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Build a Modern JS Project - #4 Pre-commit with Husky & lint-staged
As a follow-up to the last video about ESLint and Prettier, we’d want to ensure that our code is linted before it gets merged to master. Of course, we should...

Git hooks with Husky
When doing javascript development it is common to have linting and test tasks in your package.json file. It is easy to forget to run these common tasks before pushing code and this can result in a…

Using Prettier and husky to make your commits safe.
Whether you work in a team or by yourself, having consistently formatted code is important for readability and maintainability. Use Prettier to automatically format your JavaScript and use husky and…

Easy git hooks with Husky
Effortless creation and management of git hooks for your Node/NPM projects with Husky.

Pre-commit git hooks with Husky
While working on an enterprise development team, it is important that all typescript code linting and unit tests are passing before committing code, especially if you are using some form of…
Maksim Ivanov

Maksim Ivanov
Git provides an interface to run some code as reaction on specific triggers. Those triggers are called githooks (hooks used by git). You can…