathell/clj-iterA Clojure iteration macro inspired by Common Lisp iterate.
25@nathell/sunflowerEasily extract content from a bunch of similarly-formatted HTML files.
10@anjensan/azqlDSL for generating SQL in Clojure.
7@nathell/clj-bitfieldsEasy accessing C-compatible packed bitfields from Clojure.
6@jwr/lemontreeA web framework based on the widget tree concept, written in Clojure
6@nathell/gumtree-scraperGumtree RSS generator
6@nathell/clj-json-rpcA Clojure handler for JSON-RPC compatible with Ring
5@jwr/fablo-api-clientA client for the Fablo search engine API in Clojure↗️
4@nathell/spleenA Scrabble engine written in Clojure.
2@tomaszbiedka/my-first-clojure-gam…My first clojure game


32@exlee/brunch-on-asteroidsBrunch skeleton based on Angular.JS, Twitter Bootstrap 2.3 with Bootswatch Themes and more
5@jakubburkiewicz/brunch-scabBrunch skeleton with SASS, CoffeeScript, Angular and Bootstrap
2@jmak/trixy-popupTrixy PopUp - [Simple Scrollable PopUp] is perfectly suited to present large amounts of content in neat and flexible way.↗️


500@ziutek/mymysqlMySQL Client API written entirely in Go
110@ziutek/gstGo bindings for GStreamer
81@ziutek/rrdBindings for rrdtool
66@ziutek/kasia.goTemplating system for HTML and other text documents - go implementation
62@kklis/gomemcacheGo memcache client package↗️
58@ziutek/syslogWith this package you can create your own syslog server with your own handlers for different kind of syslog messages
57@ziutek/telnetPackage to handle a telnet connection
51@ziutek/emgoEmgo (Go-like language for programming embedded systems)↗️
45@ziutek/simple_go_wikiTutorial which explain how to write the database-driven Web application using kasia.go, kview and mymysql
35@ziutek/mdtwmMouse-driven Tiling Window Manager
29@kpawlik/geojsonGo package to quick and easy create json data in geojson format.↗️
27@mtojek/dependency-injection…How to solve a a dependency injection problem in Go
25@ziutek/dvbDVB/MPEG-TS library (pure Go)
23@mtojek/go-url-fuzzerDiscover hidden files and directories on a web server.
21@ziutek/glibGo bindings for GLib type system.
17@ziutek/soapSome SOAP related functions.
13@ziutek/gogammuGo binding for gammu
12@ziutek/serialSerial ports handlig
9@ziutek/kviewSimple wrapper for kasia.go templates. I write all my web apps using this package
7@ziutek/deDifferential evolution optimization library
6@ziutek/matrixMatrix library for Go
6@mtojek/go-telnetRead bytes from stdin and pass them to the remote host
4@ziutek/utilsUseful tools
3@skonefal/dust-tailMesos node usage statistics grabber
3@ziutek/gtkExample Go bindings for GTK
3@ziutek/avt414AVT414 USB I/O card (http://ep.com.pl/files/4241.pdf)
3@ziutek/hiperusHiperus API in Go (http://devel.hiperus.pl/)
2@kpawlik/goworldGe Smallworld data from Magik to JSON, via HTTP server written in GO↗️
2@ziutek/ftdiGo binding for libFTDI


124@Paczesiowa/hsenvVirtual Haskell Environment builder
72@Paczesiowa/virthualenvVirtual Haskell Environment builder
28@jstolarek/haskell-testing-stubStub project showing how to organize tests and benchmarks in Haskell
21@smichal/hs-logicA simple library for Haskell that allows relational programming.
6@mbenke/zpf2013Zaawansowane Programowanie Funkcyjne 2013
6@mbenke/zpf2012Zaawansowane Programowanie Funkcyjne, MIMUW 2011
4@jstolarek/dep-typed-wbl-heaps-…Weight-biased Leftist Heaps verified in Haskell using dependent types
4@jstolarek/lattice-structure-hsLattice structure in Haskell
3@mbenke/veraExploring prover ideas for intuitionistic logic
2@Paczesiowa/cabal-install-bundlebundled version of cabal-install
2@smichal/ylangProgram zaliczeniowy z JiPP @ MIMUW
2@adaszko/concurrent-ordered-s…A concurrent, lock-free, ordered set data type based on skip lists
2@jstolarek/tasty-programRun tasty tests that check whether a program executes correctly


17@k-szuster/luci-access-controlOpenWrt internet access scheduler
3@martap/LiquidFeedback-polis…LiquidFeedback polish translation
3@Donearm/RenamerFile renaming script in Python and Lua
3@Donearm/awesomewm_themesA collection of all my AwesomeWM themes
3@Donearm/TumbbackTumblr blog backup script written in Lua
3@Donearm/Mpd-InfoLua scripts to output MPD playing info
2@lopezloo/mta-cinema🎥 Multi Theft Auto Cinema gamemode


2@mmagnuski/eegDbeegDb is an egglab plugin that eases up managing preprocessing routines. It allows to create project databases for reproducible eeg preprocessing with eeglab.


