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Easy Angular Notifications with ASP.NET Core – try-catch-FAIL
Displaying feedback to your users is one of those common, cross-cutting (boring!) requirements that should be baked in to your application’s framework. That’s just as true with old-school ASP.NET MVC as it is with ASP.NET Core and Angular. In this post, I’ll show you how you can bake this capability…

Angular Animated Notifications - Tutorial For Beginners
Learn how to make animated Notifications using Angular. This is a beginners tutorial for Angular development.For more see: to Angul...
pretty README as service
Angular2-notification close button demo

Angular2-notification close button demo
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angular2-notifications,Toktik | An easy to use notifications library for Angular 2

npm:angular2-notifications | Skypack
A light and easy to use notifications library for Angular 2. It features both regular page notifications (toasts) and push notifications.