npm i jquery-tagger


jQuery - Tagger Widget

jQuery plugin to turn a HTML select into an auto-suggesting, tagging widget.

There seemed to be other plugins that did auto-suggest, but not allowing for multiple tags to be selected. Or plugins to have a multi-select drop down, but no auto-suggest feature.

This plugin does both at the same time, hopefully giving the best of both worlds. It was written from the ground up and has support for hierachical data, searching for data that isn't displayed, displaying arbitrary HTML in the suggestion list, running the original onChange actions, displaying tags for items previously selected but no longer in the list, keyboard accessibility and many other features.


Clone this repository, check out the examples folder. All you need to do is include the two files in the src folder on your page and apply the widget to a select and pass it appropriate options via the constructor.

It should work in everything from IE6 onwards. If you find a feature that fails to work in any environment, raise an issue.


  • jquery : >=1.9
  • jqueryui : >=1.10

If you want to build the documentation, use JSDoc

Code can run through JSHint where it will complain about my console.log implementation.

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