2475@m1entus/MZFormSheetControlle…MZFormSheetController provides an alternative to the native iOS UIModalPresentationFormSheet, adding support for iPhone and additional opportunities to setup controller size and feel form sheet.
2037@krzysztofzablocki/KZPlaygroundPlaygrounds for Objective-C (also Swift)↗️
1658@krzysztofzablocki/KZBootstrapiOS project bootstrap aimed at high quality coding.
1223@Ciechan/BCGenieEffectAn OSX style genie effect inside your iOS app.
1071@Ciechan/BCMeshTransformViewMesh transforms for UIView
1069@krzysztofzablocki/KZPropertyMapperProperty mapping for iOS apps.↗️
911@krzysztofzablocki/KZLineDrawerBeatiful and fast smooth line drawing algorithm for iOS - as seen in Foldify.↗️
633@m1entus/WCAlertViewWCAlertView is deliverd from UIAlertView. It's support customization and blocks.
628@m1entus/MZDayPickerAn iOS day picker to allow users to select date
579@Ciechan/Revolved3D modelling app for the iPad
566@m1entus/MZFormSheetPresentat…MZFormSheetPresentationController provides an alternative to the native iOS UIModalPresentationFormSheet, adding support for iPhone and additional opportunities to setup UIPresentationController size and feel form sheet.
555@wokalski/WCFastCellA drop-in replacement for UITableViewCell and UICollectionViewCell which draws contents using CoreGraphics. Seamless integration with nibs provided.
321@krzysztofzablocki/SFObserversNSNotificationCenter and KVO auto removal of observers.↗️
320@wokalski/CDPieMenuFully and easily customizable rotary wheel control also called pie menu for iPhone and iPad. Very similar to the control in Convertbot. As the only one in the internet it rotates with inertia/mementum. Drawn using CoreGraphics without any images.
306@tomkowz/TSValidatedTextFieldSimple and ready to use subclass of UITextField which uses NSRegularExpression to allows you to validate text in the text field with pattern you set.
287@krzysztofzablocki/KZNodesHave you ever wonder how you could make Origami like editor in 1h ?↗️
243@krzyzanowskim/ObjectivePGPObjectivePGP is OpenPGP implementation for iOS and OSX↗️
214@krzysztofzablocki/CCNode-SFGestureReco…Adding UIGestureRecognizers to cocos2d, painless.↗️
208@tomkowz/TSAssetsPickerContro…Highly customizable control used to select multiple assets (saved photos and videos) for use in your app.
204@krzysztofzablocki/Pinch-to-revealPinch to reveal animation transition built with Layer masking, as seen in boeing app for iPad.↗️
173@ayoy/ThumbnailPickerViewiOS UI control displaying a set of thumbnails - resembling iPad's Photos.app toolbar thumbnails view
110@m1entus/MZBookshelfCollectio…Bookshelf like iBooks layout for UICollectionView.
98@m1entus/MZAppearanceUIAppearance proxy for custom objects
98@m1entus/MZSelectableLabelA simple to use drop in replacement for UILabel for iOS 7 that provides automatic detection of colors.
88@krzysztofzablocki/SFContainerViewContr…UIViewControllers containment predating Apple implementation. Works in both 4.x and 5.x iOS, no memory or hierarchy issues.↗️
87@tomkowz/TSFileCacheGeneric class that allows you to cache files on device's disk. Need to cache images or other files? Check this. Easy to subclass and reuse.
83@burczyk/KBRoundedButtonKBRoundedButton allows you to create beautiful rounded rect button with dynamic colors and activity indicator, completely in Interface Builder.
82@m1entus/MZFayeClientFaye Client for iOS. Supports subscription blocks.
75@wokalski/WCActionSheetA customizable and elegant alternative to UIActionSheet with support for block syntax.
56@tomkowz/TSActivityIndicatorV…Very simple view class that looks like an UIActivityIndicatorView but is fully customizable. It's great for you if you want to add indicator view to you game or app and it should be customized.
55@lksoft/ButtonMakerA simple iPhone app to use in the simulator to create Glass Buttons based on an post by @schwa
53@m1entus/WCBeforeAfterObjective-C BeforeAfter
52@m1entus/UIAlertController-MZ…Category for UIAlertController customization
49@burczyk/UIForLumberjackiOS UI library to display CocoaLumberjack logs on iOS device
49@darrarski/DRCollectionViewTabl…UICollectionView 2d-table / grid / spreadsheet layout↗️
42@wokalski/Distraction-Free-Xco…Experience ZEN in Xcode. Distraction free mode, styled after Sublime
41@m1entus/SpotifyImporterSpotify library importer into Apple Music
37@burczyk/KBContactsSelectionEasily search and select contacts in your iOS Address Book and redirect to Mail or Messages with results.
36@Ciechan/BCPathGestureRecogni…A simple recognizer detecting gestures matching provided CGPathRef.
34@Ciechan/QCCableConnectionsCable-like connections bending for Quartz Composer
31@burczyk/AFAbstractRESTClientsimple abstract solution to deal with REST webservices using AFNetworking
26@tomaszj/graphael-objcObjective-C wrapper for gRaphael graph charting library
23@krzysztofzablocki/Learn-iOS-GameDev-Le…Teeter clone accompanying tutorial at http://merowing.info/2013/04/learn-ios-g…
20@burczyk/AppSettingsSimple tool to allow automatically serialize and deserialize objects to NSDictionary. Originally created to simply manage app settings in NSUserDefaults.
20@krzysztofzablocki/XibReferencingSimple category and sample showing how you can reference one Xib view from another
17@kam800/KBKeyboardObserverKBKeyboardObserver for iOS is a convenient keyboard notifications observer.
16@mackuba/iRubyTimeiPhone client for RubyTime 3.0, time-tracking system written in Merb (unmaintained)↗️
16@krzysztofzablocki/NSObject-SFExecuteOn…A simple category on NSObject that allows you to execute block when object is deallocated↗️
16@akashivskyy/GoogleAnalytics-Fram…Dynamic framework wrapper for Google Analytics iOS SDK
15@jacekmigacz/ObjectiveSVGSVG document parser and renderer for modern iOS and Mac platforms.
15@mackuba/MacBlipMacOSX client for Blip.pl, Polish microblogging site↗️
14@darrarski/DRCircularProgress-i…Circular progress view for iOS apps
14@darrarski/DRForms-iOSiOS Objective-C library for implementing dynamic forms.↗️
14@Ciechan/BCGestureRecognizerS…A simple way to detect sequence of gestures
12@m1entus/RWMVimeoClientAFNetworking Client for Vimeo Advanced API
12@krzyzanowskim/MKDataScannerNSScanner for NSData and files.↗️
12@mackuba/WindowFairyA Windows-style Alt-tab window switcher for MacOSX (experiment)↗️
10@kam800/KBTemplateImageKBTemplateImage is the only solution for tinting images when UIImageRenderingModeAlwaysTemplate is not accessible.
9@m1entus/RWMAmazonProductAdve…AFNetworking Client for Amazon Product Advertising API
9@mackuba/PsiToolkitA collection of ObjC helpers and class extensions (unmaintained)↗️
8@darrarski/DRSwipeMenu-iOSCustomizable swipe-to-reveal menu for iOS apps↗️
8@darrarski/DRTableViewManager-i…Object-oriented UITableViewDataSource and UITableViewDelegate protocols proxy↗️
8@tomaszj/highcharts-objcWrapper for Highcharts, written in Objective-C. Only one-way communication allowed so far.
7@wnagrodzki/iNapiiNapi jest alternatywą dla NapiProjektu pod Mac OS X. Możesz go pobrać, skopiować i rozdawać tak często, jak chcesz, właściwie, im więcej tym lepiej.
6@mackuba/xblipNative iPhone client for blip.pl, Polish microblogging service (proof of concept, not usable)↗️
6@m1entus/CCTouchableSpriteTouchable CCSprite for cocos2d framework with Objective-C Blocks
6@lksoft/MailPluginManagerMail Plugin Manager executable for developers to use to make installation and management easier.
6@burczyk/NetworkLibCocoaPods static library test project
6@krzyzanowskim/TouchImageViewiOS UIImageView with convenient touch delegate↗️
5@burczyk/SynchroKitframework that helps syncing data in iOS environment
5@tomkowz/TSCircleViewA subclass of MKCircleView which supports scaling and animating.
5@mackuba/ObjectiveBlipObjectiveC API for connecting to Blip.pl (Polish Twitter-like service)↗️
5@darrarski/TableViewDemoDRTableViewManager example app
4@wyszo/TWCommonLibLibrary of iOS components and helpers I use in my projects to minimize boilerplate
3@krzyzanowskim/Google1Password1Password integration for Google sign-in view.
3@tomaszj/TJFunctionalAddition…Library simplifying the use of collection iterations through functional constructs like map, select, reject, etc.
3@radex/PlusRadexMarginally useful Cocoa snippets.
3@tomaszj/BestSplitViewControl…The best and the simplest Split View Controller and GitHub. 100% iOS 5 and ARC code.
3@darrarski/DRDateHelpers-iOSDate manipulation helpers for iOS↗️
2@darrarski/DRGlyphLabel-iOSA simple library that allows you to create labels with bitmap fonts in UIKit.↗️
2@Moriquendi/MSNavigationControll…MSNavigationController is a simple class which inherits from UIViewController. It was in inspired by design of LetterPress game. MSNavigationController add small shadow effects under its Navigation Bar. Moreover, shadow is animatable - it appears when content of scroll view hides behind the bar. Download the repo and test sample project and you will see it in action :-)
2@darrarski/DRURLParametersParse…Helper class for retrieving parameters values from url↗️
2@paweldudek/tdd-workshopMobile Warsaw iOS TDD Workshop
2@nanoant/SkimMirror of Skim PDF reader and note-taker for OS X Subversion repository with custom fixes (devel branch)
2@tomaszj/InterwebzSampleCocoa…Source code for the samples used at "Testing in iOS" keynote at Cocoaheads Tricity meeting.
2@burczyk/ReposBrowserCocoaPods project that uses NetworkLib as local library
2@lksoft/MailCommonSome common code to use in Mail Plugins


