A node.js module for interfacing with the Elk M1 Gold automation controller





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elkington is a node.js module for interfacing with the Elk M1 Gold automation controller.

This is currently experimental and under development. Not all Elk messages are currently being parsed.


  • Simple API with function calls for Elk commands
  • Supports many Elk commands
  • Supports both secure and non-secure communication ports


To get started, call createConnection() to create a new connection and register some event handlers:

var elkington = require('elkington');

/// create a connection
var elk = elkington.createConnection({ 
  port: 2101, 
  host: '' 

// register event handlers
elk.on('any', function(msg){
  console.log('Incoming message: ' + msg.message);

Or a secure connection can be established...

/// create a connection
var elk = elkington.createConnection({ 
  port: 2601, 
  host: 'myelk.myhouse.com',
  username: 'somebody',
  password: 'yoyoyo',
  useSecure: true 

Handling events

elkington provides a lot of commands. Some of the commands will invoke a response from the controller. You can optionally pass in a callback to these commands.

elk.alarmByZoneRequest(function(err, resp){
  if(err) {
  } else {
    console.log('Got the alarm by zone response');

Or you can listen for the response in a separate event handler and just call the method.

// AZ is the message type for 'Alarm by Zone Reply'
elk.on('AZ', function(msg) {
  console.log('area1 arm status: ' + msg.data.area1.armStatus);



The Elk M1 has a large library of words that it can say over it's speaker. With the elkington speak() function, you can make your Elk say all kinds of wacky (or useful) stuff...

elk.speak('defective hottub pump');

...now something more useful:

var elkington = require('elkington');
var request = require('request');
var elk = elkington.createConnection({ port: 2101 , host: ''});

elk.on('connect', function() {
  // say the outside temp on connection to the Elk
  var opts = {
    url: 'http://query.yahooapis.com/v1/public/yql',
    qs: {
      q: 'select item from weather.forecast where location = "48307"',
      format: 'json'
  request(opts, function(error, response, body) {
    if(!error) {
      var temp = JSON.parse(body).query.results.channel.item.condition.temp.toString();    
      elk.speak('outside temperature is ' + temp + ' degrees');

The speak function can even interpret numerical values

// speaker says 'two thousand twelve'

Event API

on(event, callback)

Register an event listener.

Arm/Disarm API


Disarm the Elk. Callback is optional.


Arm the Elk in Away Mode.


Arm the Elk in Stay Mode.


Arm the Elk in Stay Mode instantaneously.


Arm the Elk in Night Mode.


Arm the Elk in Night Mode instantaneously.


Arm the Elk in Vacation Mode.


Arm and step to next Away mode


Arm and step to next Stay mode


Request the arming statuses for all areas. Callback is optional. The callback returns the results of the Arming Status Response sent by the Elk.


elkington can emit the following events. With the exception of the utility any event, the events use the same two-character, uppercase codes from the Elk RS-232 ASCII protocol:

  • any: Any message from the Elk
  • AR: Alarm Reporting to Ethernet
  • AS: Arming status report data
  • AT: Ethernet Test to IP
  • AZ: Alarm by zone reply
  • CC: Control output change update
  • CR: Custom value report data
  • CS: Control output status report data
  • CU: Change user code reply
  • CV: Counter Value Data
  • DS: Lighting Poll Response
  • DK: Display KP LCD Data
  • EM: Email Trigger to M1XEP
  • IC: Send invalid user code digits
  • IE: Installer program exited
  • IP: M1XSP Insteon Program
  • IR: M1XSP Insteon Read
  • KA: Keypad areas report data
  • KC: Keypad key change update
  • KF: Function key pressed data
  • LD: Log data with index
  • LW: Reply temperature data
  • PC: PLC change update
  • PS: PLC status report data
  • RE: Reset Ethernet Module
  • RP: ELKRP connected
  • RR: Real Time Clock Data
  • SD: Text string description report data
  • SS: System Trouble Status data
  • ST: Temperature report data
  • TC: Task change update
  • TR: Thermostat data report
  • UA: User code areas report data
  • VN: Reply Version Number of M1
  • XB: reserved by ELKRP
  • XK: Request Ethernet test
  • ZB: Zone bypass report data
  • ZC: Zone change update
  • ZD: Zone definition report data
  • ZP: Zone partition report data
  • ZS: Zone status report data
  • ZV: Zone analog voltage data


