npm i ignore-emit-webpack-plugin


Prevents ignored files from being emitted during a Webpack build

by MrBar42

2.0.6 (see all)License:MITTypeScript:Not Found
npm i ignore-emit-webpack-plugin

Ignore Emit Webpack plugin

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Prevent files that are matching a pattern from being emitted in a webpack build. This is achieved with a webpack plugin.

You can easily ignore file by accident - use with care.

Quick Usage

npm i --save-dev ignore-emit-webpack-plugin


// webpack.config.js
import IgnoreEmitPlugin from 'ignore-emit-webpack-plugin';

export default {
  // ...
  plugins: [
    new IgnoreEmitPlugin(/\.map$/)


// webpack.config.js
const IgnoreEmitPlugin = require('ignore-emit-webpack-plugin');

module.exports = {
  // ...
  plugins: [ new IgnoreEmitPlugin(/\.map$/) ]
  // ...

The module is written in Node 8.x flavored es6. To get the es5 transpiled version use require('ignore-emit-webpack-plugin/es5')


Signature: new IgnoreEmitPlugin(patterns, options)

  • patterns {RegExp|string|Array.<RegExp|string>} - regex, string or array with mixed regex/strings (deep nesting allowed), to match against the OUTPUT path of assets.
  • options {object} - optional, options object
    • options.debug {boolean} - prints extra logs

not defining patterns or defining invalid pattern will throw error.

// single regex
new IgnoreEmitPlugin(/\/artifacy.js$/);
// single regex in array
new IgnoreEmitPlugin([ /\/artifacy.js$/ ]);
// mixed array
new IgnoreEmitPlugin([ 'file.woff', /\/artifacy.js$/ ]);

// you can also do this - but you really shouldn't
new IgnoreEmitPlugin([ [ [ [ /\/artifacy.js$/ ] ] ] ]);

// file.js
// dir/file.js

new IgnoreEmitPlugin('file.js');     // both file.js and dir/file.js ignored
new IgnoreEmitPlugin(/\/file\.js/);  // only dir/file.js is ignored
new IgnoreEmitPlugin(/^file\.js/);   // only file.js is ignored

I want to help!

Contribution would be much appreciated. Either by creating pull requests of opening issues.

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