npm i evergreen-ui
Ashik MeerankuttyIdukki, Kerala68 Ratings68 Reviews
April 16, 2021
Great Documentation
Easy to Use

A simple, beautiful component library for react. I was using this for a long time as it was offering components that I required most of the time. Although evergreen-ui has a small subset of component as compared to other component libraries, It offers almost everything needed to create a simple web app. Also there is a set of icons provided by the library which is great for simple use cases. The issues I noted is that these components are not much accessible as compared to chakra UI. Also theming is a bit difficult.

ShaminKochi, Kerala51 Ratings50 Reviews
Full stack engineer & open source enthusiast
April 27, 2021
Great Documentation
Easy to Use

It is one of the few component libraries I like. There are a lot of component libraries in react having a wide variety of components but this one is very simple. The tables evergreen provide are rich in features and easy to use and it is my favourite component. This library has almost all the components that I use and nothing more. The documentation is also very simple. I have also read the source code and it is easy to understand from the source also.

Abhijith Vijayan~/ India / Kerala91 Ratings71 Reviews
npx abhijithvijayan
July 27, 2021
Poor Documentation
Easy to Use
Highly Customizable

Minimalistic UI library for React. I have used Everygreen UI components on a project last year, the only thing I didn’t like was that there were no individual packages for the library components which is okay if the library has all the components but it doesn’t. I would recommend something like chakra-ui or something now. But the design and its composability factor was high for evergreen ui.

Katharin BensonIndia105 Ratings104 Reviews
Machine Learning and Deep Learning Enthusiast.
September 14, 2021
Easy to Use
Highly Customizable

Evergreen-UI is a lightweight UI library written for react that I no longer use. It has a minimal set of components that you would use for a daily basis. The documentation is well concise. One con which I noticed is that the library itself is a single bundle which makes it not my primary choice as there is no code-splitting involved.

Grigore-Gabriel TrifanTecuci, Romania13 Ratings12 Reviews
Discovering new realms
March 8, 2021
Easy to Use
Great Documentation

A simple and well polished Component library, it's got a lot of features out of the box, however it lacks some customization, as of v5.1.2

ferjohnrobin55 Ratings0 Reviews
9 months ago
Scott3j5 Ratings0 Reviews
November 25, 2021
Usama LiaquatPakistan67 Ratings0 Reviews
IBM data scientist intern / Xpackage AI / openAI❤️/ Work'n @facebook , Gatsby and @codistan
August 24, 2021
Dashon 'DJ' HawkinsPhoenix, Arizona483 Ratings0 Reviews
Full-stack Javascript/Node.js developer, architect, & engineer in junior/mid role & CEO @GhettoGeek LLC; boutique, full-service digital agency downtown Phx, AZ.
February 15, 2021
Philipp MolitorHamburg, Germany16 Ratings2 Reviews
Building 12 factor software with TypeScript, GraphQL, REST+OpenAPI, Prisma and React. Learning Rust, and C++ for microcontrollers.
January 5, 2021

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