ESF Utility Module




Build Status

Road map

0.1.0Logging (req: esf-utl-1.1, esf-utl-1.4, esf-utl-1.5)released
0.2.0Basic path operathins (req. esf-utl-1.3)released
1.0.0Promises error handling esf-utl-1.2released
2.0.0Implement API v.2.0, reqs esf-utl-1.2released
2.1.0Implement actual ESF-spec (v.2.5), update to babel v.6 , reqs esf-utl-2.1released
2.2.0Implement API v.2.2, reqs esf-utl-3.0released
3.0.0Implement API v.3.0, reqs esf-utl-4.0released
3.2.0Implement aliases e, l: req esf-utl-5.0released



ReqIdRequirementImplementation Methods
esf-utl-1.1It should implement logginglog
esf-utl-1.2It should simplify error handling inside PromisespromiseReject (depr. since API v.2.0)
esf-utl-1.3It should basic path operationsstripSlash, absolutizePath
esf-utl-1.4Console messages should be clearstyles
esf-utl-1.5It should filter confidential information off logslogFilter
esf-utl-1.6Capitalization mtd, compatible with DB Class naming conventioncapitalize
esf-utl-1.7Generation of current date in cross-FS-friendly formatgetCurrentDateFmtFFS
esf-utl-1.8It should handle Errors with options: set number, custom message, custom Error, an option to throwrejectingError
esf-utl-2.0Implement API v.2.0_
esf-utl-2.1Implement actual ESF-spec (v.2.5), update to babel v.6_
esf-utl-2.2Add basic tests for all methods_
esf-utl-3.0It should have a method to stringify JSON with circular structuresstringifyJSON
esf-utl-4.0It should clearly show log file name, log string should be shorter
esf-utl-5.0It should present short aliases for log() and rejectingError methodsl, e

API v.3.0

static object logFile                                    // path to log file. Default: ${os.tmpdir()}/e.log
static object styles
static string getCurrentDateFmtFFS()                     // current Date-Time formatted like 0000-00-00_00-00-00
static string stripSlash(string pathName)                // strips ending slash off a path string
static string absolutizePath(string p, string rel)       // 
static string logFilter(string s)                        // 
static void   log(string msg, string style, bool silent) // 
static Error  rejectingError(                            // 
  integer  num,                                          // error number
  string   msg,                                          // error message
  Error    err,                                          // error object
  Function rej,                                          // Promise rejection callback handler
  boolean  thr                                           // throw setter. If true the Error err should be thrown, else - just returned
static string capitalize(string s)                       // 
static string stringifyJSON(object s)                    // Stringifies an object, stripping off circular structures
static void   l                                          // alias of log
static Error  e                                          // alias of rejectingError

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