140@tadzik/rakudobrewPerl 6 installation manager
66@depesz/explain.depesz.comWebpage for showing easier to read version of PostgreSQL explains↗️
25@Vifon/autocomplete-ALL-the…Arbitrary text completion for urxvt
25@ewilded/get_docrootsThis little helper script attempts to generate all potential DOCUMENT_ROOT full paths for a given application.
23@tadzik/steroidsbla bla bla
19@odyniec/p5-ArribaPSGI web server with SPDY support
11@tadzik/neutroSimple module installer for Perl 6
9@odyniec/Dancer-Plugin-DebugT…Debugging toolbar for Perl Dancer web applications
8@XANi/toolboxrandom crap and small/unfinished admin scripts
8@tadzik/perl6-File-ToolsFile::Tools – common shell commands replacements
7@odyniec/p5-WebService-Amazon…Perl interface to Amazon Route 53 API
5@XANi/blogoliciousMojolicious based blog platform
5@odyniec/p5-Dancer-Plugin-Aut…Basic HTTP authentication for Dancer web apps
4@tadzik/ThroughTheWindowA jumping game
4@depesz/Pg--ExplainPg::Explain Perl module↗️
4@depesz/Pg-SQL-ParserPg::SQL::Parser Perl module for parsing SQL queries.
4@ewilded/SCARYPHP Source Code Analyzer written in Perl (taint checking)
4@bjakubski/perl-mbankModule to access mBank account balance
3@tadzik/a8botExtensible irc bot
3@tadzik/xmpbotExtensible xmpp bot, written in Perl
3@bbkr/exodusMigrate chosen data between relational databases.
3@tadzik/gmpupSynchronise single ports from Gentoo overlays
3@jnareb/softsnow-xchat2-filt…XChat2 plugin, based on SoftSnow filter, used to filter out SPAM and fileserver announcements
2@odyniec/File-PlainPathConstruct portable filesystem paths in a simple way
2@ewilded/IntrusiveIntrusive is a realtime log analysis tool designed to perform IDS and anomalies detection functions
2@XANi/lvautoresizeautomatially resize LVM's LV
2@XANi/rss2torrentdumb and simple rss2torrent downloader
2@sebnow/cache-any-perlCache::Any - Lightweight interface for caching↗️
2@depesz/vanity-hash-finderPrograms that find strings that have "nice" digests
2@tadzik/distroquizExperimental new linux distribution chooser for jakilinux.org↗️
2@tadzik/KreskiMy algorithms project. Boring crap, disregard
2@tadzik/WebNano6Port of https://github.com/zby/WebNano to Perl 6
2@tadzik/gsocmessRandom things about my gsoc work
2@OlaHughson/sweetiebotCutie Mark Acquisition Program
2@odyniec/p5-Dancer-Plugin-Pre…Generate CSS files from Sass/SCSS files in Dancer web apps
2@tadzik/todoTodo list manager, modeled after https://github.com/vesln/todo/
2@tadzik/zblogźblog: example blog-ish application using Bailador and DBIish


