The fastest javascript implementation of a double-ended queue. Used by the official Redis, MongoDB, MariaDB & MySQL libraries for Node.js and many other libraries.




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Denque is a well tested, extremely fast and lightweight double-ended queue implementation with zero dependencies and includes TypeScript types.

Double-ended queues can also be used as a:

This implementation is currently the fastest available, even faster than double-ended-queue, see the benchmarks.

Every queue operation is done at a constant O(1) - including random access from .peekAt(index).

Works on all node versions >= v0.10

Quick Start

Install the package:

npm install denque

Create and consume a queue:

const Denque = require("denque");

const denque = new Denque([1,2,3,4]);
denque.shift(); // 1
denque.pop(); // 4

See the API reference documentation for more examples.

Who's using it?

... and many more.


Built and maintained by Invertase.