Generate browserslist-stats.json using Browserslist-GA without logging into a Google Account.


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Patch Changes
  • Update browserslist-ga dependency to latest version 0.0.13.
  • Update README.MD examples.


Major Changes Minor Changes Patch Changes


Major Changes
  • Update reportPath option to be processed via glob so that multiple reports can be processed (#1).
Patch Changes
  • Fix issue of empty rows being skipped by csvtojson so that ignoreRows option works as expected (#12).
  • Fix determination of whether output file has been created or updated.
  • Add instruction and explanation to README.MD regarding the need to set user language setting to US English (#5, #14, #15).
  • Add CLI examples to README.MD.
  • Update README.MD to account for new ability to process multiple reports.
  • Update README.MD to improve style and clarity.
  • Remove Yarn snippets from README.MD since Yarn users presumably would understand installation instructions based on npm snippets.


Patch Changes
  • Add prepublishOnly script so that bin script is published with Unix line endings (#8, #13).


Major Changes
  • Update browserslist-ga version to 0.0.12, which requires using the "Device Category" dimension instead of "Mobile (Including Tablet)" in the custom report (#3). Update usage instructions in README.MD accordingly.
Patch Changes
  • Update README.MD to improve style and clarity.


First release published to npm registry.

Patch Changes
  • Update repository references in package.json because repository ownership was transferred to Browserslist organization (
  • Remove "private": true from package.json so that repository can be published as package to npm registry (#4).
  • Update installation instructions in README.MD because repository was published as package to npm registry (#4).
  • Update usage instructions in README.MD to better account for different Google Analytics user language settings.