The elkington speak() function supports the following words:

custom1, custom2, custom3, custom4, custom5, custom6, custom7, custom8, custom9, custom10, zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, hundred, thousand, silence200ms, silence500ms, tone800hz, a, access, acknowledged, ac_power, activate, activated, active, adjust, air, alarm, alert, all, am, an, and, answer, any, are, area, arm, armed, at, attic, audio, auto, authorized, automatic, automation, auxiliary, away, b, back, barn, basement, bathroom, battery, bedroom, been, bell, bottom, break, breakfast, bright, building, burglar, button, by, bypassed, cabinet, call, camera, cancel, carbon_monoxide, card, center, central, change, check, chime, circuit, clear, closed, closet, code, cold, condition, connect, control, cool, cooling, corner, crawlspace, danger, day, deck, decrease, defective, degrees, delay, den, denied, detected, detector, device, dial, dialing, dim, dining_room, disable, disarm, disarmed, dock, door, doors, down, driveway, east, emergency, enable, end, energy, enrollment, enter, entering, entertainment, enter_the, entry, environment, equipment, error, evacuate, event, exercise, expander, exit, exterior, f, fail, failure, family_room, fan, feed, fence, fire, first, flood, floor, followed, force, fountain, foyer, freeze, front, full, furnace, fuse, game, garage, gas, gate, glass, go, good, goodbye, great, group, guest, gun, hall, hallway, hanging_up, hang_up, has, has_expired, have, hear_menu_options, heat, help, high, hold, home, hot, hottub, house, humidity, hvac, if, immediately, in, inches, increase, inner, input, inside, instant, interior, in_the, intruder, intruder_message, intrusion, invalid, is, is_about_to_expire, is_active, is_armed, is_canceled, is_closed, is_disarmed, is_low, is_off, is_ok, is_on, is_open, jacuzzi, jewelry, keep, key, keypad, kitchen, lamp, laundry, lawn, leak, leave, left, less, level, library, light, lights, line, living_room, loading, lobby, location, lock, low, lower, m, machine, mail, main, mains, manual, master, max, media, medical, medicine, memory, menu, message, middle, minute, missing, mode, module, monitor, more, motion, motor, next, night, no, normal, north, not, notified, now, number, nursery, of, off, office, oh, ok, on, online, only, open, operating, option, or, other, out, outlet, output, outside, over, overhead, panel, panic, parking, partition, patio, pause, perimeter, personal, phone, place, play, please, plus, pm, police, pool, porch, port, pound, pounds, power, press, pressure, problem, program, protected, pump, radio, raise, ready, rear, receiver, record, recreation, relay, remain_calm, remote, repeat, report, reporting, reset, restored, return, right, roof, room, running, safe, save, screen, second, secure, security, select, sensor, serial, service, set, setback, setpoint, setting, shed, shipping, shock, shop, shorted, shunted, side, silence, siren, sliding, smoke, someone, south, spare, speaker, sprinkler, stairs, stairway, star, start, status, stay, stock, stop, storage, storm, studio, study, sump, sun, switch, system, tamper, tank, task, telephone, television, temperature, test, thank_you, that, the, theater, thermostat, third, time, toggle, top, transformer, transmitter, trespassing, trouble, turn, twice, type, under, unit, unlocked, unoccupied, up, user, utility, vacation, valve, video, violated, visitor, wake_up, walk, wall, warehouse, warning, water, way, welcome, west, what, when, where, will, window, windows, with, work, yard, year, you, zone, zones


  • Oh, man. Where do I start.

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