264@psliwa/PHPPdfPdf and graphic files generator library written in php↗️
174@psliwa/image-optimizerImage optimization / compression library. This library is able to optimize png, jpg and gif files in very easy and handy way. It uses optipng, pngquant, pngcrush, pngout, gifsicle, jpegoptim and jpegtran tools.
172@widmogrod/php-functionalFunctors, Applicative Functors and Monads in PHP
153@widmogrod/zf2-assetic-moduleZend Framework module for Assetic
123@psliwa/PdfBundleThis bundle integrates Symfony2 with PHPPdf library.↗️
114@thunderer/ShortcodeAdvanced shortcode (BBCode) parser and engine for PHP
107@rr-/malgraph4(End of line) MALgraph: statistics service for MyAnimeList.net users.↗️
73@widmogrod/zf2-twitter-bootstra…Integration Twitter Bootsrap CSS & JS toolkit in ZF2 module
63@Borales/yii-pdfA wrapper to some PHP-PDF libraries (mPDF, HTML2PDF)↗️
52@nineinchnick/yii2-nfyA generic message queue interface with various implementations for the Yii 2.0 framework. Basic interface included.
39@nineinchnick/yii2-usrYii framework module for user authentication, password reset, registration and profile updating. A port of yii-usr to Yii Framework 2.0.↗️
35@mthenw/nosqlite.phpNoSQLite – simple key => value store
35@nineinchnick/yii-usrYii framework module for user authentication, password reset, registration and profile updating.↗️
32@piotrpasich/CodeQualityThresholdRuns PHP tools to check basic code quality (phpmd, phpcs, phpdcd, phpcp)↗️
30@wowo/WowoNewsletterBundleNewsletter Bundle for Symfony2 (with messages queuing in beanstalkd)
26@d4rky-pl/kohana3-crudKohana 3.2 basic CRUD / scaffold
24@psliwa/fluent-traversableSupport for operating on collections and arrays by functional way. Inspired by guava's FluentIterable, java8 Stream framework and scala stuff.
21@wowo/WowoQueueBundleThe WowoQueueBundle provides unified method for use queue systems, like Beanstalkd, RabbitMQ, flat files, database driven queues etc.
21@nineinchnick/yii-nfyA module for sending notifications and displaying them using web notifications and ajax polling.
19@widmogrod/zf2-facebook-moduleZend Framework 2 module adding integration with Facebook php-sdk
18@Borales/yiiapi.comUsable & Searchable API Doc for Yii Framework↗️
17@widmogrod/zf2-rest-api-documen…This module provides a set of tools to generate documentation of your REST API
17@fizyk/sfForkedDoctrineAppl…This plugin is Forked version of sfDotrineApplyPlugin created by punkave guys. This Fork got stripped stripped of all dependencies from Zend Framework, introduced Profile model inheritance, small structural changes and few usability changes as well. Includes following language versions: English, Polish, French and Italian.↗️
14@bgruszka/PHPAntiSpamPHPAntiSpam is a library that recognize if documents / messages / texts are spam or not. The library use statistical analysis.
12@zekus/php-excel-readerIt reads the binary format of XLS files directly and can return values and formats from any cell. This project is the fork of http://code.google.com/p/php-excel-reade… that, apparently, is no longer maintained.
11@Borales/yii2-phone-inputYii2 International telephone numbers
11@widmogrod/data-gridSimple DataGrid implementation for PHP5.3
11@Borales/yii2-elasticsearch-b…Yii2 behavior to support Elasticsearch indexing
11@l3l0/phpcs-symfonySymfony 1.x coding standards
10@thunderer/SimilarWebApiSimilarWeb API Client written in PHP
9@psliwa/rfpWorking prototype of Real Functional PHP library
9@widmogrod/zf2-mustache-moduleZF2 module providing integration with mustache.php rendering engine
9@panrafal/phpquery-toolsPhpQuery Tools to manipulate HTML documents
8@d4rky-pl/kohana-api-lookupKohana 3.x API Lookup↗️
8@nineinchnick/yii2-auditExtensions to the Yii 2 PHP framework allowing tracking and viewing change history of a model.
8@widmogrod/zf2-datagrid-bundleZend Framework 2 module shipping simple DataGrid integration.
8@thunderer/SerializardFlexible serializer encouraging good object design
7@thunderer/NumbaseArbitrary number base converter.
7@panrafal/chequer-phpFast & simple scalar/object/array checking and validation
6@nineinchnick/closure-table-manage…PHP library that helps maintain adjacency list SQL structures
6@Borales/yii-MultidomainClien…Extending default Yii CClientScript class to use multiple subdomains for assets (scripts and stylesheets).↗️
6@rafalp/MibloMiblo is simple blog-aware static site generator writen in PHP 5.3 and using Twig.
6@fizyk/fzTagPluginfzTagPlugin originally started as rewrite of dmTagPlugin to adjust it to symfony 1.4. Now you can easily add tags to models in any symfony app.↗️
6@widmogrod/zf2-quizQuiz app
5@d4rky-pl/kohana3-generatorModel generator for Kohana3-CRUD
5@stloyd/gosquared-apiA simple Object Oriented wrapper for GoSquared API, written with PHP.
5@piotrpasich/cakephp-symfony-rout…SymfonyRouter for CakePHP↗️
5@Srokap/data_generatorAllows to fill-up Elgg installation with a lot of fake data.
5@l3l0/OpenSocialBundleSymfony2 osapi implementation
5@Srokap/db_backupElgg plugin, that allows creating and restoring MySQL database backups
5@fizyk/vjCommentPluginYou want to add comments on news page, pool or anything ? Just use this plugin ! It provides a comment behavior. Now, everything is commentable !↗️
4@nineinchnick/yii-demoDemo of my extensions for the Yii framework↗️
4@qzminski/blog-cd_collectionThe CD Collection extension for learning purposes↗️
4@wowo/timesheet-phpSimple Timesheet Application written in symfony 1.4
4@Srokap/code_reviewElgg plugin for PHP code analysis and refactoring.
4@psliwa/psPageableFormPluginProvide simple to use pageable (multipage) forms in symfony 1.2.x, 1.3.x and 1.4.x.↗️
3@qzminski/SimplePollSimplePoll is the Contao extension that allows you to create simple polls.
3@Riu/riudbMechanism for data storage
3@nineinchnick/yii-exporterA widget for the Yii framework for exporting data
3@fizyk/fzBlameablePluginProvides out of the box blameable behaviour for symfony/doctrine with few adjustment
3@wowo/cities-symfony2Frameworks comparision application↗️
3@Riu/phaldocApp to create and translate docs
3@pjedrzejewski/php-summercamp-model…Workshop repository for PHPSummerCamp 2015.
2@wowo/NKFeedFeed for Nasza-klasa.pl
2@thunderer/MonotypePHP variable type and method signature checker utility
2@Borales/yii2-ace-widgetYii2 Ace (Ajax.org Cloud9 Editor) Widget
2@d4rky-pl/Kohana-DBUtilPort of Fuel's DBUtil class
2@nineinchnick/yii2-demoDemo of my extensions for the Yii 2.0 framework↗️
2@Srokap/srokap_bootstrapPlugin created as most simplistic usage of Twitter Bootstrap as a Elgg theme.
2@l3l0/symfony-playgroundmy symfony playground
2@psliwa/zend-pdf[READ-ONLY] Subtree split of the Zend Framework Pdf library -- clone into Zend/Pdf/ (master at zendframework/zf2)↗️
2@widmogrod/zf2-semi-http-cacheZend Framework 2 module providing cache layer based on HTTP Cache.
2@drymek/GoogleDemoBundleGoogleBundle demo site
2@l3l0/bdd-workshopReally dump application uses for demonstrate behat and phpspec in php project (silex).


