npm i dat-cardcat


Dat Card Catalogue

An aggregated card catalogue for many Calibre libraries (or any collections with a directory structure that is Creator/Creation/Files.ext).


Note: dat-cardcat requires node 6 or greater

# install npm dependencies
npm install

# run in development
# this will watch dat-cardcat for any changes and instantly recompile
# the library so that cli and other projects immediately receive updated code.
npm run dev

While not published on NPM yet you can integrate this into other projects or make it available on the command line via npm link.

# in the directory of this module
npm link

# after which you can run the cli directly
# which should print out some info about the cli

#or link it for use in other projects via
cd <your/other/project>

npm link dat-cardcat

For testing, the first time you run, you should do:

# Import an already existing card catalogue
datcat import-cat 96171cc0845174e7e3c73592479cd9ca8d4caf1d039e6f38a0c06f48dff88bd1 "South Asian Scholarship"
# Check something out from it
datcat checkout "Ackbar Abbas" "Hong Kong Culture and the Politics of Disappearance (58)"
# Import a local directory to create a new cardcat
datcat create-cat "/Path/To/Some/Calibre Library" "My Library"
# query
datcat query "hong kong"
# List all authors
datcat author list
# List all authors and show title count
datcat author -c list
# List all authors beginning with a
datcat author list a
# Get titles for an author
datcat author titles "Ackbar Abbas"

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