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WebGL2 powered visualization framework

by visgl

8.9.3 (see all)License:MITTypeScript:Not Found
npm i

A WebGL2-powered, highly performant framework for large-scale data visualization.

API Documentation



npm install

Using offers an extensive catalog of pre-packaged visualization "layers", including ScatterplotLayer, ArcLayer, TextLayer, GeoJsonLayer, etc. The input to a layer is usually an array of JSON objects. Each layer offers highly-flexible API to customize how the data should be rendered.

Example constructing a ScatterplotLayer:

import {ScatterplotLayer} from '';

 * data is an array of object in the shape of:
 * {
 *   "name":"Montgomery St. (MONT)",
 *   "address":"598 Market Street, San Francisco CA 94104",
 *   "entries":"43430",
 *   "exits":"45128",
 *   "coordinates":[-122.401407,37.789256]
 * }
const scatterplotLayer = new ScatterplotLayer({
  id: 'bart-stations',
  data: '',
  getRadius: d => Math.sqrt(d.entries) / 100,
  getPosition: d => d.coordinates,
  getColor: [255, 228, 0],

Using with React

import DeckGL from '';

<DeckGL width="100%" height="100%" longitude={-122.4} latitude={37.78} zoom={8} controller={true} layers={[scatterplotLayer]} />

Using with Pure JS

import {Deck} from '';

const deck = new Deck({
  container: document.body,
  width: '100vw',
  height: '100vh',
  longitude: -122.4,
  latitude: 37.78,
  zoom: 8,
  controller: true,
  layers: [scatterplotLayer]

Questions? Submit an issue on our GitHub page.