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lambundaler is a bundler for AWS Lambda functions. The module exports a single function that Browserifies and zips code, making it suitable for deployment as a Lambda function. The zipped code can be optionally written to an output file.


The following example creates a zipped bundle from the code specified in entry. The zipped bundle is written to the path specified by output.

'use strict';

const Lambundaler = require('lambundaler');

  entry: 'path-to-your-main-file.js',
  export: 'lambda-entry-point-export',
  output: ''
}, (err, buffer, artifacts) => {
  if (err) {

  // Handle buffer, which is an instance of Buffer and
  // artifacts, which is an object


The function exported by lambundaler behaves as follows:

  • Arguments
    • options (object) - A configuration object supporting the following schema.
      • entry (string) - File path containing the Lambda function code.
      • export (string) - The export in entry implementing the Lambda function.
      • env (object) - Optional object whose keys are merged into process.env in the resulting Lambda function.
      • bundler (object) - Optional configuration object passed directly to Browserify.
      • minify (boolean) - If true, the bundle will be minified. Defaults to false.
      • sourcemap (string or boolean) - If minification is enabled, setting this to false prevents a source map from being generated. Setting this to a string allows you to name the source map. Defaults to false.
      • sourcemapOutput (string) - An optional path to write the source map to.
      • exclude (array) - An optional array of strings representing modules to exclude from the bundle. This array is passed to Browserify. This option is essential when bundling code that uses the 'aws-sdk' module. You can bundle 'aws-sdk' via the files option, or rely on the version that is natively available on Lambda.
      • install (object) - Optional object used to run lambstaller. If this object is not included, the install will not be run. This object supports the following schema.
        • pkg (string) - The path to a package.json file. This file will be the target of npm install --production.
        • out (string) - The directory where the package.json file will be copied and the install will occur. The resulting node_modules directory will be automatically added to the bundle. This value is optional. If it is not included, a directory will be created in the system's temp directory.
        • version (string) - The Node.js version to use. This is important for native addon compatibility. Valid values are 'nodejs', 'nodejs4.3', and 'nodejs6.10'. Defaults to 'nodejs6.10'.
      • files (array) - An optional array of strings and/or objects indicating additional files (such as standalone executables) to include in the zip archive. Strings specify file and directory paths. Objects should have name and data properties which are used as the file name and contents in the zip archive.
      • output (string) - Optional path to write the zip archive to.
      • deploy (object) - Optional object used to deploy to AWS. The following properties are supported.
        • config (object) - An optional configuration passed directly to Aws.Lambda() constructor.
        • name (string) - The name to give the Lambda function.
        • overwrite (boolean) - If true, lambundaler will attempt to delete the function specified by the name option. Defaults to false.
        • role (string) - An AWS role with permission to execute the Lambda.
        • runtime (string) - The Lambda runtime to use. Valid values are 'nodejs', 'nodejs4.3', and 'nodejs6.10'. Defaults to 'nodejs6.10'.
        • timeout (number) - The execution timeout of the Lambda function in seconds. Defaults to three seconds.
        • memory (number) - The amount of memory, in MB, given to the Lambda function. Must be a multiple of 64MB. Defaults to 128MB.
    • callback (function) - A function which is called upon completion. This function takes the following arguments.
      • err (error) - Represents any error that occurs.
      • buffer (Buffer) - Contains the zip archive, represented as a Node.js Buffer.
      • artifacts (object) - An object containing items generated during the build process. This object can contain the following properties.
        • sourcemap (string) - A source map generated during minification.
        • lambda (object) - The Lambda function object created during deployment.
  • Returns
    • Nothing

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