115@narfdotpl/jquery-typingassign callbacks for started/stopped typing events↗️
81@bernii/django-reservationsDjango module for handling reservations/booking
75@bernii/querystring-parserQueryString parser for Python/Django that correctly handles nested dictionaries↗️
61@narfdotpl/lensoSwift µframework and code generator for lenses↗️
50@narfdotpl/debugimport debug
37@Kwpolska/pkgbuilderAn AUR helper (and library) in Python 3.↗️
32@ergo/ziggurat_foundationsFramework agnostic set of sqlalchemy classes that make building applications that require permissions an easy task.
30@mrknow/filmkodiWtyczka kodi Filmyonline - filmkodi.com
29@Kwpolska/upassConsole UI for pass.
29@xando/django-rocket-engineDjango on AppEngine helper library. Support for Google CloudSQL and BlobStorage↗️
23@bernii/tornado-aclAccess Control List for Tornado (or just plain Python)
18@narfdotpl/hottiepython code hot-swapping
17@xando/subprocess.runThe subprocess module extension to run external processes.↗️
16@xando/github_importImport your python modules from GitHub
14@narfdotpl/interssectiontreat feeds like sets
13@narfdotpl/narf.plsource for my homepage and blog↗️
12@Kwpolska/python-project-templ…A template for Python Projects. INSERT TAGLINE HERE.™↗️
10@narfdotpl/dotfileszsh, vim, git, …
10@mattpap/sympy-polysNew polynomial manipulation algorithms for SymPy.
10@xando/os.path2The os.path module replacement, with simple API.↗️
9@ihor/BooksTasks from books
8@mattpap/scipy-2011-tutorialTutorial for SciPy 2011 conferences (Austin, Mumbai)↗️
7@bernii/python-media-crawlerSimple Python web crawler that looks through websites for media files (mp3, wma, aac.) and extracts their metadata↗️
6@mattpap/scala_school_noteboo…Scala School Notebooks
6@xando/django-modelhistorySimple model logging helper for django projects.
5@Kwpolska/thinkRun commands and play your favorite think music while doing that.
5@d33tah/joggerpl-toolsA collection of tools to aid the management of jogger.pl blogging platform
5@bernii/PyQRNativeGAENative python QR Code generator for Google App Engine
5@bernii/BarcodePrinterA simple, configurable barcode (CODE-128) PDF printer/generator
5@narfdotpl/loopozorginfrastructure for executing shell commands on file modification
4@ergo/webhelpers_grid2Grid extension for webhelpers2
4@ergo/ziggurat_formSimple form library
4@pkaleta/programming-contestSolutions and test cases from various programming competitions
3@mattpap/femtec-2011FEMTEC 2011 Conference Website↗️
3@mattpap/google-utilsUtilities for improving cooperation with Google pages.
3@ergo/python_lodz_tut1Python Łódź meeting Tut guidance code
3@narfdotpl/fontsizedchange OS X Terminal font size when external display is (dis)connected
3@narfdotpl/linkslinks collected by @narfdotpl↗️
3@ergo/ziggurat_form_demodemo app for ziggurat_form
3@xando/rocket-projectdjango-rocket-engine example project
2@AeroNotix/django-hpcloudDjango module for interacting with the hpcloud
2@xando/django-data-renderRender dict-like data, objects or Django models in simple unified way.
2@Kwpolska/trashmanA Python trash manager.↗️
2@narfdotpl/bulletMarkdown processor that adds "breakpoints" to @DecksetApp slides
2@bernii/python-num-variation…Plural forms of polish words in python for Django↗️
2@d33tah/usos-pythonPython bindings for USOS university system↗️
2@mattpap/euroscipy-2011-poste…Poster for EuroScipy 2011 conference↗️


15@analyxcompany/ForceAtlas2This is the R implementation of the Force Atlas 2 graph layout designed for Gephi.
10@pbiecek/PISA2012litedatasets from PISA 2012 study
9@pbiecek/SmarterPolandSet of tools developed by the Foundation SmarterPoland.pl [R package]
5@MarcinKosinski/RZabbixRZabbix is an R module for working with the Zabbix API.↗️
4@analyxcompany/resolutionFinding communities in network using algorithm with resolution parameter


