npm i ember-cli-deploy-scp


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Easy deploy your Ember applications via SSH using SCP and rsync.



# install dependencies (both are most likely already installed)
ember install ember-cli-deploy
ember install ember-cli-deploy-build

# install this plugin
ember install ember-cli-deploy-scp


Edit config/deploy.js:

module.exports = function(environment){
  let ENV = {};

  // other configuration…

  if (environment === 'production') {
    ENV['scp'] = {
      nodes: [{
        username: '<ssh-username>',
        host: '<ssh-host>',
        path: '<remote-server-path>',

  // …

  return ENV;

You are now ready to deploy with ember deploy production.

Configuration Options

nodesArray of nodes to connect with. For each node the required keys are host, username and path as well as an optional port (defaults to 22).
directoryDirectory that will be uploaded (default is tmp/deploy-dist/).
excludeExclude specified files and directories from uploading.
flagsFlags to pass to the rsync command (default is rtvu).
optionsOptions to pass to the rsync command (empty by default). For example { 'rsync-path': 'mkdir -p /a/great/directory && rsync' }

Common Issues

code 12 error from rsync

A error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) that may be because the remote path is incorrect. All directories leading up to the last directory in the path must already exist for rsync to work. This is a limitation in rsync itself, not an issue with this plugin.

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