npm i gypsi


Node.js Project Process Management

by Rhema Michael

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npm i gypsi

Node Gypsi

This package is still being developed. use carefully..

Node-Gypsi is a small open source node.js utility for managing and monitoring Node.js applications and process. It can start up deamons and services your application depends on. It uses Monit to manage these services.

Node-Gypsi has a very intuitive CLI wizard that helps you set up your applications dependencies. The current version supports "systemd" as I built this on Fedora 20. I plan to support Upstart and maybe Initd.


[sudo] npm install gypsi -g

How to use


  • Monit - Download and Install Monit - Make sure monit is installed.
  • Node.js - Download and Install Node.js. You can also follow this gist for a quick and easy way to install Node.js and npm


  • Manage Projects ; would like to have applications and services reordered, removed, viewed etc
  • Add Execs; users can add commands as coApps eg. redis-server
  • MONIT Integration.
  • Communicate and Send Mssgs to running processes.
  • Add support for Upstart.
  • Tests and Tasks
  • Add node-gypsi version to config file, would help determine how to update
  • Use Nodemon as an option to allow restarts on file change

More Information


The MIT License