1414@josevalim/rails-footnotesEvery Rails page has footnotes that gives information about your application and links back to your editor↗️
466@josevalim/enginexAn executable which creates a bare Rails 3 engine (which is used in Crafting Rails Applications)↗️
410@sickill/rainbowRuby gem for colorizing printed text on ANSI terminals
393@paneq/active_reloadReload Rails code in development mode only when change is deteced
382@sickill/rackshConsole for Rack based ruby web apps↗️
346@mkwiatkowski/todo-rails4-angularj…Showcase of Rails 4 and AngularJS integration
272@imanel/websocket-rubyUniversal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol
228@qoobaa/s3Library for accessing S3 objects and buckets, supports EU and US buckets
202@sickill/colorationTextmate to Vim, JEdit and Kate/KWrite color scheme converter
132@ArturT/knapsackKnapsack splits tests across CI nodes and makes sure that tests will run comparable time on each node.↗️
102@ncr/background-fuRunning Long Background Tasks In Ruby On Rails Made Dead Simple
95@wbzyl/rack-codehighlighterRack Middleware for code highlighting.↗️
93@ivyl/redmine-gitoliteGitolite Redmine Integration
91@felipeelias/resubjectUber simple presenters using Ruby's SimpleDelegator
85@ncr/rack-proxyA request/response rewriting HTTP proxy. A Rack app.
80@josevalim/easy_http_cacheAllows Rails controllers to use HTTP cache specifications easily by declaring which resources should be cached at the class level↗️
75@morgoth/picasaSimple google picasa management↗️
74@imanel/socky_gemSocky is a WebSocket server and client for Ruby on Rails↗️
61@sheerun/s3_file_fieldjQuery File Upload extension for direct uploading to Amazon S3 using CORS
61@wbzyl/sinatra-static-asset…Sinatra extension providing helper methods to output tags for static assets.↗️
57@imanel/hosts_updaterUpdate your /etc/hosts with list of unwanted domains
56@sickill/css2lessCss to LessCss converter↗️
52@mrowa44/gglGoogle right from your command line
46@imanel/websocket-eventmachi…WebSocket server for Ruby
45@imanel/socky_pluginSocky is a WebSocket server and client for Ruby on Rails↗️
44@imanel/websocket-eventmachi…WebSocket client for Ruby
44@mlomnicki/automatic_foreign_ke…Automatically generates foreign-key constraints when creating tables.
42@pokonski/activity_blogA basic blog application demonstrating possibilities of public_activity gem.↗️
41@josevalim/localized_templatesAnother templates localization schema for Rails 2.3 which allows you to create a folder for each locale on your views root↗️
41@qoobaa/vcardVcard support extracted from Vpim
39@mlomnicki/redhillonrails_coreAdds support in ActiveRecord for foreign_keys, complex indexes and other database-related stuff
37@morgoth/alexaAlexa Web Information Service↗️
36@paneq/activemodel-warningsMark some validations as optional and let them be skipped
36@wojtekmach/minitest-capybaraCapybara matchers support for minitest unit & spec↗️
33@qoobaa/javascript_i18nDead simple JavaScript i18n tool for your Rails application
33@wojtekmach/minitest-metadataAnnotate tests with key/value metadata↗️
31@qoobaa/xxxPorn of the day
29@tomash/spree-pp-website-sta…Paypal Website Payments Standard Extension for Spree, the open source shopping cart
28@mpasternacki/capistrano-offroadCapistrano recipes to use with non-rails projects.
25@imanel/white_list_modelPlugin for Ruby on Rails that allows you to filter unwanted tags before writing to the database
23@tomash/globalize-spreeintegrate Spree with Globalize3
23@mpasternacki/resque-pool-dynamicA dynamic manager for resque pool
23@szimek/efaxRuby library for accessing the eFax Developer service
22@filiptepper/facebook-oauth-examp…Facebook Graph API OAuth example with Ruby and Sinatra
22@sheerun/rails4-bootstrapMy systematic way of making bullet-proof Rails 4 bootstrap template.
22@josevalim/spartaJavascript running on Rubinius VM
22@josevalim/nested_scenariosFixtureScenarios, FixtureScenariosBuilder, Yaml and Ruby in one big mix for Rails.↗️
22@qoobaa/magicDetermine file type and encoding using "magic" numbers
21@sickill/rack-revision-infoRack middleware showing current git (or svn) revision number of deployed application↗️
21@wojtekmach/embedded_recordEmbed objects in a bitmask field. Similar to bitmask-attribute and friends
21@apohllo/CKANRuby Client for Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network
18@filiptepper/shredisSimple show-me-what-you-got-Redis application using Sinatra.
18@wojtekmach/attrsYet another attributes on steroids gem
17@mpapis/adAn example rails application / blog
17@wbzyl/rails4-tutorialPrzykłady dla wersji Rails mniejszych od 4.
16@morgoth/airbrake_handlerChef handler for sending exceptions to Airbrake↗️
15@apohllo/rodRuby Object Database↗️
15@tomash/blasphemya different Lorem Ipsum generator
14@mpasternacki/knife-dwimUploads a part of cookbook to a Chef server correctly↗️
14@mpapis/veewee-templates-upd…Veewee templates updater. Easily update templates in the installed veewee gem.
14@sickill/rack-lesscssRack middleware for serving LessCSS files compiled to CSS↗️
14@mpapis/rvm2Ruby enVironment Manager v2 - ruby implementation
14@szimek/omniauth-evernoteEvernote strategy for OmniAuth
14@paneq/manage-my-moneyPersonal accounting webapp written in Ruby on Rails
13@chastell/suffragista one-file Sinatra voting app that would fit in a gist
13@tomash/spree_globalizeTHE Spree extension for integration with Globalize3
13@imanel/socky_exampleSocky is a WebSocket server and client for Ruby on Rails↗️
13@apohllo/cycrThis library allows for accessing the Cyc ontology from Ruby language.↗️
12@imanel/libwebsocketUniversal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol
12@josevalim/defmSimple pattern matching for Ruby↗️
12@apohllo/ror-tasksThe tasks for the advanced Ruby on Rails course.
11@imanel/odt2htmlOpenDocument text to HTML converter
10@tomash/easy_globalize2_acce…Easily access (read and write) globalize2-translated fields without fiddling with locale
10@mpasternacki/cookbooksCookbooks for Opscode Chef
10@imanel/websocket-ruby-nativ…Native Extension for WebSocket gem
10@apohllo/srx-englishEnglish sentence segmentation rules based on SRX standard.
10@wbzyl/sinatra-rdiscountExtension providing RDiscount templates for Sinatra apps.↗️
9@apohllo/string_plAdditional support for Polish encodings in Ruby 1.9↗️
9@mpapis/gh_contributorsUpdate static files with github contributors list
9@sheerun/filelockHeavily tested, but simple filelocking solution using flock command.
9@morgoth/moneybookersRuby client for Moneybookers↗️
9@filiptepper/introduction-to-algo…Introduction to Algorithms in Ruby
8@sickill/tm2jedTexmate-To-JEdit colour theme converter - NOTE: DEVELOPMENT MOVED TO sickill/coloration repo
8@sheerun/githubsocialCollaborative repository recommendations based on GitHub stars↗️
8@filiptepper/thumbnailson-the-fly basic image processing performance shootout
8@mrowa44/damn-weatherGet some damn ☀️ 😎 ⚡ 👍
7@wbzyl/sinatra-marukuExtension providing Maruku templates for Sinatra applications.↗️
7@sickill/kanbanery-ruby-clien…Ruby client library and CLI for Kanbanery.com↗️
7@mpapis/state_attrMinimalistic state machine approach allowing multiple state attributes at the same time.
7@felipeelias/shift_subtitleAdd or subtract time from .str files↗️
6@apohllo/poliqarprRuby client for Poliqarp text corpus server (see http://poliqarp.sourceforge.net/)↗️
6@wojtekmach/value_inspectProvides implementation of #inspect that is arguably more readable and can be used in irb.↗️
6@filiptepper/redishRedish is a command-line shell interface for Redis.
6@qoobaa/to_hashToHash module for easy data serialization (using JSON, XML, etc.)
6@paneq/inboxDisplays emails sent to the users in action_mailer.delivery_method = :test mode
6@qoobaa/sane-ffiSANE bindings
6@tomash/szkolenie-2010materiały do i ze szkolenia z podstaw Ruby On Rails↗️
6@tomash/flyingvRuby wrapper for OpenKeyVal restful API↗️
6@tomash/discourse_shoutboxShoutbox plugin for Discourse
6@sickill/psUnix "ps" on the web.
6@qoobaa/bridgeUseful contract bridge utilities - deal generator, id to deal and deal to id conversion
6@filiptepper/staticoAd-hoc HTTP Server for your static files
6@mlomnicki/ddd-ecommerceExample E-Commerce application using event sourcing
5@paneq/as_readonlyExpose your collections as readonly objects without fear
5@chastell/lovely_rufustext wrapper
5@sickill/example-rack-framewo…Example ruby web framework built with Rack↗️
5@tomash/ascii_ticRails plugin extending String, mostly notably for unicode-to-ascii conversion
5@qoobaa/bridge-emberBridge written in Ember.js (hopefully)
5@qoobaa/sqsAmazon's Simple Queue Service access library
5@mlomnicki/post_policyPostfix Policy Server in Ruby
5@mpapis/capistrano-file_dbSqlite3 integration for Capistrano
4@ivyl/seksiWeb frontend for genereting images from LaTeX syntax.
4@filiptepper/sinatra-oauth-1.0a-e…An example OAuth 1.0a consumer
4@qoobaa/lolLOLCODE interpreter written in Ruby
4@morgoth/ripperThor scripts for CD ripping, wma to mp3 conversion and more↗️
4@morgoth/centrum_fakturRuby client for Centrum Faktur API↗️
4@szimek/devise_facebook_open…Provides an authentication strategy for users signing in via Facebook's JavaScript SDK.
4@tomash/rubygalstatic html gallery in Ruby
4@ArturT/RailstomRails Custom
4@wbzyl/rails31-html5-templa…Rails 3.1+ HTML5 application templates.
4@paneq/rails3-demosRails3 Demo application↗️
4@filiptepper/uploadify-railsUploadify plugin for Ruby on Rails asset pipeline
4@imanel/paperclip_mimetype_f…Some browsers send wrong mimetype of uploaded file - this plugin let paperclip define mimetype based on file extension.
3@mpapis/flat2treeTransform flat list into (reverse) dependency tree.
3@sheerun/rspec-gherkinA bridge between (in principle) semi-format Gherkin features and formal RSpec features
3@filiptepper/blip-twitterblip to twitter API
3@felipeelias/unfollowerStay updated of those who stopped following you on Twitter!↗️
3@qoobaa/proxiesProxies can even proxy other proxies
3@wojtekmach/any_valueCollection of helper methods for testing "shape" of the data↗️
3@wojtekmach/minitest-capybara-ex…Example Rails app for https://github.com/wojtekmach/minitest-c…
3@tomash/globalize3_accessorseasy accessors for ActiveRecord fields translated with globalize3
3@morgoth/fotostudioPhoto home page↗️
3@morgoth/linParser for contract bridge "lin" notation↗️
3@sickill/merb-resque-mailerMerb plugin for putting mail delivery jobs onto Resque queue↗️
3@apohllo/srx-polishPolish sentence and word segmentation rules in Ruby.
3@apohllo/colorsColorful Strings in Ruby.
3@sheerun/boweredBower client that integrates with Sprockets
3@mlomnicki/juicer-railsRails helper for Juicer - excellent asset packaging tool
3@mkwiatkowski/puzzlenode-14Solutions to Puzzle Node problem #14
3@mlomnicki/oa-blipOmniAuth strategy for blip.pl OAuth
3@ncr/rack-catRack middleware to concatenate yor assets (static, dynamic and remote) Use it to serve your javascripts and stylesheets faster!↗️
3@mlomnicki/howdyDead easy command line dictionary
3@paneq/capybara-js_findersAdditional finder for capybara that for some reason cannot use only xpath for finding nodes but needs to execute js for some calculations↗️
3@apohllo/car-shooterAscii-art car shooting game
2@wbzyl/syntaxJamis Buck's lexical analysis framework for syntax highlighting.↗️
2@tomash/bitspudlo.comengine powering bitspudlo.com↗️
2@tomash/expectorsome static typing emulation for Ruby
2@tomash/slackwodSlackWOD: slack integration to show today's WOD from CF Elektromoc facebook page
2@mpapis/cinch-yaml-scoreA Cinch plugin to count +1, scores are saved in yaml file for persistence
2@paneq/inventoryThousand ways to play with the concept of Inventory. Like coderetreat but over longer period of time.
2@paneq/celluloid-funHaving fun with celluloid
2@felipeelias/DirectoryServicesA MacRuby application that list all host aliases in OS X Directory Services
2@wojtekmach/cliCLI app framework
2@felipeelias/image-metadataTracks metadata from images↗️
2@mpapis/cinch-yaml-keywordsA Cinch plugin to define keywords and display description when keyword matches.
2@qoobaa/beaconpushGem for adding Beacon support into your application
2@mpapis/cinch-yaml-memoCinch plugin for !memo stored in YAML file
2@qoobaa/hstore_attributesProvides methods like hstore_reader or hstore_writer for accessing your Hstore data like any other attributes.
2@morgoth/sapsStowarzyszenie Amatorów Piłki Siatkowej↗️
2@filiptepper/eventmachine-example…eventmachine examples
2@morgoth/srug1First presentation of SRUG (LaTeX)
2@filiptepper/jruby-concurrency-co…Examples from "Java 7 Concurrency Cookbook" in JRuby
2@morgoth/ciosBoxing club homepage↗️
2@ncr/rack-jsonp-toolsEverything you need to support JSONP transparently. Method Override included for free!
2@chastell/kamerlinga computation network server↗️
2@mpapis/ruby-shell-proxyRuby Shell Proxy
2@wbzyl/fortunes-i18nFortunka i18n & l10n
2@mpasternacki/wordpress-comRuby Gem to access wordpress.com REST API
2@apohllo/srx2rubyThis project allows for generating Ruby class providing sentence breaking capabilities based on given SRX file.
2@mpasternacki/37s_cookbooksChef Cookbooks in use at 37signals
2@wbzyl/rack-mathSeveral Rack apps to play with and iteratively construct new Rack apps.
2@qoobaa/double_troubleAdds nonces to your Rails’ forms.
2@wbzyl/rack-htmltidyAdd HTML validation for Rack applications.↗️
2@sickill/sickounterSimple Sinatra powered downloads counter↗️
2@wbzyl/sinatra-mathSeveral Sinatra apps to play with and iteratively construct new Rack apps.
2@ArturT/KrakDroidConference Website
2@apohllo/poliqarpr-corpusThe default corpus for poliqarpr.↗️
2@mkwiatkowski/why-timeout-is-broke…Why Ruby's Timeout module is broken
2@apohllo/c45Model for c4.5 decision tree
2@mkwiatkowski/puppetSocial game rules prototype in rails3
2@apohllo/cyc-consoleIRB-like console for the Cyc ontology.↗️
2@mpapis/cinch-url-scraperA Cinch plugin to get information about posted URLs.
2@ncr/gibberish_trixLocalize ActiveRecord error messages without pain↗️
2@mpapis/msi_epfruby gem to handle MSI EPF USB
2@imanel/UnifiedDBUnified Movie Database↗️
2@RaVbaker/shop4friends_sinatrasimple app for shopping for friends from facebook↗️
2@razorjack/nazcaRails 3/4 plugin that makes title and meta tags (keywords, description, etc.) easy and manageable.
2@imanel/ruby-time-trackerTime Tracker written in Ruby on Rails↗️


