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Choko Framework

by Henrique Recidive

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npm i choko


Web Application Framework for Node.js. With Choko you can develop complex single page web applications within minutes, without requiring any kind of rocket science knowledge.

Choko comes with a build in Content Management System and Framework, so you can manage your application and the content related to it on a central place, with flexible and powerful APIs.

Demo application

You can see Choko in action at


Please note: since Choko is under very active development, to have access to the latest functionality, it's advised to install Choko from the sources. For instructions on how to do this, please refer to the Installing from the sources section bellow.

You can install the latest version of Choko globally using NPM:

sudo npm install -g choko


Choko depends on Node.js, NPM and MongoDB.

Getting started

To create your first application with Choko, you should call the choko command passing a folder name or path that will be your application root folder.

choko myApp

Then follow the steps to have access to the installer.


To update to the latest version of Choko you can run:

sudo npm update -g choko

Installing from the sources

If you have some specific development needs, or you want to be involved with Choko core development, you might want to install and run Choko from the sources. In order to do so, you can clone the repository and build Choko by hand.

git clone
cd choko
npm install
bower install

Now you can start the Choko server by going to the choko main folder and running it.

node server.js myApp

You can also run it using the choko script like this:


Directory structure

applications   -> Where core applications live.
  default      -> Default application, all other applications extend this.
    extensions -> Default application extensions.
    public     -> Default application public files.
  example      -> Sample application to show case Choko features.
lib            -> Choko serverside libraries.

The only place it's advised to add or change files is in your own applications repository folder.

Coding style

We try to conform to Felix's Node.js Style Guide for all of our JavaScript code. For coding documentation we use JSDoc style.

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