Yeoman generator for Magento 2 extensions (modules and themes)



Magento2 Generator

generator-mage2 makes it easy to create Magento2 extensions (modules and themes).


$ npm install -g generator-mage2


  • yo mage2: Installs Magento2 Community Edition.
  • yo mage2:module: Creates a basic Magento2 module folder.

Commands for module

Before using the following commands, you must be located inside your module folder.
If you have a VendorName/ModuleName module, you should do: cd VendorName/ModuleName.

  • yo mage2:acl: Creates acl file with some default rules.
  • yo mage2:menu: Creates custom menu on Magento2 admin panel.
  • yo mage2:observer: Creates an event observer. Here is all of the events dispatched in Magento2.
  • yo mage2:route: Creates a route.
  • yo mage2:view: Creates a view.
  • yo mage2:command: Creates a command.
  • yo mage2:crud_model: Creates a CRUD model.
  • More coming soon

Commmands for theme

  • Coming soon