npm i cubic-hermite


Cubic hermite interpolation

by Mikola Lysenko

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npm i cubic-hermite


Cubic hermite spline for interpolating position/velocity pairs. Simplest quick and dirty way to get a smooth path between points


npm install cubic-hermite


var hermite = require("cubic-hermite")

//Compute intial position and velocity
var initial_position = [0, 1]
  , initial_velocity = [1, 0]
  , final_positions  = [1, 0]
  , final_velocity   = [0, 1]
//Plot curve
for(var t=0.0; t<1.0; t+=0.1) {
  console.log(hermite(initial_position, initial_velocity, final_position, final_velocity, t))


require("cubic-hermite")(p0, v0, p1, v1, t[, result])

Computes an interpolated position between initial and final configurations at time t. Arguments can be either scalars or arrays

  • p0 is the initial position
  • v0 is the initial velocity
  • p1 is the final position
  • v1 is the final velocity
  • t is the point on the curve to interpolate to in the range [0,1]
  • result is a vector that gets the result of the interpolation (if not specified, a new vector is created)

Returns The interpolated point on the curve

require("cubic-hermite").derivative(p0, v0, p1, v1, t[, result])

Returns the velocity along the curve at a point t

  • p0 is the initial position
  • v0 initial velocity
  • p1 final position
  • v1 final velocity
  • t point on the curve to interpolate to, in the range [0,1]
  • result stores the result of the interpolation. (if not specified, is reallocated)

Returns The interpolated velocity at the time t


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License

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