Expirable cache

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Automatic expiring "cache" for Node.js. There must be tons of modules like these, but I couldn't find anyone that suites my needs. Just something simple but useful enought to transformed in to a module. Oh and the syntax is pretty as well <3


var Expirable = require('expirable');

// all the keys you stuff in to the cache are saved for 5 minutes.
var cache = new Expirable('5 minutes');

// add a new item to the cache, expires in 5 minutes, as that is what we
// configured above.
cache.set('key', value);

// add item to the cache, but for 10 minutes.
cache.set('key', value, '10 minutes');

// get item from the cache, this will automatically update the internal last
// used value, so it will be expired after 5 minutes, without any interaction
value = cache.get('key');

// same as above, except it will not touch the internal last used value and it
// will expire 5 minutes after you have set it
value = cache.get('key', true);

// check if a value exists
cache.has('key') ? 'yes' : 'no';

// remove a key from the cache.

// when a key is removed from the cache it will emit an event for it. This is
// useful when you want to re-cache an item again when it expires.
cache.on('key:removed', function (expired) {
  // The expired boolean tells you if the key was removed because it was expired
  // or if it was a manual removal

// update the expiree of a key
cache.expire('key', '10 seconds');
cache.expire('kex'); // alias for cache.remove, as it expired directly

// stop the interal setinterval that scan for out of date keys

// start it again.

// kill everything, nuke that motherfucker.

// Oh! so you want to store the output of a Stream? sure!
var stream = cache.stream('key', fs.createReadStream(..), '10 seconds');

// stream is the result of fs.createReadStream
// once the stream fires it's `done` event, we will store the data.

// iterate over the cache
cache.forEach(function (key, value) {
  console.log(key, value);