514@adamw/macwireLightweight and Nonintrusive Scala Dependency Injection Library↗️
470@adamw/elasticmqMessage queueing system with an actor-based Scala and Amazon SQS-compatible interfaces. Runs stand-alone or embedded.↗️
190@adamw/quicklensModify deeply nested case class fields↗️
160@danielkorzekwa/bayes-scalaBayesian Networks in Scala
96@adamw/reactmqReactive Message Queue↗️
92@plokhotnyuk/actorsEvaluation of API and performance of different actor libraries
67@adamw/xsbt-proguard-pluginA plugin for XSBT to facilitate the use of ProGuard to create single jars for XSBT-managed projects↗️
57@adamw/scala-macro-debugScala macros for making debugging easier
40@adamw/veripacksVerify Package Specifications
27@adamw/reactive-akka-pres"Reactive Akka" presentation
25@danielkorzekwa/atpworldtour-apiScala API for atpworldtour.com tennis statistics
20@adamw/spray-tutorialSpray.io tutorial
19@lukaszbudnik/hackaton-portalhackaton.pl project
19@arturopala/akka-io-sctpAkka I/O driver for SCTP protocol based on Oracle JDK 7/8 support.
17@arturopala/play-2.4-crud-with-r…Play 2.4 project seed: Generic CRUD with Macwire and ReactiveMongo
15@danielkorzekwa/tennis-probability-c…Calculates probability of winning a tennis point, game, tiebreak, set, match, tournament
11@danielkorzekwa/betting-exchangeBetting Exchange Engine in Scala
10@danielkorzekwa/bayes-scala-gpGaussian Processes in Scala
7@jac3km4/wakfutcpWakfu TCP Client written in Scala
7@gkossakowski/gimdgimd (pronounced gim-dee) provides a small distributed database layered on top of the powerful Git version control system.↗️
5@plokhotnyuk/scala-vs-javaPerformance of Scala comparing to Java
5@danielkorzekwa/tennis-player-compar…Calculates probability of winning a tennis match and tournament by a tennis player against his opponent(s).
5@PiotrTrzpil/akka-stream-websocke…A simple implementation of WebSockets on Akka Streams
4@adamw/conference-portalConference portal↗️
4@danielkorzekwa/betting-aiAutomatically exported from code.google.com/p/betting-ai
4@adamw/nodi-macwire-presMacWire presentation↗️
3@adamw/jsr305-scala-compile…Nonnull-check generator, a Scala compiler plugin↗️
3@lukaszbudnik/play-cloud-pluginsCloud Plugins for Play! Framework
3@plokhotnyuk/calculatorExample of executable specification inspired by end-to-end approach described in: http://www.growing-object-oriented-softw…
3@gkossakowski/badsigsTools to detect broken signatures in class files produced by scalac
2@gkossakowski/scala-proxyScala reflection playground that will implement Scala proxy
2@gkossakowski/scala-healthA little tool that downloads and analyzes Scala Jenkins logs.
2@jac3km4/wakfudecryptAutomated decryption utility for Wakfu.
2@danielkorzekwa/betting-exchange-fee…Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/betting-exchange-feede…
2@danielkorzekwa/betting-riskAutomatically exported from code.google.com/p/betting-risk
2@danielkorzekwa/tennis-rating-dbn-em…Tennis Ratings based on Dynamic Bayesian Networks and Expectation Maximization, implemented in Scala
2@danielkorzekwa/betting-exchange-appAutomatically exported from code.google.com/p/betting-exchange-app
2@almendar/WarszawScala-slick-d…Skeleton of a project for Warsaw Scala User Group meetup
2@danielkorzekwa/betting-exchange-eve…Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/betting-exchange-event…


