npm i ghost-github



Storage on GitHub for Ghost. Good for blogs hosted on platforms without a persistent filesystem (e.g. Heroku).


cd /path/to/your/ghost/directory
npm install ghost-github
mkdir content/storage
cp -r node_modules/ghost-github content/storage/ghost-github


Add the following to your configuration file depending on the version of Ghost you have.

< 1.0.0

storage: {
    active: "ghost-github",
    "ghost-github": {
        // Required: Can either be basic, oauth, or token
        type: "...",
        user: "...",
        // Either: GitHub login credentials (basic only)
        password: "...",
        // Either: Personal access token (for token and oauth)
        token: "...",
        // Required: Name of repo you want to save files to
        repo: "...",
        // Optional: Will save to branch of repo, defaults to master
        branch: "..."

>= 1.0.0

Options from above also apply here except for the formatting.

"storage": {
    "active": "ghost-github",
    "ghost-github": {
        "type": "...",
        "user": "...",
        "password": "...",
        "token": "...",
        "repo": "...",
        "branch": "..."


How do I get a personal access token?

  1. Create a new personal token here.
  2. Select 'repo' (which will select everything under repo), as ghost-github will need access to your repository.
  3. Copy the token that shows up upon successful creation, and paste that into the token field of ghost-github's configuration.

I'm getting a "Bad credentials" error. What should I do?

Your token or password might be incorrect. You should double-check your configuration.

I'm getting a "Not found" error. What should I do?

Make sure the repository you specified exists. Also, check to make sure the branch (if specified) exists in the repo.


Without these awesome people, I might've never been able to finish this.



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