Capitains-Sparrow provide a suite of CTS abstraction in JS but also jQuery plugins



Capitains Sparrow

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This software has been developed by @PerseusDL team to provide a simple and ready to use Javascript abstraction/implementation of the CTS norm. On the road leading to the CTS abstraction, we thought it might be nice to provide ready-to-use plugins for various uses and various libraries.

To build the compressed files, in a terminal, in the root of this repository:

npm install
grunt build


Integrated plugins and relevant documentation


  • LLT.Tokenizer : A Service implementation for the Latin Language Toolkit Tokenizer API (Support more than Latin language !)
  • Add your own




Sparrow packages are registered as npm and bower packages. The release process is follows:

  1. Update the release version in bower.json and package.json
  2. grunt build
  3. commit the updated json and package files and push to github
  4. grunt page to update the gh-pages branch with latest code documentation
  5. Using the GitHub interface create a new release tag and release notes.
  6. npm publish to publish the new release to NPM (Bower is published automatically from GitHub)