npm i dwolla-node


NodeJS Wrapper for Dwolla's legacy V1 API

by Dwolla

2.0.0 (see all)License:MITTypeScript:Not Found
npm i dwolla-node


Official Node wrapper for Dwolla's v1 API

Deprecation warning

This repository is for an old version of our API and is no longer actively maintained. Please use our new SDKs.

No Maintenance Intended



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npm install dwolla-node




You'll need Dwolla API Credentials to interact with the Dwolla API.

// Instantiate a Dwolla API client
var Dwolla = require('dwolla-node')(['{CLIENT_ID}', '{CLIENT_SECRET}']);

// Set a user's OAuth token

// Use the Sandbox API environment, instead of production
Dwolla.sandbox = true;

// Send money to a Dwolla ID: 812-626-8794
Dwolla.send('[PIN]', '812-626-8794', 1.00, function(error, transactionId) {
    if(error) { console.log('Error: ' + error); }

    console.log('Transaction ID: ' + transactionId);

Examples / Quickstart

This repo includes various usage examples, including:

  • Authenticating with OAuth [oauth.js]
  • Sending money [send.js]
  • Fetching account information [accountInfo.js]
  • Grabbing a user's contacts [contacts.js]
  • Listing a user's funding sources [fundingSources.js]
  • Creating Gateway Checkout sessions [checkouts.js]
  • Enable or check an account's Auto-Withdrawal feature [autoWithdrawal.js]
  • Fetch a user's account balance [balance.js]
  • Listing or searching a user's contacts [contacts.js]
  • Creating a money request, and listing a user's pending money requests [requests.js]
  • Getting transactions, transaction statistics, and processing refunds [transactions.js]
  • Creating a MassPay job, retrieving jobs, and their items [masspay.js]


Helper Methods:

setToken(oauth_token)   ==> (bool) did the access token change sucessfully?
getToken()              ==> (string) the currently used oauth access token

Authentication Methods:

authUrl([redirect_uri, scope])         ==> (string) OAuth permissions page URL
finishAuth(code[, redirect_uri, fn])   ==> (object) access_token, refresh_token, expiration times
refreshAuth(refresh_token, fn)         ==> (object) access_token, refresh_token, expiration times
catalog(token, fn)                     ==> (object) {...} collection of elligible endpoints

Account Methods:

basicAccountInfo(id, fn)                    ==> (object) user profile for given email address or Dwolla ID
fullAccountInfo(fn)                         ==> (object) the user entity associated with the token
balance(fn)                                 ==> (string) the Dwolla balance of the account associated with the token
toggleAutoWithdraw(enabled, fundingId, fn)  ==> (object) current {Enabled, FundingId}
getAutoWithdrawalStatus(fn)                 ==> (object) current {Enabled, FundingId}

Contacts Methods:

contacts(params, fn)            ==> (array) list of contacts matching the search criteria
nearby(lat, lon, params, fn)    ==> (array) list of nearby spots matching the search criteria

Funding Sources Methods:

fundingSources(fn)          ==> (array) a list of funding sources associated with the token
fundingSourceById(id, fn)   ==> (object) information about the {$id} funding source
addFundingSource(account_number, routing_number, account_type, name, fn)    ==>  (object) the new, unverified funding source resource
verifyFundingSource(deposit1, deposit2, fundingId, fn)  ==> (object) funding source resource
withdrawToFundingSource(pin, amount, fundingId, fn)  ==> (object) the resulting Withdraw transaction
depositFromFundingSource(pin, amount, fundingId, fn) ==> (object) the resulting Deposit transaction

Transactions Methods:

send(pin, destinationId, amount, params, fn)    ==> (string) transaction ID
transactionById(id, fn)                         ==> (object) transaction details
transactions(params, fn)                        ==> (array) a list of transactions matching the search criteria
transactionsByApp(params, fn)                   ==> (array) a list of transactions facilitated by the application, matching the search criteria
transactionsStats(params, fn)                   ==> (object) statistics about the account associated with the token
refund(pin, transactionId, fundsSource, amount, params, fn)         => (object) resulting Refund transaction resource
schedule(pin, destinationId, amount, scheduleDate, fundsSource, params, fn) => (object) resulting scheduled transaction
scheduled(fn)                                   ==> (object) list of scheduled transactions
scheduledById(id, fn)                           ==> (object) requested scheduled transaction
editScheduled(id, pin, fn)                      ==> (object) resulting edited scheduled transaction
deleteScheduledById(id, pin, fn)                ==> (string) id of deleted scheduled transaction
deleteAllScheduled(pin, fn)                     ==> (object) list of ids of deleted scheduled transactions

Money Request Methods:

request(pin, sourceId, amount, params, fn)      ==> (string) request ID
requests(params, fn)        ==> (array) list of Request resources
requestById(request_id, fn)     ==> (object) a Request resource
cancelRequest(request_id, fn)   ==> (bool) true if successfully cancelled, otherwise, error 
fulfillRequest(pin, request_id, amount, params, fn)     ==> (object) the Request resource

MassPay Methods:

createMassPayJob(fundsSource, pin, items, params, fn)       ==> (object) resulting MassPay Job
getMassPayJobs(fn)      ==> (array) list of MassPay Jobs
getMassPayJob(job_id, fn)       ==> (object) MassPay Job 
getMassPayJobItems(job_id, fn)      ==> (array) list of the job's Items
getMassPayJobItem(job_id, item_id, fn)      ==> (object) a particular job's Item

Offsite Gateway Methods:

createCheckout(redirect, purchaseOrder, params, fn)     ==> (object) contains checkoutId and checkoutURL parameters
getCheckout(checkoutId, fn)     ==> (object) checkout object
completeCheckout(checkoutId, fn)        ==> (object) results of the checkout
verifyGatewaySignature(signature, checkout_id, amount)      ==> (bool) is signature valid?



  • Passing token via Authorization header
  • Update minimum Node version to 4.0


  • Added verified_account parameter to OAuth authorization URL function.


  • Added new OAuth/catalog endpoint.
  • Added new transactions/scheduled endpoint with unit tests and examples.


  • Change module name to 'dwolla-node'


  • Add unit tests to validate HTTP requests
  • Add support for Auto-Withdrawal endpoints
  • Add support for new expiring OAuth access tokens and refresh tokens
  • Add support for adding funding sources, verifying them, withdraw, deposit
  • Add support for Money requests listing, cancel, fulfill, lookup
  • Refactor Off-Site Gateway implementation


  • Add support for MassPay
  • Remove Register endpoint binding, since that's been deprecated
  • Remove debug console output from helper.js
  • Don't require app key and secret to be passed into requestToken, use credentials previously set during module instantiation instead.


  • Add support for offsite gateway's guest checkout mode


  • First revision of major refactor


To run unit tests, do:

npm test

Currently, unit tests only ensure HTTP requests created by the bindings are valid. We plan to add support for testing sample API responses against the bindings. Eventually, we'd also like to support live testing against the sandbox API.


This wrapper is a forked extension of Kenan Shifflett's 'node-dwolla' module. Michael Schonfeld did much of the initial refactoring of node-dwolla.



  1. Use nock module to mock http instead of mocking restler with mockery because the former lets us validate restler's behavior, which we are today assuming will always work as expected.
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