93@psprint/zsh-navigation-toolsCurses-based tools for Zsh, e.g. multi-word history searcher↗️
23@psprint/zsh-cmd-architectBuild commands from what's in history and at prompt
22@psprint/zpluginPlugin manager with clean fpath and reports↗️
14@psprint/zsh-editing-workbenc…Sane, sophisticated command line editing
7@grzegorzrolek/kif-compilerKerning Input File compiler for AAT
6@grzegorzrolek/glif-schemaXML Schema for Unified Font Object’s GLIF Spec
5@FadeMind/archpkgbuildsPKGBUILD's for Arch Linux
3@psprint/zsnapshotZsh session restoration
3@aidecoe/aidecoe-overlayaidecoe's experimental Gentoo overlay
3@FadeMind/libreoffice-fresh-ka…Kalahari icon themes for libreoffice-fresh-rpm↗️
3@psprint/history-search-multi…Multi-word history searching for Zsh
3@tomek/oh-my-zshA community-driven framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes 40+ optional plugins (rails, git, OSX, hub, capistrano, brew, ant, macports, etc), over 80 terminal themes to spice up your morning, and an auto-update tool so that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates from the community.↗️
2@pzel/suppose_itsA simple tool for testing date-related code↗️
2@aidecoe/dracutInitramfs generator using udev. Forked from git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/boot/dracut…
2@11mariom/backup.shAn backup script using rdiff-backup.
2@11mariom/scriptsvarious sh scripts
2@AdamPrzybyla/ejabberd-selinuxSELInux policy for ejabberd daemon.
2@elwin013/archinfoSimple system information utility written in Bash (similiar to archey and bsdinfo)
2@wujtruj/docker-droppletsDockerfile to build a Docker image of the Dropplets blogging platform


35@maxadamski/SwiftyRegexLinux compatible regex framework written in Swift
23@sembsa/CProgressViewCircle Progress for iOS - Swift




239@szw/vim-tagsCtags generator for Vim↗️
55@szw/vim-maximizerMaximizes and restores the current window in Vim.↗️
48@exu/pgsql.vimPostgresql syntax from Devrim GUNDUZ↗️
48@szw/vim-gQuick Google lookup directly from Vim↗️
30@szw/vim-dictThe Dict client for Vim↗️
10@szw/vim-smartcloseClose Vim windows in a smart way!
6@exu/vim-dotfilesMy VIM customizations
4@szw/dotfilesMy perfect setup :)
3@exu/vim-python_koansPython koans VIM helper

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