npm i hubot-freddie



Freddie is Rocket.Chat's Hubot for Federation via

Freddie pairs a Rocket.Chat server with a Synapse Home Server.

From Rocket.Chat:

Rocket.Chat in federated channel

To Home Server:

Synapse in federated room

Out to the rest of the federated world - Slack, IRC, and beyond ... via

NOTE: This project is a work in progress.


npm install --save hubot-freddie

Next, you must edit the external-scripts.json file to load Freddie:


Home Server Application Service Registration

In the node_modules/hubot-freddie directory:

npm install
node src/matrix/genASRegFile.js -r -u <URL of hubot-freddie's incoming webhook>

This will generate a rocketchat-registration.yaml file in the same directory.

Copy this file to both your Rocket.Chat server and Synapse Home Server. Note the absolute path(s).

The format of the generated file is somewhat outdated, please add the following line at the top of the Synapse Home Server's copy:

id: "rocketchat"

On your home server, make sure to add an entry in homeserver.yaml to point to this file:

app_service_config_files: ["/absolute/path/to/rocketchat-registration.yaml"]

You will also need to configure Freddie for your Rocket.Chat server and Synapse Home sever..


You can configure Freddie via environment variables.

Configuration Options

Here are all of the options you can specify to configure hubot-freddie.

Note that these options are in addition to the options available with the hubot-rocketchat adpaters. Please see hubot-rocketchat adapter configuration options for more information.

Configure via: export VAR=Value or add to pm2 etc

Environment VariableDescription
HOMESERVER_URLthe URL where your Home Server is running, as seen by the bot, specify as http://host:port with no trailing slash
HOMESERVER_DOMAINthe domain of the Home Server
HOMESERVER_ROOM_IDthe id of the federated room on the Home Server; note this must be the ID and not the textual name of the room
ROCKETCHAT_ROOM_IDthe id of the federated room on the Rocket.Chat Server; note this must be the ID and not the textual name of the room
HOMESERVER_SENDER_LOCALthe local user on the Home Server that will create new users and send messages on behalf of incoming Rocket.Chat messages
INCOMING_PORTthe port at which this bot will listen to incoming messages from the Home Server
ROCKETCHAT_USER_PREFIXthe prefix added to the Rocket.Chat user name when messages are sent on his/her behalf to the Home Server
WRITABLE_CONFIG_PATHthe absolute path of the directory where the bot's Matrix bridge can find the rocketchat-registration.yaml Application Service configuration file, this file must be identical to the one registered with the Home Server

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